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How well do you handle customer complaints?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Wegmans interview

How to Answer

Addressing customer complaints is an essential part of customer service, and the interviewer wants to hear that you are okay talking through a customer's complaint. Start off by telling the interviewer that you do not mind addressing customer complaints, and you recognize that most customers have good intentions when coming forth with a complaint. Tell the interviewer that you take time to listen to everything the customer has to say first to ensure you truly understand what they are upset about. Next, share that you make eye contact with the customer and sincerely apologize to them. Finally, be sure to mention that you offer to correct any mistakes that were made or take the appropriate action to rectify the situation.

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How well do you handle customer complaints?
I would listen to them and try my best to help resolve any complaints toward me or our products.
I am a very personable person and I always do my best to resolve customer complaints.
My goal is for the customers to leave feeling happier than they did when they came in the store, and if they have a complaint it is part of my job to resolve it.
First I would give them my full and undivided attention and listen to the complaint then once there finish I would do whatever possible to make sure there problem is fixed.
The customer is always right and I am there to take care of them.
I am very well at handling customer complaints.I make sure that these complaints are taken into consideration and that the customer does not leave upset or disappointed.If the complaint is sent or phoned in,I learn from that complaint to create an even better work environment for the future.
Try to be patience and make the customer relax a bit. Will try to handle as much as I can. If not I will take my manager's help.
I try to be very patient. Each customer is different. So the first thing you need to establish is a relationship, respecting the customer by listening to them and then do your best in helping them acheive or solve their wish.
I'm very comfortable handling customer complaints I always stay calm and re assure the customer I'm there to help and find a resolution.
I understand that customer complaints happen and I understand not to take them personally. If a customer complain is received I make sure to understand why the customer is dissatisfied and do my best to help them.
Pretty well, first, I try to determine what the problem is, apologize to them, ask them what I can do for them.
Very well, I have much experience with that and rarely if ever lose a customer.
I believe well, often times I understand their frustration and my objective is to for the customer and I come to a solution.
I handle them pretty well, I treat them the way I would like to be treated and respect what they have to say in matter of a acceptable tone.
I am a very calm person and I take complaints in a well manor way and I can handle it.
Listen to what the customer is saying. Is there merit to the complaint. Talk to the customer, see what can be done to make the customer happy. Follow up with the customer if the complaint was received through an email of phone call.
Listen first then answer.
I often handle them very well, in fact I never get frustrated or let anything deviate me from performing my job, as customers often could be having a bad day or circumstance as well. I've often have had many customers greatly appreciate my service while working at Olive Garden as Bussing/Server Assistant. If dealt in a situation like this, I will often find ways to improvise myself to become better and to satisfy customers whether I worked back of house or front of house restaurant positions.
I think I would handle them very well because I think the customer is always right and would listen and help solve their problem.
No problem.. Try and resolve all of the issues in a positive manner.
Very well. I stay calm, listen to what the customer has to say, m and do whatever I can to address the issue at hand.
Fairly well, I listen completely and try to use my experience to help them, if they are still unhappy I ask them if I could do anything to help, and ask a team member or manager if I am unable to solve their problems.
Sometimes it is hard to make everyone happy, but I would try to do anything in my power to make sure that the customer gets taken care of and that the problem gets fixed.
First thing I do is apologize to them for the inconvienence, I then allow them to explain what the issue is that they've come fwd with and assure them that I can take care of the problem or find someone in upper management that can.
I try to keep an open mind and truly believe that the customer is always right. If they have a plausible complaint I remedy it to the best of my abilities or refer them to someone who can be of more help.
I handle them calmly and try not to get worked up within the situation. Making a customer happy is a number one priority.
I handle it well. I want them to be happy and know that all my attention is with them.
Extermly well. Customers are the most important part of a business.
The customer is always right but sometimes when you explain things they do see it your way otherwise you must except and bite your tongue.
When a customer has a complaint I always remain calm and level-headed. My ultimate goal in this situation is to find a solution that works best for both the customer and the company.
I use the LAST model to help me, and I really try to solve the problem before they leave so they know they weren't ignored.
Pretty well, tell them im sorry they are having that problem and then ask them if I can do anything to help and.
I can usually find a way to make someone who is angry or irritated have a smile on their face by the time our conversation has ended.
Very well, the customer is always right.
Well, I take their complaints and use them to better myself.
I would say that I would handle costumer complaints well.
All customer complaints need to be addressed, customers are what keeps us in business and the happier they are, the better in the long run for the companys success which translates into my working enviorment.
I take all complaints seriously no matter how small and always try to get to the bottom of them.
I handle customers complaints well. I see them really as chances to improve the company, since it is proven that only about 1 in 10 consumers will complain. So if a customer comes to me with a complaint, there is probably 9 other customers with the same complaint.
Well by listening to them and asking them if they need me to help them.
I never had to deal with a customer complaint.
Very well, I try my best to my abilities to make sure coustomers have what they need and come back to the company complaint free.
I would listen to the customer then ask them what can I do to get better.
I have lots of experience dealing with customer dissatisfaction. In a consumer bankruptcy practice, people come to see you in a state of acute financial distress, and they are often overwhelmed by negative emotions and experience. I find that the most significant thing I can do when a customer has a complaint is listen; people have a basic need to be heard and understood, and that is one of my core competencies - I'm an excellent listener. I also think that listening to criticism is a fantastic way to learn what your firm/company/team can do to better serve your consumer.
I will listen to what the customer has to say. And apologies to them, also try my best to fix it,
I handle customer complaints very well. The first thing I do is listen to the problem and then try to assist them. Either by helping them with a product or going to get a manager in that department.
Quite well, I try to resolve their problems and if I cant be of any more help I get the manager for them. I stay calm and patient the whole time.
I listen to what their complaint is, and afterword I will ask them if they want to speak to a manager or if they would like me to forward their complaint to the manager. The action I take after that will come from the response from the customer.
Once again working in a customer service environment before there certainly were customer complaints, I would address them immediately, think of a solution, and offer them a fix to the problem. If I was not able to fix it I would immediately ask for help my manager, when a customer is not happy it throws off the whole momentum of a work environment.
I handle them very well. I'm always patient and I always make sure to have a calm tone while speaking and I Always be sure to listen to what they have to say.
I would ask if I can help this person if not I can direct them to a person they can talk to.
Very well, I will try anything I can to take care of their complaint.
Very well I make sure the customer has a pleasant when all is said and done.
Very well. I actually like to solve their complaints until they are satisfied. It makes me feel good knowing they left happy after a bad experience.
I will be patient, respectful and listen to the costumer. I will also take that information from the costumer to make myself a better employee.
I am excellent with customers. I listen to them, let them know they are being heard, then I find the best solution possible to convert their negative experience into a positive one.
Calmly and professionally, assess the issues and their needs.
I handle customer complaints very well, I don't ever try to let it get to me, i'm always calm and relaxed and ready to listen and do better the next time so I wont get another complaint.
With a great eal of success, allowing customer first of all tobe heard, and to let them know action will be taken. Igive them an oportunity to say what they' lijke to see happen, and then explain what can be done.
I feel I handle them well that the customer is satisfied with the tesult.
I say I handle them fairly well, the trick is to be nice as possible and to find a quick and fair solution for the customer.
I have never had to handle one before, but I would say that I could handle them very well because I usually have a very calm and collected personality.
Very well I am always willing to learn from a complaint and strive to do better next time.
Ive never had to deal with customer complaints directly, but when I was a advertising designer for the newspaper customers would send us revisions for their ads and I always made their revisions in a timely and professional manner.
Pretty well. If I was in the right I don't take a whole lot personally. I realize people have bad days so I try to help them solve the complaint.
I would apologize for any inconvenience and do anything I can top meet their needs.
I keep calm and focused on resolving the problem as quickly and smoothly as possible.
I listen and try to resolve the problem the best I can.
When a customer comes to me and has a complaint, I don't sigh and call my manager, I listen to what the customer has to say. I ask them what the problem is an what I can do to fix it and I aplogise to them for whatever the problem was.
Handling customer issues is one of my strong points. I am able to maintain a calm demeanor which allows me the opportunity to ask the right questions and I listen to their answers.
Very well. I take the problem into consideration and handle it with the best of my knowledge and capabilities.
I handle customer complaints very well. If the customer has a problem I will try to fix it the best way I can and if I dont know the answer to their question I would use a resource to help me, which would be one of my co-workers.

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