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How often are you late for your responsibilities, such as school or work?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Wegmans interview

How to Answer
Never. The interviewer needs to know that they can count on you to be at work by your assigned time every day. Start off by telling the interviewer that you are a punctual person, and you are always a couple of minutes early when arriving at work. Be sure to mention that you plan ahead for traffic, and if you live somewhere with snow, be sure to mention that you watch the weather ensuring you leave enough time to clean off your car and drive a little more cautiously when necessary. If you have children, be sure to mention that you have backup plans in place for childcare should something fall through with your typical plans.

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How often are you late for your responsibilities, such as school or work?
Never late to any work or school responsibilties.
I am never late that shows poor responsibility.
I am rarley never late for work or school.
Amost never. I am very punctual. In the year that I worked at CVS, I was only late once by a couple of minutes because I took a wrong turn.
I have never been late for work or any of my other responsibilities punctuality is one of my core values.
I am never late for school or work.
Not as stated before I try to be early if possible.
Never if I have a lot on my plate I plan extra time to get my responsibilies done.
I am never late for my responsibilities.
I am almost never late for my responsibilities in school or work.
I am infrequently late for responsibilities. I try to plan accordingly, and if an unforeseen event arises, I make sure to contact the appropriate person as far in advance as possible.
Very rarely, I am always 10-15 minutes early and if I am late it is because of an unforeseen event such as a car accident or construction.
Never. I am the type of person who gets to class half an hour early to get the best seat and start preparing for the day.
I try not to be late for any responsibilities by planning ahead. If an unforeseen event occurs I make sure to contact management.
Infrequently but if there are ever an unforeseen event to happen I would call and let the right person know as much in advance as possible.
I am rarely late and it would only be if there was some kind of emergency that was out of my control.
I am never late for my responsibilities as I place them at a higher standard.I always make sure to leave about 45 minutes before my shift so that I can get their on time and even have time to spare.
I am almost never late, but when I am I will always call the proper person as soon as I know I will be late.
Not often, I like to be on time when it comes to responsabilities.
I strive to be on time or even early for my responsibilities.
Never been late to school, unless because of very bad weather.
I am very rarely late for school or work.
I am never late unless there are circumstances beyond my control. I plan my time around probable delays like weather or heavy traffic.
I am not often late to any school nor work I like to be on time.
Never only on extreme emergency.
I am never late for a job.
Never, I am always on time.
Never unless emergency circumstances made it impossible to be on time.
Very very rarely. I make sure to have my schedule written down several places and I always leave with more than enough time to get to work or school. I was usually 15-20 minutes early for work every shift. I wanted to make sure that I got there and got settled. I would even start working if they needed me.
Never, I always hand in my assignments on time.
This would be an extremely rare event. I like to be early. I'm known for it. I like to use the extra time to mentally prepare for my day.
Slightly often, I have made great improvements in my punctuality, in my first interview I had mentioned that that was one thing I was working on and I continue to improve in that regard although it is a struggle everyday.
I'm never late and always on time to work.
Very rare. I was late once due to a traffic accident on the interstate.
I am never late to work or to school because both are my responsibility.
I am never late, I like to wake up early to start off my day with a fresh shower and cup of coffee!
Hardly ever and if I am its for good reason such as traffic.
I have only been late to college twice because the bus I take was running late due to the weather being bad.
Very rarely am I late. I like to get where I am going early.
I'm seldom, if ever, late for any responsibilities, be they social or work-related. I'm generally the guy who arrives early and sits in the parking lot until the time to be somewhere arrives.
I'm never late for work unless there's a family emergency that prohibits me from Being there at my start time.
Never. I make sure I plan everything out before anything happens.
Organizer, Detail Oriented, Like to learn about new things so that I can improve my skills.
Very seldom do I ever show up late and if I do, there is a written excuse from a doctor, etc. I generally like o show up at least 15 minutes early to work or school.
Rarely and when I was I always gave ample notice.
I am as punctual as can be, I would never let myself be late unless if there was a severe emergency where it is physically impossible to accommodate.

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