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Describe a time when you disliked company rules in your last job?
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I try to follow rules as much as possible. There was a time that I needed to have lesson plans completed before Monday morning, in my opinion I thought my position was more intricate. I asked for a modified expectation for planning, but was not offered that. The company policy was to have those plans defined and turned into the principal.
I've never disliked company rules because you are there to do what the company wants. Now if it is something that would be dishonest or something of that nature then that would be a diffenent story. I would have to go to a superviser that was higer than the person telling me .
This is my first job. However, I would think that a compny must have good reasons to enforce rules for their employees that are in the best interest of their customers. Sometimes we don't alwasy like rules - but we should obey them.
This is my first real job, but I usually always follow rules because they are there for a reason, to keep people safe and on track.
You Deal With It, And Go On.
You Deal With It.. And Go On
I worked with a student that had autism. Because of the type of behavioral therapy he had, we were not allowed to greet him when he came in to session. I felt that this alienated the child, but a rule is a rule and he is not my child, and I am not a therapist. There were probably reasons I did not know about for this, and so I obeyed the rule.
I never have a problem with rules. I like following rules , even at school and the babysitting job I had, the rules are there for a specific reason and therefore should be followed.
One rule I disliked as a teacher was standing on a long line with approximately 100 other teachers in order to clock out.
There hasn't been any time when I had problems with rules.