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What are some of your weaknesses?
We all have things we can improve on, so do not be afraid to share them. The interviewer will likely take note of these things and may even provide you with additional training or mentoring in these areas if possible to help you excel. The interviewer wants to hear that your weaknesses are not critical for the job you are applying to. Think of a couple of things you could improve upon that are not necessary for the job, and openly share them with the interviewer. You might even include some fun things that are not job-related. For example, you might state, "Painting is definitely a weakness for me! If you need someone to paint a poster, I'm probably not your guy!" The interviewer will think it's clever, and painting is not essential for a job at Wegmans.
Answer examples
"Painting is definitely a weakness for me! If you need someone to paint a poster, I'm probably not your guy!"

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User-Submitted Answers

What are some of your weaknesses?
I tend to be a perfectionist.
I like to keep busy, and not too much standing aound. It makes time go by slower if not busy.
I am somewhat of a perfectionist. I always spend a lot of my time perfecting each project that I am involved in, even if it has already been completed. Sometimes, I should use that time for other projects, instead of lingering on one.
One of my weaknesses is that sometimes I am to helpful and considerate that makes people be abusive.
I have a habit of want to finish my tasks even when it istime to go home.
Not knowing a second language,
I am alittle to quit and I try to be prefect to much sometimes.
I have my college degree in business but have not had any real experience in using the things I have learned.
I would say some of my weaknesses are not being satisfied with my best work.
I can be a bit of a perfectionist sometimes, so it may take me longer to do a project than others, but I make sure it gets down correctly and completely the first time.
I would say some of my weaknesses are procrastination. Although I have gotten better over the years, I know I can still get better.
Becoming too fixated on a task, asking too many questions instead of being more independent in my problem-solving because I want to complete the task perfectly, and leaving unfinished work that is not a priority until the next day.
One oof my weakness I think is from my personality where I think I try to be too helpful to a point where some people take a person lke me for granted.
Perfectionist. Every job I do is a big deal, all the details must be perfect or I will not feel satisfied with my work.
I occasionally impatient when it comes to finishing tasks.
I dont like to not be busy. It seems to make time go by slow.
Overly ambitious- sometimes I take on more work than I should and end up staying later to complete my responsibilities.
I care too much what others think and I hate letting people down.
I am sort of a perfectionist and am hard on myself if I do not do as well or succeed at something as much as I had wanted too.
I have not had the opportunity to develop my public speaking skills. I also tend to take a lot on, but I have learned to delegate tasks as needed.
There are times I have difficulties delegating tasks to team members, but I am getting better with delegating responsibilities.
One weakness I have is delegating tasks to other people.
I sometimes become too focused on one specific task, but I am learning to prioritize and manage my time more effectively.
Sometimes being impatient when it comes to completing tasks.
I have a hard time asking for help. So I would just get the job myself even if I could have used it.
Sometime my high standards are a little too lofty.
I used to be too dedicated and that can represented itself in my work. Now,I learned to be more confident in in my decisions and work and learned to work more efficiently.
My patience would be a weakness at times, having 11 siblings my patience is higher than many, but it isnt high enough in my book.
Sometimes my English pronunciation are not allowed.
The one weakness I have is that I can be too helpful sometimes which can cause employees to abuse my help.
Impatience with myself if im taking to long to complete a task.
I like to saty busy and sometimes I need to prioritize.
I can become overwhelmed quickly. By trying to do too many things at once.
I seem to try and do to much sometimes ultimately resulting in flustering myself, I need to work on stepping back taking a deep breathe and handle the situation calmly.
I get caught up in my assignments from time to time and lost track of time.
I tend to learn a bit slower than other people.
I can put little bit of to much time into one thing. I can sometimes get upset at my own faliures and feel like I cant do anything about them etc.
I can put little bit of to much time into one thing. I can sometimes get upset at my own faliures and feel like I cant do anything about them etc.
I used to get really excited about new projects and would take on too many at once, but now I am learning when I’ve reached my limit.
My anxiety is my main weakness. It will lead me to become overwhelmed and stressed. I have medicine and support that helps me a lot though.
I am probably too much of a perfectionist and tend to hold people to that standard.
My weakness is usually when im not busy at work, I like to stay busy and do different task at work.
Not sure if I can say its a weakness, but I never get agitated.
I am a perfectionist so I can be tedious and I tend to get overwhelmed but I am still able to get things done.
My weaknesses would be paying attention to multiple directions. Sometimes I need them to be repeated. I am also not the best public speaker.
Quick decision making under stress. Explaining myself to new associates.
I am gullible, slightly shy, and a worrier.
I can overthink and get stressed about possible situations that may or may not happen.
I can be too much of a perfectionist and I want everything to be perfect. Also, sometimes I can be sort of shy.
I get too focused on what I'm doing sometimes. I struggle with confidence. I sometimes take things too literally.
I am very exact and precise with what I do and I want others to be the same while working together.
I don't really have weaknesses I can work through out almost everything that comes my way, and with the stuff I can't a little practice will help me over come it.
Sometimes I would spend too much time reinforcing and detailing my work to make sure it's done properly according to company guidelines but i've balanced a way in overcoming this mindset that I used to have and would often work much more efficiently improving not only on my work performance but also areas that I once was mediocre at to now being exemplary at as a salad prep coordinator and prep cook.
Too nice, finding it difficult to say no.
My weaknesses are that I am often to nice and helpful which some people try to take advantage of.
I am a perfectionist and if things aren't up to my standards I beat myself up about it.
I catch myself micro managing sometimes.
I am not generally the fastest at physical undertakings, although I would like to be, and bring energy to every task. Also, while I have a reasonable amount of computer proficiency, and use it successfully to support my job an look for answers to questions, I am not as quick at that as those who have grown up with that as their primary experiences.
I can be a perfectionist, and I can have a short temper depending on my day, However I am a human being and I am working on that.
I'm still learning and I know I'm not perfect.
I am a little shy but when someone teaches me how to do the job I will get use to what I am doing.
Some of my weaknesses would be not always knowing the answer to a question or a complaint, however I do learn from experiences and would inquire into my superior to help me.