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What do you know about working in retail?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Walgreens interview

The interviewer wants to hear that you understand the fast moving world of retail. Start off by telling the interviewer that you understand it takes a team to make a retail store successful. Mention that you need cashiers, customer service representatives, managers, stockers, and people to unload trucks. At Walgreens, you also have pharmacists, pharmacy techs, and photo specialists. Talk about the need for everyone to provide top-notch customer service to ensure customers want to return. Discuss how everyone needs to work together to keep the store looking great. And, be sure to mention that you understand the store can get very busy, and you are prepared to handle those busier times.

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What do you know about working in retail?
I have no experience based on my job status but I am up for the challenge and give everything I have.
I havent had any previous job experience.
That you have to have alot of customer service experience and have a lot of communications skill to interact with customer and your fellow employees.
Selling goods to the final consumer.
Fast paced, fun, exciting. Something new everyday.
Retail is very centered on customer service along with running cash register. You want to make sure the customers have friendly service to ensure they keep coming back.
I know that working in retail is challenging. I know that I will deal with stressful customers and situations every day. I also have to learn to priotize and manage my staff team to complete the daily job.
It is not an easy job. You have to have the skill of solving the patients problems.
Honestly I do not know much about pharmacy retail, I know more about clothing retail.
I know that working in retail requires communication skills and patience to manage costumer concerns.
Have worked in retail in the oil industry as a Human resources manager and a Human resources manager II in the Airport.
I know howw to manage my time, I know how to finish on time or even earlier a project. I also know what our company expect from us. I learned how to deal.
I know how to handle different people, personalities or situations. And I learned how to excell in time managment.
Customer experience is everything. A negative experience is shared more than a positive one. It is the job of an employee working in retail to try to make every customer happy. Working in retail means that your schedule could change at a moments notice and you have to a very go with the flow person.
I know that you will have customers that complain and when that happens you need to fulfill those customers needs.
The primary focus of retail is customer service. Customers want to walk into a store, get greeted at the door, enjoy themselves while getting the items they are looking for, pay, and leave.
I have to deal with customer, sometimes is needed to help in sales.
I know that retail has to do with the idea of selling a product to a person.
Customer service is a vital part of the job. I believe in teamwork and also want to accomodate the customer the best way.
I have worked some in this, have done a lot shopping and feel I woulkd know what the customer needs.
I have 2 rotations in commmunity pharmacy, and one was in the pharmacy I am applying for now.
I have worked at stop and shop for 5 yrs. Cashier..
I have been working in retail for about 3 years now. I know that the most important thing about working in retail is customer satisfaction. If the customer walks away from your register satisfied, then you have done a good job.
My experience in retail is very minimal however my ability as a fast learner will allow me to learn in a timely manner.
I have a personality that really understands people... Retail to me is a form of human economical dynamics, it has to know the market trends, the correct price that people will pay, what products to sell, the correct type of employees to hire, the branding and marketing image, profit/ loss margins, location of business the list is endless but certain basic key elements need to be in palce for success.
I know that the main goal is customer service satisfaction. You have to tend to people and make sure they are satisfied when they leave.
What I know about working retail is that you make sure you please your customers and help them if they need help.
Working in retail can be difficult but yet rewarding.
It requires a great deal of being detailed orientated, having patience and people skills.
Customer Service is the most important aspect of a retail postion .
Not much, considering it is my first job but I am motivated to learn and improve.
I was a store Manager at Target and Kohls.
A lot most of my employment is in retail.
Customer service customer concerns working under pressure.
Its hard work. And I am willing to put in the work and I know I will succeed.
Working in retail means that you are trying to make sure that customers find what they are looking for in the store so that they can come again.
I know that working in retail means you have to have great customer service and have patience with people.
Working retail means giving your customer the best customer services, a happy and satisfied customer is a returning customer.
I have worked in retail for several years, ive learned the best practice is to educate the customer so the can make a decision.
Customer comes first must always have a positive attitude ready to help anyone who comes in and be prepared and organized to provide the fastest service possible.
I know that customer service comes first and organization skills are needed for stocking up items and putting them out. For customer service, it is very important to greet customers with a smile and make them feel comfortable to know that they can rely on you to help them.
I know that working in retail pairs with working with costumer satisfaction.
I know a lot. I worked at Stage for 6 months, and I learned so much in my short time there. From working a register, to helping out customers.
I have experience with working on the cash register, cash handling, and I was consistently noticed for my great customer service.
I know it can be fast-paced and you need to be able to multitask as well as work with your fellow employees to get things done. It also requires attention to detail and being friendly and polite to everyone, making sure they have a good experience and want to come back.
Working in retail involves but is not limited to, interacting with others, working with managers an coworkers as one team and doing the best in keeping costumers satisfy.
I know that you must be willing to help the customer with what they need.
I know about customer service, organization, sticking supplies, being a team player.
Retail is about helping your customers with great service.
I know it takes strong customer service skills and good time management.
I know it involves giving good customer service and dealing with customer concerns tactfully.
Retail is very interesting because of the people you interact with. IT can be stressful.
I already know how to clean, stock, work a cash register, work in a store room, and work with food. I can also work with customers.
I know that you have to have great customer service and communication skills. Along with great math, organization, and computer skills.
I know its a largely customer service based industry. You want to keep the customers happy while maintaining integrity of the store. A friendly cashier can make a customers experience and a rude one can make customers not come back. Its important in retail to focus on bringing people back in to keep sales up.
Putting the customer first is one of the most important things when working in retail. Providing excellent customer service keeps customers coming back.
I know that the customer always comes first, and sales are important.

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