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Walgreens Interview Questions and Answers
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Why should we not hire you?
User Submitted Interview Answers
You shouldn't not hire me.
Probably because this is my first job and i dont have retail experience.
Im a hard working person, always on time, can provide great customer service and van speak spanish
You should hire me because I am hard working, I have experience in the industry.
You shouldnt hire me because I sometimes tend to take on more than I can handel but I can learn to get better at that.
I would like to utilize my skills, and grow within the company. I would one day want to become a supervisor, and continue growing with the business as it progresses.
You should not hire me if you are looking for someone who shows up 5 minutes late before shift starts and is ready to leave 5 minutes early before shifts end. I come early and stay late to be sure I have put in a full productive day.
I can’t think of a reason you should not hire me. I have a strong work ethic, I am friendly, I am not afraid to ask for help or own up to my own mistakes. I am constantly trying to improve my work performance.
You should not hire me because I can become impatient after a long shift and a long school day. At those times, I focus too much on the shift end, as opposed to how well I can do in the shift itself.
If you dont want someone who works hard then I am not the person for you.