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When was the last time you contributed to a team effort and what was your role?
User Submitted Interview Answers
At a church event. Serving food.
It was in my past employeement. I was part of a team that had a quota for the month we had to get people in our business so I cam up with a plan that we were going to go to a local dental offices to explain to them about our products and promotions we have in store more then 20 percent of the customer we didnt have we gain for our business so oue team did finish strong and sucided our quota for the month.
School project, leader of group, helped everyone with their roles inside the group.
Everyday I contribute to a team effort by working on the floor with my team and making our days.
When I was lead tester on the implementation of NAPA which was an updated computer software program for our underwriting engines. I had to coordinate our work schedules and assign various functions to each co-worker. I received an award for the project.
Last year when we had a remodeling pharmacy, make some good suggestions for a easy flow pharmacy.
In school we do alot of projects - I take the lead role usually and I break the group up and we all agree on which area each person is working in.
The last time I contributed to a team effort was when I directed set and props crew for my current productions. I directed planning for the items and coordinated with the two directors.
The most recent team effort was a community event for the relay for life. Our community was asked to raise money for the event and then to represent the company at the relay. I put together a car wash at my store and we raised $250. The night of the event I manned the tent, passing out promo items, and then I walked the track for an hour. It was a successful event because we reached out to a lot of people in our community and showed our support.
I contribute every single day. My role is to help everyone I work with. And as a family. Team work is essential in my everyday life.