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How can I trust you not to steal?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Wegmans interview

How to Answer

This one should be easy! Share with the interviewer that you have never stolen before and have a proven work record with a great reputation. Be sure to mention that you respect others and that you wouldn't steal from them.

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How can I trust you not to steal?
I would never steal as I find it immoral and just wrong.
I have a high level of honesty and dependability, both in the way I take responsibility in conversations and accountability in work completion, and that carries over to the way I protect the information and property of my employer.
Just check my background history.
You'll have to give me the opportunity to prove to you I won't take something that isn't mine.
Yes. There is nothing I value more than honesty and I can honestly inform you that I would never steal.
I was raised with good morals and great values.
I have never stole a thing my whole life, and if there is something I want I will buy it.
I have morals I attain to and a job opportunity like this would be something I would not toy with.
Stealing goes against my moral code and I would never compromise my integrity.
Stealing is wrong and its out to put you in jail. I had position of trust throughout my life and I have never violated those trust.
I have good morals and you can trust me not to take advantage of working here.
I consider myself a very honest person. I have help position that required trust and integrity on my part. I looked up that as an honor, never did I ever want to lose that trust.
By paying the employee a higher wage then the set min. Wage encourages them to see more value in their job.
My parents have taught me not to take anything that doesnt belong to me and I have lived by that always, I do not touch what does not belong to me.
As a Midshipman I am bound by honor and integrity.
Because i'm honest and loyal enough to never steal from a company or anywhere for that matter. Stealing is irrational and you can get caught if notified, it marginalizes all the commitment you put into your job and there are many consequences to doing repulsive things.
It is against my morals to do something of that nature.
You can trust me because I would never steal merchandise and money for any company that I work for. I am too honest to steal and you very well trust me not to steal on any occasion.
My dad was a NYC detective.... I was raised very strictly... I will never steal anything...MY WORD is MY PROMISE !!!
I guess by taking my word for it and giving me a chance to show that you can trust me.
As a manager I am trained and trusted to handle cash in many capacities such as change orders including bank deposits, and I have never had any problems involving money nor product.
I am a very trustworthy person and my previous employer can vouch for that.
I would never steal, that is a felony. If I chose to take something off the shelf, I would make sure I have a payment option to take that out of the store.
I have never stole anything and I have worked in stores my whole life.
I was taught not to steal and I'm also taught in my catholic school environment.
I am an honest person. I have my dignity and pride.
Treat others and things the way you want to be treated. I don't want you to steal from me therefore I would not I steal from you.
I have worked in a grocery store for the past three years and have never stolen something before. Also, my draw is always even showing that I am responsible with money.
If I stole it would ruin my reputation I have built for field hockey and college.
I would never steal, its wrong and dishonest.
I would never steal from work or from anywhere. It is illegal and there can be serious consequences.
I think trust is earned, not given. With a little bit of time, you will see that I am 100 percent trustable.
I am a team player, my number one goal is to contribute to the success of the business, and to give customers an amazing experience every time they visit Wegmans. Stealing would simply not align with my goals.
I am not someone who steals. My job is to important to me to risk losing it over stealing something.
Its not worth the time to steal from a big company and ill never do that.
I have never stolen before and I am an honest person.
Stealing is against my morals and I am an honest and reliable person.
It is against my morals, I am a very honest person, I have been handling money, and merchandise for over 20 years.
Well I think that since my biggest motivation at wegmans is to make the customers happy and not just myself, I would never steal as it would definitly risk my job as well as ruin the happy environment at wegmans.
I am a very honest person who has never took anything with paying.
I have no reason to, it's more harm than it is good and that's not what I'm here for. I'm here because I want to do something with my life and not throw it away.
I am a Christian and I answer to a higher authority.
That is against my moral code. I would never put a job on the line over foolish acts. I am here to build up Wegmans even more, not to take from the store.
Ultimately you do not know me very well as we have just met but in the end I have more respect and common sense for myself than to steal something so petty as something from a grocery store.
I have not steal anything before and I think it is worng to do so.
It is not something I do I was not brought up that way.
I would never be able to go through with it. I wouldn't make it out the door with the item because I would feel the guilt and the shame. My dad is in Law Enforcement so I grew up knowing the consequences of stealing and I have been through several police classes and know all about the consequences and how it is not worth it.
I have high ethical and moral standards and those values are apparent as you come to know me.
My morals do not allow me to steal. And you can check my background.
I am a very honest person and stealing is not in my vocabulary.
I have a lot integrity and I would never compromise that.
I'm a very reliable person and could never steal anything. I wouldn't be able to live with the guilt.
You can trust me with anything, actually. I am a trustworthy person and my past experiences at my previous establishments prove the fact. I believe strongly in following company policy and maintaining a positive reputation.
That's just not something that would ever cross my mind. I covered Northampton County Court for eight years and I was still flabbergasted every time I had to write about an employer or a volunteer who pilfered money from a company or an employee or customer who thought it was OK to walk out of a business with something they didn't pay for.
Because I respect your company too much to even consider stealing from you.
I would never sacrifice my source of income for something as petty as theift.
I would never betray my employer or anyone for that matter. I have not stolen from my old job either.
I was raised to be a honest person and to never steal.
I believe in building solid relationships and know that stealing will not add to the companies bottom line and may ultimately decrease my take home pay.
I am not sure, thats something you are just going to have to take my word for.
You can check my reocord.
You can trust me because I have a clean record and never stole before.
Honesty and integrity are very important to me. I have morals that I cannot break, no matter what the circumstance. Not stealing and being honest is personally important to me. I have worked at CVS for 14 months, and I have not ever even taken a single penny left behind by a customer. I like working hard for my money.
My morals would never permit me to do that. I have been put in positions of trust throughout my life and have never violated those trusts. I can provide references to my honesty and integrity.
I am a loyal and honest person. I do not steal and I have no intention of sacrificing my moral code for any reason.

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