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What would you do if a coworker asked you to help steal?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Walgreens interview

The interviewer wants to hear that you are an honest and ethical person. Tell the interviewer that you would not steal if a coworker asked you to, and share that you would instead tell your manager about the situation because it is the right thing to do.

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What would you do if a coworker asked you to help steal?
I would try and discourage him or her from the idea and if I feel he or she really is in need hence that terrible idea, I would find a way of helping him or her buy whatever it it or discussing it with the boss to see if he or she can have it on credit and pay in instalements. I won't encourage stealing in any sense of the word.
I would not help, and I would warn a manager.
I would tell him this is against the rules and policy and inform a manager immediately.
I would decline and encourage them not to do it. I might report them to a manager if I felt they were going to do it.
First I will give advice not to steal, if he did not hear then I will discuss with my supervisors.
A coworker, if they knew me wouldn’t even ask me. But if someone did I would not do it and I would try to talk them out of doing whatever they are going to do. Then even though it will be hearsay I would bring it to attention of a manager.
I would not take part at all! I am an honest person.
I would disagree and immediately report the issue to the manager in private.
Tell them that stealing is unacceptable and report them.
I would say no. My job to me is very important, I rather keep it and be trust worthy to others.
I would say no and report them to the manager.
I would have to tell my co worker about where I stand with stealing from the company and if I had to I would report it to the managers.
I would not steal and I willvreport that person.
I would report it to the manager.
I would talk to them and try and get through to them that stealing from the store is not okay, and ask them what is their reason for that? I would also talk to the manager and tell them to keep an eye on that person.
I would not help them steal.
If a co-worker asked me to help steal, I will tell the manager.
Let them know that I was not interested, and report it the the management.
I would reject the idea of unethical and report the incident to my manager.
Explain that it is wrong on all levels to steal from anyone, let the coworker know that I felt violated for asking me such a question, and that I feel this would need to be reported to management.
I would immediately report my co-worker to my store Manager. I would not hesitate at all.
I would not do it. I would avoid that person or if keep being bothered by that same coworker I would tell my manager.
I would say no and report this conversation to a manager.
Refuse and if he/she kept insisting or I saw them doing it report it right away.
I would tell my manager the coworker asked me to steal.
Clearly will say no, can't steal at work place.
I would try to avoid the question and talk to a manger.
I would immediately say no and inform the manager.
I would say no and contact my supervisor immediately.
I would tell them that is not an ethical behavior and if they proceed with it, I will report them to management.
Firstly, I would tell them that was definitely out of my character, and I would not advise them to go through with it. Later I would report them to management.
I would say no then report them and if they were trying to persuade me in some way I would make an excuse to leave that particular situation and go to the manager immediately.
Absolutely not and tell them. It is wrong.
I would tell that person no, and if you do I could report you.
I would advise them against Tim If I had any evidence that they were going to steal or had stolen I would speak with a manager.
I'll will disagree and immediately tell the manager.
I wouldn't do as they ask and tell them it's not the right thing to do.
I would tell them no, and talk to the manager.
I would tell the coworker I want nothing to do with it and tell a manager as soon as I could.
I would let my coworker know that is unacceptable and I would notify my supervisor.

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