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Why should we not hire you?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Walgreens interview

The interviewer is hoping to hear that there is no reason to not hire you! Simply tell the interviewer that you would be a great employee, and confidently share that there is no reason to not hire you! You might wrap it up by sharing that you are customer focused, have a proven employment record, and you really love Walgreens!

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Why should we not hire you?
I am a hard working person, always on time, can provide great customer service and van speak spanish.
Probably because this is my first job and I dont have retail experience.
You shouldn't not hire me.
I will be the most hard working and learning employee you will every want to work for Walgreens.
If you dont want someone who works hard then I am not the person for you.
If you think there is a better candidate out there, then it is only logically that you should hire them.
I try to help best to the people I am work centereed.
You should hire me because I am hard working, I have experience in the industry.
You should hire me for which I am willing to bring my honesty and intregridity and customer service skills to your business.
You should not hire me if you are looking for someone who shows up 5 minutes late before shift starts and is ready to leave 5 minutes early before shifts end. I come early and stay late to be sure I have put in a full productive day.
I have a background in science, hardworking, friendly.
You woul dbe missing on on a wealth of experience and knowledge.
Why should you is the question? Lol I would make sure to be the best fit for your company.
You will lose because it will be tough to find a person like me.
I am reliable and honest. I am a someone who likes working with others and and I can be a great customer provider.
Sometimes I get a little too obsessed with perfection and like to make sure every detail is in place, but sometimes when a one little thing is out of place, that could knock the whole building down.
I have many years working in retails, I am fast learner, self motivated, work well with others and make customer happy. I would be very beneficial to your company. I meet most of not all requirements to be with our company to not be hired.
There is not a reason I shouldnt be hired.
Because I'm a hard worker, and I'm a fast learner. I have cash register experience, but if there's something I'm not sure how to do I can learn it quick. I'm an outgoing person and I believe I'd be a great asset to this company.
If you are seeking an employee who lacks drive and spunk.
I believe there isn't Any Reason nTo to hire me, I have experience, I am motivated, I am passionate, and I would love to work at Walgreens.
I can't think of a reason to not hire me.
You shouldnt hire me because I sometimes tend to take on more than I can handel but I can learn to get better at that.
Because I work hard at whatever I do, whether it's major or not.
You should hire because am the kind of guy whose driven to give 100% of hardwork to whatever he does and is really good at wanting to help make this company grow.
Walgreens prides itself in delivering the best customer care. I am not as knowledgable as someone who has been working in this field for a while, that would be reason.
Y'all should hire me and not consider not to.
I'll find another company to be amazing at.
I would like to utilize my skills, and grow within the company. I would one day want to become a supervisor, and continue growing with the business as it progresses.
You should not hire me because I can become impatient after a long shift and a long school day. At those times, I focus too much on the shift end, as opposed to how well I can do in the shift itself.
If I wasn't a hard worker, wasn't dependable, and didn't care about work ethic I shouldn't be hired.
I can’t think of a reason you should not hire me. I have a strong work ethic, I am friendly, I am not afraid to ask for help or own up to my own mistakes. I am constantly trying to improve my work performance.

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