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What is your philosophy on eating well?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Wegmans interview

Everyone has their philosophy on eating well. The interviewer simply wants to hear that you have a stance on what eating well means to you. You might mention that eating well means eating organic as often as possible. You might mention that grass-fed meats are your thing. You might share that eating fruits and vegetables regularly is a good idea. You might share that you really believe in eating local foods. Or, you might share that eating a well balanced diet full of different nutrients in your idea of eating well. Simply share your 'eating well' philosophy with the interviewer.

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What is your philosophy on eating well?
Everything in moderation.
I personally eat very healthy, its very serious to me because I look at the long term affects of eating unhealthy.
Eat anything in moderation.
I want to go into the medical field and realize that what we eat has a huge impact on our health. Americans eat too much junk food. They best way is to teach kids and grown ups good eating habits and try to limit the amount of junk food that is available to them - especially kids. Basically, you are what you eat.
I think it is important...
I think it is very important.
I tend to eat well. I feel it is important to keep a balanced diet. If you want to be energized, and alert, you need to.
Everything In Moderation,Balanced Diet I Think Its Important.
A well balanced diet is important, everything in moderation.
Everybody should eat healthy food.
I definitely believe in eating well. It helps you stay fit and gives you energy.
I definitely believe in eating well. It helps you stay fit and gives you energy.
I try to maintain balance in the foods I eat. I think helps your overall well being.
It is very important to me, I believe eating well is essential to being a healthy individual.
I am a born picky eater, only choosing to eat what is healthy for me. I know what long term harmful effects have on your health from eating carelessly.
I believe you are what you eat and try to maintain a healthy diet and exercise.
I think that in order to have an enjoyable life, eating well is ideal.It not only affects you physically but also emotionally. You are what you eat.
I believe that eating well is one of the many ways to live a healthier and happier lifestyle.
As long as you exercise it is up to you how much you should eat.
I think that eating well is the single best thing that anyone can do to maintain a long, healthy and happy life.
I have a great diet. I eat healthy because I want to succeed in the sports I do.
Eating healthy equals to a happy body.
Eating a variety of foods are are naturally healthy and organic. I cant say I follow this all the time but I try to stuck to it.
Eating well promotes a better future.
Very important because eating well is the key to being healthy.
That food should be healthy, balanced, and nutritious; but that it should also be appealing, taste good, and relatively easy to prepare.
I think good nutrition is a great way to live our lives.
Very important for the remainder of our lives.... What we put into our bodies is what will will get out of it....
I think eating well makes you feel well and that balance in eating and everything else is very important.
I think eating well and treating your body right is very important to your overall wellbeing and I try to eat right as much as I can.
Eat the best food you can. Try to minimize eating processed food. I do like to cook and prepare meals at home rather than eating out or ordering take out. I do not drink soda of sweetened drinks. I drink water and natural juices. I also keep to a low sodium diet.
The better you eat the longer you live.
We as humans owe it to ourselves to know what we are putting into our bodies and to make the right choices for our health always.
If I lived on my own I would go 100% organic and rarely eat red meat. Since I still live with my family I have to eat what they prepare which is usually not as healthy as I would like it to be.
I try to eat well and I would encourage others to eat well, but sometimes I don't always eat as well as I should.
I know what is good and bad, and I want to eat well. I struggle with it, but sweets tend to be my downfall. I try to practice everything in moderation.
If you eat well you will not only be in shape you will also have a healthy life style.
I feel like to feel well you have to eat well.
I am big on eating well and keeping a balanced diet. I have vegetables everyday.
You are what you eat. Eating well is essential for good health.
I like to eat healthy because what we eat affects our body and health in the long term.
I Think everyone should eat well personally. Happy body Happy life.
Avoid eating too much sugar/white flour products, eat animal proteins in small quantities, and eat lots of fruits and vegetables of different colors, bolstered by healthy fats.
I think that its extremely important. Its a shame that eating well puts such a dent in your wallet. Everyone should have the opportunity to eat healthy. I love the idea of free range meat and an all organic life style.
Eating healthy foods keeps a healthy body.
I actually try to eat healthy with fruits and yogurts but I have to admit I do enjoy Mac and cheese and pizza so I would just say that I try to have a healthy balance in between.
I believe that eating well will lead to a stronger mind, body, and spirit. I believe that if you eat well, you'll have better energy, attitude, and a longer life.
You are what you eat... In a nutshell. Eating healthy is extremely important. You want to fuel your engine with the good stuff. Moderation is key.
I believe in eating less processed foods and more home cooked meals. I believe in eating lots and lots of fresh fruits and veggies.
My philosophy is to always eat a healthy balance that is not just eating one item of food but small portions of a large variety so you may prevent future diseases as well be happy.
Eating well is important because what goes into your body affects it in every way. If you eat well you have more energy, you metabolism works better and its overall better for all the organs in your body.
Eating well has always been priority to me, my family has always eaten foods that are homemade and organic. In fact we started shopping at Wegmans for the broad spectrum of organic products.

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