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Have you ever helped someone else achieve their goal or helped to better themselves, if so, how?
Think about the times you have helped a friend achieve their goal. You may have run a few miles with them each day in preparation for a 10k. You might have stayed up late at night reviewing flashcards for a big test the next day. Or, maybe you watched a family's children for a couple of days to allow the parents to work on their goal of opening a new business. These types of scenarios work great to answer this question. Simply tell the interviewer a high-level overview of your scenario, and share how thankful the individual was for your contribution.

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User-Submitted Answers

Have you ever helped someone else achieve their goal or helped to better themselves, if so, how?
I'm known as being a comfort to my friends. For some reason, they always come to me for advice. That's a lot of responsibility, so I have to be careful about what I tell them. Most of the time, I was able to help them. I think that by doing the right thing, you can't go wrong.
My daughter, through education advice.
Yes. Talking to them about the certain topic, pointing out the positive and negative consequence about the decision they are about to make.
Everybody I Know Comes to Me With Their Problems,Even People I Don't Know.
A friend of mine recently broke up with his girl friend and I encouraged him to start dating again by joining an online dating site conversely I encouraged a friend to apply for a job that he did not believe he was qualified for and he got the interview.
I do it all the time, all my friends have been down a road where it led to nothing good. They wanted to accomplish a better self-esteem, a better foundation of life, and a better sense of well being and I was right there with them through it all and never gave up on them. All they needed was a little push and a lot of care.
Yes, many of my friends frequently come to me for advice.
Yes my best friend would frequently come to me with problems regarding troubles with her home life and I would help her through it.
Everybody I know comes to me with their problem I was able to help.
I am working on that now I am trying to get a fellow employee to return to school. I have also helped other employees with their income taxes.
Yes where I volunteer one of the frequents residents I visit lost her brother and she was sad that she was the only one left in her family. I told her she had me.
Many times, the example that springs to mind was when a friend of my daughter asked my advise because it was time to prepare for her Mitzvah. We lived in a predominantly christian community and she was leaning towards not making the effort. With my help and encouragement, she did Mitzvah and at the party afterwards gave me a rose and in front of everyone thanked me for my advise and encouragement and said she had learned about herself and her religion in the process and was a better person for it.
I helped a good friend of mine launch his own personal fitness studio last May. I helped with a lot of the grunt work getting the place together and offered helpful business tips.
Yes, I help my classmate study for a math test after class and anwser any question he have.
I am currently helping one of my co-workers with culinary knowledge.
A teammate of mine wanted to get better at basketball and I knew that she was very determined and so I took time to share some of the things that I already knew instead of using that time to make myself better.
I have always appreciated the power of words to motivate and inspire others. My boyfriend is in the process of starting a business in the massage therapy industry, and it can be overwhelming. I laid out a strategic business plan for him to help him get started. I helped calculate his monthly expenses vs. Income to figure out what he could afford for an office, assessed the clientele of several locations to find the most affluent communities, and attended events as morale support.
Yes, I served as a squad leader this past year and supervised five other midshipman and assisted them whenever necessary.
Yes, I have coached young people to in dance and written recommendations to help them get into high school.
I taught many of my friends how to drive a manual transmission car.
I Helped my little sister with understanding her work for school.
Yes, I convinced a friend to go back to school for computers and now she has a really great job that she loves.
Yes. I worked with the options program at school that works with special needs students. I helped one of the kids achieve his goal of participating in sports.
I have trained people on the cash register multiple times teaching them how to count back change even though they doubted their abilities.
Yes, I have helped hundreds of developmentally disabled students achieve their goals in life.
I have helped many students in my 34 years as a teacher achieve their goals. My students increased their literacy skills and was able to develop job skills.
I was an Italian tutor in college and I was able to accomplish my goals by making sure to be a good listener and personalizing the experience to the comfort of the student I was helping.
By comforting my friends and family with advice I helped them build confidence in themselves to keep trying their best.
Yes I have helped offer a better selection of breakfast at Mc Donalds to a customer who was watching what they ate. Which in the end made them happy as well as I.
As a leader on my campus, I worked tirelessly with the administration and other greek organizations to improve the campus climate and social environment of Bucknell. This involved weekly and monthly meetings discussing tough topics like sexual assault and dangerous drinking habits, and then implementing ways to address them.
Helped my husband open his own business and gave home positive reinforcements.
Yes, my job is to guide them and teach them to get better at their job, pay attention to our customers needs their body language their interaction with them has to exude that we r here to take v Care of their needs and also to train them in order to move up in the company.
I have helped someone who was struggling with their tasks. First I showed them a more efficient way of by doing the task, then supervised them while they completed the task.
Yes. At Starbucks whenever we hired a new barista, they often got very overwhelmed quickly while attempting to learn how to make all of the beverages in a timely fashion and still meet customer satisfaction. When I noticed one barista in particular was having a harder time learning this,I set aside some time to go over the different recipes of the drinks and had her "teach" me them until she knew them herself.
Yes, being homeschooled with 11 siblings I learn to help younger children achieve their greatness that they deserve in every way I can.
This past year I sponsored a co-worker to become an American citizen.
Yes I helped a family member get a job at ruby tuesdays and they have been so happy ever since feeling like they have a purpose.
I have often stepped in and helped another associate when they were overloaded, most people are willing to repay the favor if you need help I have helped other assoicates with their sale by suggesting additional merchandise to their customers,
I have had to assist waitresses several time. In these instances I helped them make milkshakes and prepare food when it was possible for me to help.
Yes, I would help build self confidence for themselves.
Yes, in school I receive Deans list or better known as High Honor Roll for my academics. So many people come to me for advice and help with work ad tips on how to do better in the academics.
Yes I have helped someone better themselves and achieve their goals. I helped them by encouraging them and help focus on their main priorities.
While I was working with hotel Ithaca I helped the other housekeepers finish their rooms.
High School I really enjoyed helping people study for tests if they needed help. Like to help people in art class if they didnt know what they were doing.
Yes, in school I have helped a friend when they were slacking on their work, so I kept her motivated and she passed the school year because she kept doing her work.
While I was assisting a horseback riding lesson, a little girl was having trouble with her horse. Eventually, she got so frustrated she burst into tears. I kept calm and tried to evaluate the situation as best as possible. Soon enough we figured out it was just a tiny error that needed fixing, such as her stirrups being too long. Afterwards, she was riding perfectly well with a huge grin across her face. I never felt so fulfilled.
Yes, One of my old friends was a slacker, and l helped him start doing better in school by encouraging him.
I would take time out of my personal schedule to help them achieve their goal in anyway I could help.
I have often helped friends with editing and writing projects to assist in job reviews or final submissions for school, etc.
Volunteer coach at club team.
I have helped my parents study to learn english and through learning english they have achieved there goals.
Just gave a friend of mine so soft spoken words to her as she felt she was worthless. I brought out all her great attributes, rather then being negative.
I helped the boy I used to tutor be more determined, do well in school, and to want to do well and enjoy doing well.
A couple of my friends were struggling trying to study for their Earth Science regents this year, which I took last year. So fortunately I had kept some of my studying material and I let them use it, I showed them some different websites they could use, and I even helped them study the day before at Panera.
I have done this in many different facets, i. E. Sports, school, and my work history. During my time as Vice President of Member Development with Sigma Phi Epsilon, I would regularly sit down with younger member to discuss action plans of setting smart goals and how to achieve those goals.
When I was in school I helped a friend pretty significantly improve their scores in math.
I have helped my brother during pole vaulting practice by watching his steps and recording him.
Yes, I have helped my co-workers by inspecting their work and giving them constructive criticism when they asked for it.
My stepsister wanted to get more fit and was doing p90x and I would do it with her sometimes and act as a motivator for her.
Being patient and coaching a co-worker when he or she is struggling with a task, then following up to ensure their success.
Yes, by helping them get organized and helping then with certain classes they do not have great work ethic in.
Several times, I was always able to train those interested in the workplace, I have seen several employees move from dishwashing positions to head cooks, as well as bus persons to servers, And in personal lives I have helped many people overcome additions by directing them to proper resourses.
One of my employees was interested in learning how to do planograms and I taught her all the ins and outs to make her successful at that job.
As a boy scout I helped many younger scouts to achieve their goals.
Yes, by helping them make decisions about short and long term goals, weather by enrolling in school or just attending a seminar on something they are interested in.
Yes while working at Olive Garden, I trained employees on how to work or advance in their ways under pressure or when business was at high volumes. I gave them tips on how to work faster on the job while prepping food throughout the shift.
I have helped out friends in college, who have struggle in college math class, by having weekly tutoring after school hours.
All the time. give them tons of encouragement and guide them through the process.
I helped my friend pass her science sol by taking the responsibility of tutoring her and the end result was that she passed.
I have helped someone achieve their goal. I did this by encouraging them to keep working for it and helping them do something to achieve it when I could.
Yes I have helped many associates finish or given tips on how to accomplish a task.
Yes... From simple things like improving their knowledge of how to do something, to more complex goals like moving up in the company, by pointing out ways to get more information, and sharing my own experience.
I used to go to a crossfit gym with my buddies and we would help each other better ourselves every day.
Yes, I am an artistic person so I'm always enjoying helping others out with techniques too shading and drawing and being nice and positive too them by helping them out and this brings me joy seeing other people happy.
Yes I have. I have helped educate them in life decisions. I have a stubborn friend who was in this negative relationship and I helped pull them out of it.
I have helped a lot of people who I have worked with that we're new to the position and I made sure they new how to run their position because if they new their job then I looked good as a trainer .
My friend had wanted to play soccer for a while and I had played on numerous teams with her and practiced on my free time with her. This helped her to achieve her goal of becoming a soccer goalie and I felt like I had contributed to it, since I had convinced her to get into the sport.
When I was Director of Reinsurance and Specialty Risks at Sentry Insurance, there was a clerk in my department named Mary. When I first took over the department and at weekly intervals thereafter, I met with my employees. Through this process, I developed a rapport with them and was able to, slowly but surely, develop a picture of their personal and professional goals. I learned that Mary had aspirations of becoming a reinsurance claims processor to improve her pay, job satisfaction, and her financial situation for her and her daughter. Mary and I worked together to put together a written personal development plan with educational milestones and measurable performance goals. Part of this plan consisted of.
Yes. I helped one of my coworkers finish the work that was assigned for him because I finished my work earlier than usual.
Yes I have. Just simply by motivating them through my words of encouragement.
Yes, we had an intern who wanted to work in the bakery. I saw her potential true passion. I payed extra attention to her and showed her the ways of the bakery to ensure that she would be hired shortly after her internship.
Yes. I have help many people reach their goals by listening to theur needs and pushing them to be the best at it and they will see results.
At Chipotle we have this process called elevation, where we constantly try to elevate others around us, examples would be how to finish a task more efficiently or easier or less time consuming. Also as the vice president of peer listening it is one of my main goals to help people set goals for themselves and constantly be bettering themselves.