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How would you handle an irate customer that has screamed at you for three minutes straight?
User Submitted Interview Answers
The key is to remain calm. If you can calm the customer down and let him now that you will address his complaint that would be ideal. If not, I think finding a manger would be the best option.
I would try one more time to calm the customer down and satisfy there needs. If that did not work I would politely let the customer know I am going to find my manager or team leader to assist them.
I would apologize first of all for whatever upset the customer. I'd also ask if there is anything that I can do. If necessary, I'd refer them to the manager for help.
If I can't calm the customer I would ask a member of management to step in. I would never agitate a customer I handle it with compasion and understanding.
I would ask them to calm down, apologize, and ask how i could make their experience better.
I would listen to their complaint. Then I would apologize for their inconvenience. I would try to solve the problem myself by offering a replacement, money back, et cetera, and if I still did not feel they were satisfied, I would escort them to a manager and make sure it did get resolved. I would not leave them until I understood that they were happy.
I would remain calm. It really wouldn't phase me, I would try to help calm them down and then I would figure out how to fix the problem,
I would understand their problem and see what I could do to make it right.
I would tell the customer that I am unable to handle her complaints until she is able to express herself in a calm manner.
I would remain calm and patient with them and attempt to solve their problem and if their problem is beyond my capacity to solve I will call for my manager so he can address the issue.