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How easily would you say you get distracted from you work?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Wegmans interview

How to Answer

Interviewers want to hear that you are a focused, high-performing potential employee. Start off by telling the interviewer that you do not easily get distracted from your work. Next, mention that you realize you are being paid to do a job, and ethically, you feel a need to be working when you are at work. Finally, recognize that you know how to have fun at work from time-to-time taking a moment to celebrate birthdays or get to know your co-workers, and you know how to balance this with ensuring you are getting the job done.

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How easily would you say you get distracted from you work?
Not easily I consider my job to be important and want to get my work done fast and effiecently.
Distractions happen quite often throughout the work day. Most of the time a distraction is made by my boss needing something done.
I would say that I get distracted from my work about as much as anyone else does it is generally impossible for people to stay focused 100% of the time on a scale of 1-10 however I would say I'm about a 4
Never. Very hard for me to get distracted.
I do not get distracted easily. When I'm doing work all my attention is towards the work I'm doing.
I do not get easily distracted. I am very focused when it comes to getting my job done.
There is never a time i'm distracted from my work or projects when working as a line or prep cook. I'm often very focused and detailed on the work that needs to get done, despite how noisy or busy night shifts would be while working. I would say i'm not the most easily distracted while working and it isn't a problem for me to focus on what needs to get done by performing the necessary job duties.
I dont get distracted much, I am at work so I like to concentrate on what I am doing.
Not that easy. I am a focused person.
Minimally. In my previous job in management, I often was pulled in many directions throughout the work day, however this helped me to learn to prioritize and be able to learn to trouble shoot issues more efficiently so I could remain focused on the task at hand.
Not easily, I tend to make sure I get my work done, because that is why I am there.
"Excuse me, what did you say?" I am a good worker and does not get easily distracted.
I am always focused so its hard for me to get distracted from the task at hand.
Never get distracted, I know what I am suppose to do ... And I get it done, but I can multi task and do 2 things together accurately.
Not very easily, I try to be as focused as possible.
I usually don't get distracted since there's so many things going on around me I tend to try to focus more.
I am very focused so when I am assigned a task, I do not stop until it is completed. It is difficult to distract me especially if I am working with a deadline. As a self employed photographer, I have to stay focused to get client sessions edited and delivered on time.
I would have to say that I do not get distracted from my work at all.
Not easily because I get focused.
I do not get easily distracted from work.
Not easily at all. While I try to listen to and be aware of what's going on around me, and while I like having more than one task underway at a time, I'm fairly single-minded when it comes to accomplishing the tasks assigned to me.
I do not get easily distracted from my work whatsoever. When I am at work, I am completely focused on the task at hand.
I am very focused when I work. However, when the distractions become too great,I will try to move away from the source of distraction.
Not very easily, I work in a professional environment.
It is not easy for me to get distracted from my priorities, I have a goal when I am at work and I will accomplish that goal.
I am not easily distracted especially when there is a job to be done.
I am very focused and love to put effort into my work, it would be rare for me to get distracted.
Not easily, when I focus on my task at hand I like too put 110% into my work.
Very rarely. If I do get distracted it doesn't last long. I will get right back to the task in front of me.
I rarely get distracted from my work.
The only time I get distracted is if there is a more important task that presents itself and has to be completed sooner. Then I would return the other task.
I never really get distracted from my work. I always make sure to give each task my all and emerge myself into the assignment until it is complete.
I am focused and have an eye for detail.
I don't get distracted from my work unless a customer needs help.
Not very easily. Once I start something, I want to finish it before moving onto my next task.
I am not easily distracted from my work, as I make sure I am focused on the job that needs to be done. To avoid distractions, I leave my phone off and let others know that I cannot be disturbed while finishing this project.
Not easily. When you work in a newsroom, there are plenty of distractions, including co-workers' personal conversations, police scanner chatter, television news and ringing telephones. But you learn to stay focused on what needs to be done.
I wouldnt easily get distracted unless an urgent accident has occurred.
I like to be focused while working because I don't want anythig wrong to happen due to my mistake.
I don't get too distracted. I like focusing on what I am doing.
I am not easily distracted because I am always fully dedicated and focused in the work i'm doing.
I am always focused on the task that I am doing. And not easily distracted.
I do not get distracted easily.
I tend to stay on task for the most part. I would only get distracted if someone of higher auntority to me needed help or assistance.
I do not get distracted easily.
I do not get distracted easily.
Not that easily.
Not easily.
It is extremely difficult to distract me from my work. I am focused and highly dedicated.

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