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Walgreens Pros and Cons

1. I get to learn and experience new things, and get to know new people. March 1st, 2012

2. Good place to start, I want to be independent namke my own money, I want to help parents out with bills, and I got to support my child. March 28th, 2012

3. It is a team environment and Walgreens also have an outstanding career advancement program. September 7th, 2012

4. Opportunity for growth, getting experience of customer service. September 7th, 2012

5. For one, I'd be working for the largest chain in the nation. For two, the pharmacists and technicians are the highest skilled employees in the field. October 31st, 2012


1. I don't think there is no disadvantages for working at walgreens. It's a job that will help me and my family. May 28th, 2012

2. The drive to and from work. September 7th, 2012