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Describe a time when you disliked company rules in your last job?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Wegmans interview

How to Answer

The interviewer wants to hear that you are not a rule breaker, and you support the rules the company has put into place. Start off by telling the interviewer that you follow all of the company rules and are supportive of the leadership decisions the company makes regarding rules. After all, there had to be some logic to their professional decision! Next, think of an outside the box rule your company had that you simply would have made a different decision about. A sound example might be that company rule that says no insulated lunch boxes/totes can be put into the fridge because it takes up too much space. You might tell the interviewer, "If I could change one decision the leadership team made regarding a rule, I would not have implemented the rule that says employees cannot put a lunch tote/lunch box in the fridge for space reasons because it makes it so much harder to find your own food in the fridge at lunch time resulting in a line at the refrigerator and less time to spend outside enjoying the sunshine." This shows the interviewer that you respect decisions even when you recognize you would make different decisions sometimes.

Describe a time when you disliked company rules in your last job?
Answer example

"If I could change one decision the leadership team made regarding a rule, I would not have implemented the rule that says employees cannot put a lunch tote/lunch box in the fridge for space reasons because it makes it so much harder to find your own food in the fridge at lunch time resulting in a line at the refrigerator and less time to spend outside enjoying the sunshine."

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Describe a time when you disliked company rules in your last job?
I worked with a student that had autism. Because of the type of behavioral therapy he had, we were not allowed to greet him when he came in to session. I felt that this alienated the child, but a rule is a rule and he is not my child, and I am not a therapist. There were probably reasons I did not know about for this, and so I obeyed the rule.
I never have a problem with rules. I like following rules, even at school and the babysitting job I had, the rules are there for a specific reason and therefore should be followed.
One rule I disliked as a teacher was standing on a long line with approximately 100 other teachers in order to clock out.
There hasn't been any time when I had problems with rules.
I feel like that I should never dislike rules because that's what keeps everyone safe and keep everything in rotation.
I haven't had previous job experience.
This will be my first job.
Inconsistency in some rules.... Especially employee discounts over the past year as some internal restrcturinng took place.
I have always followed the rules because I do believe they are in place for a reason and are in the best interest of the customer and employee. However, if I ever had a concern about the rules I would speak to management.
Well since I made the rule I did not dislike them I did dislike having to continually create new rules because of change in times.
The only time I disliked a certain rule was when I finished all of my cleaning projects and orders needed at the time during peak business hours, management as it isn't just clear with me but with everybody that we're not allowed to leave off-line to get food needed to be stocked, it involved asking a manager where you were going which I found redundant because most of the time when employees left, I and everyone else complied with the rules and I did exactly what I was told but sometimes felt that it wasn't necessary, especially if urgency was required when back-up containers ran out of ingredients. I've managed to cooperate with the rules no matter if they're lenient or not but I believe that managers should believe in their workers and not always disagree.
Writing what the patient said even if spelling and english is wrong.
The fact that team members kept wanting to say no to customers,
I didn't like that it was my responsibility to find someone to cover my shift if I was sick. I also didnt like that if I was sick and couldnt find anyone I would have to go in.
A time that I disliked company standards would have been during price changes, the company demands that x amount of hours and associates be scheduled during a pre determined time frame. This needs to be followed even if it means that the number of associates scheduled is more than the number of pieces of equipment that the store has. One is not allowed to schedule associates outside of that time frame even if it means extending the markdown processes.
I have been self employed for most of my career so I have made the rules. When I worked at Campbell Pottery, there were no rules that I disliked.
I corporate with the rules and I never really have a problem with the rules.
A time I disliked company rules was when I was treated differently from the management than other coworkers at my job. I was never given a raise as a night time employee at ABM Janitorial and not much advancement opportunities was given to me. I never disliked the rules it was just the huge workload they put on us and I felt to quit at the time.
I didnt like the fact, that some of the customer service reps were able to yell at the customer if they kept on asking for what she couldnt give them....
I never disliked any company rules unless it affected my job dramatically. I did the things that interested me the most.
I have never disliked company rules, they are there for a reason.
I really like my current job and company is small and the rules are all fine for me.
There was not a specific time where I disliked company rules,
I Disliked that it was my responsibility to find someone to cover my shift with no help at all. I disliked that I would have to come in sick even though it was unsanitary for me to be around food.
This would be the time at Sentry that they removed my ability to reward my employees during the Great Recession.
I always look for the reason behind the rule and have to agree with management decisions.
Company rules are there for a reason, which is to keep us safe. I follow the company rules.
Never disliked every company has rules to keep people safe.
I do not dislike any rules. When I accept a job I accept all rule that come along with that job whether good or bad.
There was not certain rules that I did not like, walking into a job there are rules you must follow and abide by and that is expected. However there were management problems that I strongly disliked.
I have no right to dislikecany company rules. I just follow them.
In all the jobs I've had, the rules were reasonable and safe. There's never been a time I disliked any company rules.
Rules that make it harder for some people to fully expand on their creativitivy and talents.
I would never disliked company rules. Every one should obey. Rules.
All companies have to have rules in place, so I just cooperate.
One rule I disliked as a school teacher was waiting on a long line when it was time to clock out for the day.
I never had a problem with any of the company policies.
The only time I never liked a rule is when one manager would say one thing and then another manager would say something different. Conflicting messages can be very confusing to an employee.
I have never had a job for a company before. I babysat but that is not a company.
Sometimes we would be kept after the store closed until everything was finished, not always, but that wasn't bad unless we still had a lot to do. This came up a lot around Christmas time and sometimes I'd be working until 1:30 - 2:00 in the morning because of just how messy the store was. I didn't complain one bit about it, but I found it frustrating at times.
I did not like some of the booking of clients procedures which changed several times.
At hotel Ithaca I had to work really fast in a certain amount of time and I had a hard time keeping up with the requirements.
I have not rally workd before so I raelly do not know.
My current job is unstructured, and I function better in a structured working environment where expectations are clear and able to be met and raised.
The only time I ever saw a flaw in company policy was when I worked with my father on a manufacturing line and they required him to wear a hairnet even though he was bald. Seemed silly to me, but I understand the neccesity of the company to apply their rules equally to all employees.
I did not like when the manager and supervisor was not on the same page. Manager would ask me to do something and the supervisor would say the opposite. Confusion.
There is always a few rules an employee will dislike but nothing that ever stood in the way of my happiness at my last job.
Company rules are there for a reason. You follow them and adapt to them as a good employee.
I disliked how whether we met our assigned goals determined our schedule. It was unfair because the goals are based on what we should make not how busy the store is.
You Deal With It, And Go On.
You Deal With It.. And Go On.
This is my first real job, but I usually always follow rules because they are there for a reason, to keep people safe and on track.
This is my first job. However, I would think that a compny must have good reasons to enforce rules for their employees that are in the best interest of their customers. Sometimes we don't alwasy like rules - but we should obey them.
I've never disliked company rules because you are there to do what the company wants. Now if it is something that would be dishonest or something of that nature then that would be a diffenent story. I would have to go to a superviser that was higer than the person telling me .
I try to follow rules as much as possible. There was a time that I needed to have lesson plans completed before Monday morning, in my opinion I thought my position was more intricate. I asked for a modified expectation for planning, but was not offered that. The company policy was to have those plans defined and turned into the principal.

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