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How would you handle an irate customer that has screamed at you for three minutes straight?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Wegmans interview

How to Answer
Begin by telling the interviewer that thankfully the majority of customers are pleasant to work with, and the rude customer situations are typically few and far between. Next, tell the interviewer that you understand customer service means always having a smile on your face, cheerful attitude, and pleasant demeanor. Tell the interviewer that you would continue interacting with the customer in a positive manner even when they were being challenging. Share that you never know what type of day that customer has had, and you smiling and being pleasant might be just what they need to help them turn their day around!

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How would you handle an irate customer that has screamed at you for three minutes straight?
I would apologize first of all for whatever upset the customer. I'd also ask if there is anything that I can do. If necessary, I'd refer them to the manager for help.
I would ask them to calm down, apologize, and ask how I could make their experience better.
If I can't calm the customer I would ask a member of management to step in. I would never agitate a customer I handle it with compasion and understanding.
Turn the negative into a positive. I would not let them leave the store unhappy. If it was a problem I could not solve, I would ask someone of a higher position and more authority to assist me in whatever the issue is. They came to the store happy and I would like them to leave the same way.
I would remain calm and patient with them and attempt to solve their problem and if their problem is beyond my capacity to solve I will call for my manager so he can address the issue.
Try to calm them down and call the manager.
Calmly state their complaint back to them to make them aware I have been listening to what they are saying. Speak more softly than I normally do in an attempt to lower their volume and offer to escort them to the customer service desk to address their complaint.
I would stay calm and ask the customer to calm down and tell me the problem that got him angry in the first place.
I would try one more time to calm the customer down and satisfy there needs. If that did not work I would politely let the customer know I am going to find my manager or team leader to assist them.
I would tell them I am sorry they are having a problem and ask them if there is anything that I can do to help them and if not then I would get a mannager and see what they can do.
I would listen to their complaint. Then I would apologize for their inconvenience. I would try to solve the problem myself by offering a replacement, money back, et cetera, and if I still did not feel they were satisfied, I would escort them to a manager and make sure it did get resolved. I would not leave them until I understood that they were happy.
I would ask the customer to calm down and apologize for what I did ask what I can do to help them.
I would listen to their complaint and politely assist them to the best of my ability.
I would get assistance right away and apologize to any other customer that was near.
I would listen to their problem, and resolve it the best that I can.
Be polite while I try to resolve the issue to the best of my ability and if that fails then I would ask a manager to step in.
Attempt to calm them down and find a solution to their problem. If the situation escalated, I would find a superior who might be better able to medicate the problem.
I would remain calm continue to listen to them, apologize and try to solve their problem to the best of my ability.
I will apologize for whatever I did to make her react like that, then see to it she is fully satisfied with her needs.
I would take a deep breath and try to talk to the customer about what the problem is. Once I am able to understand what is going on I will try to assist him to the best of my abilities. If I am unable to help him, I would go get my manager.
I would let the customer know that I can not address his/her concerns unless he/she is able to remain calm.
I would tell the customer that I am unable to handle her complaints until she is able to express herself in a calm manner.
I would stop any and all tasks and give customer complete attention. I would start by apologizing and figuring out why the customers is not satisfied and do the best in my power to help them out and if needed involve management.
I would try and calm them down and handle their problem.
I would stay calm and be patient with them, letting them know their satisfaction is my most concern. If they wanted to speak with a manager I would promptly have one come over.
The key is to remain calm. If you can calm the customer down and let him now that you will address his complaint that would be ideal. If not, I think finding a manager would be the best option.
I would begin by apologizing to the customer for the situation.I would then allow them to explain the situation to me and their feeling on it. After they were done explaining,I would make sure to repeat their concerns so they knew that I was listening and try to come up with an ideal solution for the customer.
I will try my best to clam the customer down and satisfy there need, if it did not work I will let customer know I am go to find my manager or team leader to assist them.
I would allow them to blow off some steam before I began to talk to them to help fix the problem they were having.
Calmly listen to their complaint, while also understanding that they could be having a bad day, try to answer their questions as best I can and if they doesnt satisfy them paiently tell them I am going to get a manager.
If there was no calming this person down by listening to the problem I would bring in a supervisor.
I would let them scream until they allowed me to respond, I would attentively listen, and understand the issue, assure them I will try to resolve it, and resolve it immediately.
Breathe deeply, try to stay calm and to calm them down to a level where I could help them or refer them to someone that could.
I would remain calm, ask her one more time how we can resolve the problem. If this still did not satisfy her, I would ask for assistance from a manager or team leader.
First of all apologize to the customer and stay calm and.
I would handle the situation calmly by staying positive and reacting with a form of understanding.
I would have to ask them to calm down and I would ask a coworker to help me.
I would a little bet upset but I would ask is there anything I could do to help them.
I would call over a manager, but in the mean time try to calm the customer down.
I would try my best to calm them down but keep control of myself to not make them anymore angry, and also call a manager or get help.
I would let them know that I understood that they were upset, that I was interested in what caused their distress, and that I would solve their problem, but I wanted to make sure that I had the correct information and ask them to go through it with me calmly so that no details would be overlooked.
Help them first or talk to a manager.
I would tell the customer to please calm down and please not yell and I would tell them in what way I can help them and then I would tell my supervisor.
Explain there is no reason to yell at me, that we can get this resolved rather easily..... That I have listened to what the problem was and I will be more then happy to discuss this situation with my manager right now and be back to explain the resolve for her. Always soft spoken and a smile on my face...Being positive works greatly.
I would apologize and redirect them to customer service.
I would stay calm and wait until there finish but it comes to much I would call security.
I would handle this by remaining calm, not raising my voice, and offering my very best to see what I can do for the customer, what has set the customer off. How can I help make the situation right for the customer.
When they were done screaming I would ask them what would make them happy in this situation and if I had the authority I would grant that request providing it did not go against store policy.
I would stand there and listen to them. I have had people scream at me while working for not having things in stock several times. I told them that I can see if another Target has the item and I could follow up with calling that store and making sure that they do in fact have it and have them put it on hold for the guest. If the guest didn't let up I would call over either our manager or our Assets Protection to further deal with them because I had done everything I could.
I would just politely tell the customer to calm down and go get a manager.
I would listen to them, apologize sincerely for any inconvenience (or whatever was troubling them). I would then try my hardest to solve or make it right again, and then thank them for their patience in allowing me to help solve their problem.
Try to listen to what message they are trying to convey.
I would be patient and polite as possible.
How I would handle that customer is by explaining to them why they are frustrated or irritated and what I could do to find a solution to their problem.
Just listen and be patient with them. Pack their groceries and acknowledge them by making eye contact. End with a smile and let them know that they have a good day.
I will listen camly & will give some suggestions or deals to make him calm.
Try my best to calm the customer down and figure out his/her concerns so that we can both find a solution.
I would remain calm and patient, and listen to their problem try to solve it to the best of my ability, if however if I cannot I would get someone who could, and make sure the costumer leaves the store happy and not disappointed and angry.
Tell the customer to please calm down, and go and get a manager.
I would be polite and inform the customer that I would like to help and resolve the issue.
Remain calm, ask what they would like to see happen, express our store's concern for them, and let them kknow that action will be taken, if not immediately.
I would calmly tell them that I can go get my manager and they can speak to them.
I would remain calm. It really wouldn't phase me, I would try to help calm them down and then I would figure out how to fix the problem,
I would try to calm them down and figure out what has angered them, after all it could have been something I said or something that one of their acquaintances said.
I would understand their problem and see what I could do to make it right.
I would try to see if I could handle it myself by being calm and kind and if I couldn't handle it, I would contact customer service.
I wouldn't allow a customer to be irate for more than 60 seconds. I would exhaust all of my options that would keep the customer calm and if that doesn't work I'll direct them to someone who can help.
I would ask if you would like to talk to the manger.
I will try again to help them but if it does not work out, I will find the manager or team leader to help assist them.
I would stay calm and try again to help them but if this does not work out then I would tell them I am going to find the team leader or the manager to help assist them.
I would definitely stay calm and listen to what the customer has to say. I would do my best to try to help the customer but if I am personally not able to help, I would find someone that could .
I will be patiently listening to him, try to calm him down and try to solve his problems.
I will try to calm myself and focusing what I need to do. I will try my best to do customer happy. If that's not work I will call help.
I would listen and hopefully try to offer a solution to their problem or call a supervisor to help with their problem.
I would talk calmly and listen, trying not to aggravate the customer any further and probably direct the customer to a supervisor if I can't handle the request.
Ask them to calm down and ask them how could I help and see if I am able to help them.
I would immediately try and solve the issue, my ultimate goal is that they leave the store thinking no less of Wegmans as an establishment and actually be happy with how a customer complaint was handled. If I could not fix the issue I would seek help from my manager and ultimately leave the customer happy in the end.

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