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How well do you handle customer complaints?
User Submitted Interview Answers
I handle customer complaints very well. If the customer has a problem i will try to fix it the best way i can and if i dont know the answer to their question i would use a resource to help me, which would be one of my co-workers.
Handling customer issues is one of my strong points. I am able to maintain a calm demeanor which allows me the opportunity to ask the right questions and I listen to their answers.
Very well. I take the problem into consideration and handle it with the best of my knowledge and capabilities.
When a customer comes to me and has a complaint, I don't sigh and call my manager, I listen to what the customer has to say. I ask them what the problem is an what i can do to fix it and I aplogise to them for whatever the problem was.
I listen and try to resolve the problem the best I can.
I would listen to them and try my best to help resolve any complaints toward me or our products.
I am a very personable person and I always do my best to resolve customer complaints.
My goal is for the customers to leave feeling happier than they did when they came in the store, and if they have a complaint it is part of my job to resolve it.
First I would give them my full and undivided attention and listen to the complaint then once there finish I would do whatever possible to make sure there problem is fixed.
The customer is always right and I am there to take care of them.