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Why would you like a position at Walgreens?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Walgreens interview

How to Answer

The interviewer wants to hear that you are looking forward to working at Walgreens. Walgreens is dedicated to the well-being of its customers. Tell the interviewer why you look forward to being a part of something as an employee of Walgreens. Recognize that you would be helping with the promotion of customers' well-being. Be mindful that you would be the place where people can have the convenience of a quick stop in to get a few necessary items. And, acknowledge that you would be the setting for many holiday gifts to be purchased. Be excited to share that you would get to be a part of something great by being an employee at Walgreens!

Why would you like a position at Walgreens?
Answer example

"I would like a position at Walgreens because I seek a role with a responsible organization that cares about its customers. I trust Walgreens, as do most others, and I appreciate the convenience and quality offered here."

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Why would you like a position at Walgreens?
I believe with my great communication skills, ability to work well in a team, and knowledge of the drug-retail industry I will be a great addition to Walgreens.
It is the largest retailing chain store in the US, it is convenient for customers to shop at, and they value the accessibility and customer service. It is a growing company.
Because I like that Walgreens has opportunities for growth. My dad was a store manager for Sears so itís in my blood and retail is my first love. And I love serving others and Walgreens is the perfect place to do so.
Best retail company, lot of new changes in the field of pharmacy, better opportunities.
I want to be a part of a professional business that encourages honesty, quality, caring.
I like to work with walgreens because is number 2 in nations biggest pharmacy company.
I'm a very hard working and reliable person and I like being able to help people as well as making them feel good. I feel like Walgreens main purpose is to help people and I think I would work well in this environment.
Walgreens has a comfortable environment and I like the idea of being able to interact with customers of all ages, since walgreens targets a wide range of people.
I would like a position at walgreens because I want to help around and keep customers happy.
I would like to continue improving on my customer service skills, and feel that this is the company that can help me grow.
I would like to gain some part time experience and I feel that Walgreens can be a good way for me to get some work experience.
I believe a job with your company would help me improve my skills.
I would like a position at Walgreens because I like the friendly, clean atmosphere of the store. I also would like the position because I think the money would help me further my education in college.
It's a good company and I would like to work for a company like that.
Because of the environment and how the workers tend to treat their costumers with alot of respect.
I would like a position at Walgreens because it would allow me to have more experience in working with others and bettering my communication skills and hard working skills. As well as being able to help out customers and interacting with them to make their visit worthwhile and want to comeback to our walgreens.
I would like a position at Walgreen because I will gain experience and I am really interested in working in a pharmacy.
My first time walking in Walgreens, the environment felt great and I knew that one day I would love to work for this company.
I shop here often and the employees are always nice and friendly. I genuinely enjoy coming here. I like the company and that it seems to really value its employees, and think I could be great at this position.
Walgreens is a very stable company since 1901. There is plenty of room for advancement. Walgreens will give me an opportunity to expand my medical career.
To be around a different environment and meet new people.
To face with all types of customers to provide efficient service to the customers and reach item to everyone.
I love the company I always recive great service when im there. The environment I clean. I am an pharmcy tech and I would love to work somewhere I can call home and I feel comfortable with walgreens.
I would like a position at Walgreens because it would give me everything I am looking for in a part time job, hours, fixed hourly wage, and a chance to talk to people and succeed in the business.
Because I like what the walgreens company stands for with the customer service, and all the happiness and smiles.
All the associates seems happy and have been here awhile.
As stated before ive frequented this store for as long as I can remember. I love your customer service, being greeted when I walk in and the available products, I really just wanna be a part of that.
I would like a position at Walgreen because I shop there a lot and the environment at Walgreen is very welcoming.
During my time volunteering I realized how much I enjoy customer service.
I am currently employed and am looking to widen my work experience here.
I want to be a pharmacists, and walgreens has always been the best for providing customer care in the pharmacy department. ITs who you think of when you need a prescription.
I would like to apart of the friendly and cooperative team also I would love to keep up the good reputation of great customer service.
I would like the opportunity to work at Walgreens.
I would like a position at walgreens because I will be able to start saving up for my college expenses while at the same time being able to work in a friendly and welcoming environment.
I would like a position with walgreens because I have always wanted to be a pharmacy technician and I love customers.
I would like to be a part of the great customer service Walgreens provides and learn hands on what I learned in school through books.
Walgreens is a respected drugstore/pharmacy that men and women having been going to for years because of the uniqueness it offers.
Walgreens is a pharmacy where care of patients is involved. Walgreens offer services where my previous employer doesnt have. Such as services involving mtm. I like the working enviroment because when I had rotation with walgreens I have seen more front store employees were willing to assist the pharmacy.
Working at Walgreen would be an amazing first real job experience .
I would take pride in working at Walgreens, I wont take it as a few hour job but a long term commitment.
So I can give out good services to customers.
To be of service to people.
I would, because I think it would be a great oppertunity for me and I would like to see myself as a manager here one day. I alwways wanted to work in a pharmacy.
I want to take advantage of learning a company from the ground up, as well as career advancement and a company that I can grow with.

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