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Have you ever called off from work before?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Wegmans interview

How to Answer
The interviewer wants to know that you are a reliable person. Tell the interviewer that you are reliable and do not call off from work unless you would have an emergency or are very ill. Next, share with the interviewer how few times you have called off from work in the past year. If you were sick with the flu and had to call off work 2 days in a row, that's to be expected! Simply tell the interviewer that you had the flu and had to call off 2 days in the past year. We are all human and get sick from time-to-time. Missing work for those 2 days will not be a deal breaker.

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Have you ever called off from work before?
Once, because of a holiday I spent with my family.
No, I have not held a job as of yet, however the only time I have called off from school was when there was an emergency situation with my health.
This will be my first job, but for the babysitting job that I had over the summer, I knew that I had an obligation as an employee to come to work, ready and prepared every day, and so did not call off of work.
Only when I was sick.
No I have never called off of work before.
Yes, due to my wisdom teeth surgery.
I had to call off from work once last year as I had to take my daughter to the emergency room where they performed surgery. Other than that I have not been late or absent for any reason.
Yes, only in emergencies, however I have always found someone to cover for my shift.
I only took off from work when I was seriously ill.
I try not to call off from work, however the only times I have are in times of health related emergencies.
Only once and it was when there was an emergency health situation.
No, and I would only in an emergency or extreme wellness.
I have never missed a day of work. On rare occasions if I was sick I would make sure I had a replacement.
In any situation that I have had to call off from work(sickness, family emergency, etc) I would always let my boss know beforehand. I would always find someone to cover my shift and would not officially call out until I knew I had someone covering my shift.
I have never had a previous job, although there are chances I would call off if I am feeling too sick and dont want anyone to catch what I have or for any emergencies.
Rarely in the last 11 years at then chateau I have probably called off less than 10 times.
Only when my car got stuck in the snow last winter, but I live close enough to wegmans that I could walk if this occured.
I have a couple times for family matters, or personal situations IE Health, car break down.
Yes, when I had strep throat this past year, the I could not go back until my doctor released me.
I have never called off from work before.
I never had a job before this but If it was school it was because I was very sick or I didnt have a ride due to my bus not showing up. This isnt a problem now as I have a car.
Yes, when my husband became imminent in hospice, and he passed away.
Yes, I had a family emergency and had to call off but only once.
Once- I was sick the night before my AP history exam.
Maybe three times in twenty years.
I have called off twice in my 10 years at Wawa.
Yes I have, Mainly for being sick, or a family issue. I find it unsafe to come to a food establishment sick and family is important. However these are minor occurrences.
Rarely. I'm very fortunate because I hardly ever get sick.
I have in rare instance of keeping my germs to myself.
Yes I have. Only if I was extremely sick or one of my children were sick.
Yes I have due to post operation complications.

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