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Tell me about your cash handling experience.

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Walgreens interview

How to Answer

The interviewer wants to know how much training you will require, should they hire you and also - if you are a trustworthy person who can handle the responsibility of cash handling. Share where you cashiered, how many years you were with that company, and share how accurate your drawer usually was. You can also include info on how much money you handled on a usual day.

Tell me about your cash handling experience.
Answer example

"In my current role I handle approximately $5,000 in cash per day. I have never had a discrepancy in my cash-out and am fully trustworthy."

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Tell me about your cash handling experience.
I have more than 10 years cash handling experience in my past jobs, were I have had to process payments and tallying of cash at the end of the day .
When handeling cash I like to complete the transaction quickly and put the cash away.
My cash handling experience goes back to when I was a senior in highschool. I served as treasurer for a club at my school. I also have experience working with a cash register from my job at Bed Bath and Beyond.
I have no cash handling experience but I know how to figure the correct change in a prompt manner.
Because it's my responsibility to make sure that I am handling the company's money well. I was also responsible handling the store petty cash which I manage it very well.
With the volunteer work I do I have to sometimes handle the tickets - whereas if somebody wants to buy something I have to take there money and hand them a ticket.
I dont have any cash handling experience but I feel like I could pick it up.
At my current job I am handling cash for many hours a day.
I was a cashier for two years at Ikea and for three at McDonalds. I also helped to process payments at AEC. It involves quick counting and communication with the customer.
I count cash very carefully often double counting to be sure that I have not made a mistake.
I am good in arithmetic, I love mathematics and easy for me.
Working in the Optical department I was constantly handling money in the till. Whether it was ringing up people, getting change, opening or closing the till.
I have two years of cash handling experience working for Target and Mervyns, part of my job duties were cashiering. I handle cash with the utmost care.
Always have a correct cash drawn at the end of the day.
When I was really young I worked at 7-11 and worked the register.
I actually worked as a server for about a year so I had to handle money every shift.
I have been a cashier as well as run to the bank and closed the cash drawer for the night.
I have some cash handling experience. I've worked as a hostess in a restaurant when I was in high school and for a very short time as a cashier at Wal-Mart. I've also been handling my own cash since I started working at 16.
I have no experience handling money in a job but most friends, and family consider me to be trust worthy.
I am always careful about how much money I spend and make sure I don't spend too much.
I am very careful when it come to cash. I make sure I count it very efficiently and I make sure it goes exactly where it needs to.
I have had customers pay with larger bills for items that cost only a few dollars and was able to appropriately give cash back.
I was a server so I had to deal with handling cash everyday.
In 7th grade I was the Treasurer at Grant Sawyer Middle School.
I have never had an issue or problem with cash handling. I have been always careful and have gone by the rules when it comes to coupons or money packet like green dot card.
When I worked at atlantis orthopedics I had to occasionally count money and make deposits and at end of the shift and would have to balance the register. It was tedious but enabled me to gain experience in cash handling. I have a thank you card from them.
Well, I started as cashier in 1995 with Thrifty Payless, which was bought by Rite Aid. I was responsible for my own till for the entire shift and had to count it down at the end of the night.
Ive altogether have 5 years of cash handling experience. I am really good at giving back change even if it is not displayed.
I previous helped my dad pick up money and sort it out for him from his boss various gas stations.
My cash handling experience isn't that great because I did sell bus passes in the office but it was only $8 and we did not give cash back.
I handled cash very careful by making sure to give customer back the correct change.
I used to help at my friends' family restaurant and would sometimes ring up orders. I've also held many yard sales and briefly collected fund-raising money for my school.
I handled cash payments during my time at Kohl's while working POS. I handled cash for merchandise purchases, as well as for customers making payments on their Kohl's charge cards. This includes making change with as little bills/coins as possible to make better use of register inventory.
Being one of the cashiers, at the start of the day, and at the end of the day, I always count the money 3 times, to make sure it is correct. I also have to close out a form 79, at the end of each day.
I work at the cash register.
I helped close the store most nights, and I always counted out the money in the registers and I never was short any money.
I am very trustworthy with cash handling, and I make sure to not lose nor misplace it.
I have worked in retail and I have put in deposits and as well as count money for opening store.
When too much money in the cash register, I usually call the front storer manager to grab.
I have no cash handling experience, but I can quickly learn how to work around money.
While working as a manager assistant I often helped with money orders providing change to the tenants for laundry and also while selling at the yard sales I always had a $20 made in dollars to give change back to the customers.
Doing cash count on stores fund, petty cash and change fund and drawee fund.
I have at least five years of cash handling experience as a cashier and have checked out my drawer at Walgreens for two years. I count money with very high accuracy and speed.
I have experience with cash at McDonalds for a year and 2 months now.
In the store I have to handle cash register. In every job I had to main cash registet.
Well both of my past job experiences I've had to handle cash so I'd say I'm pretty used to it.
I have experience with the cash register making refunds, exchanges, checking gift cards, and making change.
I have worked at wawa as a teenager and in college.
Our store has terrific cash handling! I have coached my team to follow proper cash handling procedures at all times. We investigate any discrepancies, which we have been fortunate to have few.
More than 6 years expeirence.
I'm very going with math, I haven't had any cash experience but if I get a chance I know I will succeed in it.
Since I have many years of retail experience, I believe I am very good with cash handling. I always double count the money before putting it into the register. If I need to give change back to the customer, I will always double count the money so they also can verify that I have given them the right amount of change back.
I handle the cash for our fundraisers at church and helped count the weekly offerings.
Not experienced but can count cash and would do it in a professional manner.
I was always carefull when I handle cash registers and always make sure that count is acurate also informs when cash rebisterhas more money.
I worked retail for over 20 years.
I handle cash very carefully and properly and I always do a recount just to make sure that everything is there, so I would say it's very good.
My cash handling experience is superb. Ive been handling cash all together for 4 years now. I count slowly but thoroughly so that my cash comes out to the expected amount.

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