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Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond for customer service?
Talking about a time when you calmed an upset customer can be a great example for this question. Be ready to talk about the time you went above and beyond with handling a customer complaint. Explain how you personally listened to every word the customer had to say. Next, describe how you apologized to the customer with a calm voice and sincere heart. Finally, be sure to tell the interviewer what solution you offered the customer. Perhaps you did not charge them for a meal if it was in a restaurant. Maybe you offered a new dish for them to try. Be sure to close with how happy the customer was when they left! Or, you may approach the question with something you have done during the normal course of the day to go above and beyond for your customers. For example, if you work at a grocery store, you might share that you walk the customers out to their car when customer levels allow and assist them with loading the groceries into their car.

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User-Submitted Answers

Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond for customer service?
I helped a customer get towed well beyond her membership maximum mileage because she had the basic membership and was stranded more than 50 miles away from home. I spoke to the tow driver and advised him to tow her.
Every day at work I would go above and beyond for customer service. For example, if the pharmacy is not busy I would offer to assist and show patients OTC products by personally walking them to the location to find it. That way I am actually engaging with the customer and it builds a great relationship.
Seeking out help for someone even when it was not required.
When I went above, I enhanced the link between customers and the company. I never went beyond the customers.
One time, a customer came in who was very angry about an item clothing she had bought, she started yelling in the store, and being very rude. I smiled and told her that everything will be ok and that we will definitely handle the problem and make sue it does not happen again. She calmed down but still wanted the manager so to make her happy, I called the manager over and we handled the issue together.
I have helped many costumers about their concerns with our service and tell them that we will try our best to make them comfortable and happy with our sevice.
A customer came in and she bought a phone card, it was cashed in the front regestire and they called me to recarge it in the photo lab, when I called they said it was a card that does not add money to her phone, when I told her she was very upset and had no money to purchas a second one, so I purchased another card for her and added it on to her phone which made her so happy, and everytime she comes in the store she always has a gift for me.
At Ikea I try to go above and beyond with every customer I interact with. The best one I can remember is a gentelman I was helping in my current department that was not having a good day. Not only did we not have the item he needed but he had traveled for four hours to come to the store. I listened to his story and I managed to find the item for him in my department at half the price. He was very excited to find it. But seeing as he had not had such a good time in the other departments I also got him an accomodation for a gift card which I recommended he buy his grandaughter a soft toy for her birthday.( He told me about this as I was walking with him to the cash lanes.) These happened to be on sale to help benefit unicef. By the end of his trip he was much happier and said he would always come back and look for me to lend a helping hand.
A customer son was new told he had type 1 diabeties. They had a high decutable, so there copay came out to be $1,800. I was able to find a coupon card for the correct machine he was on. When I ran the machine it needed a pa from the dr for the insurance. I called md office and asked them to do pa so I could run card. Md office called day later and said pa was good. After all was said in done I was able to save pt $600
When I was a waitress I would greet them by letting them know my name and I would ask them how they were doing. Once they became a regular customer I would remember their name and what they were ordering so I would ask if they were having the regular. Also I noticed that people were impressed if I remembered what drink they had and got it there before their first on was empty.
A woman was looking for an item that we did not carry. I brought her to the photo department and told her that I could order it online for her and I could have it shipped to her house for free because it was expensive enough. She was very satisfied with the customer service.
I was off the clock shopping and a customer asked me to help find a item instead of directing them to another employee I walk them over to the product and even suggested the most useful item.
Oneday a customer became so hurry and it was my clock out time . But to help her I stay in the store more time.
Our store set up prescription delivery for a local independent living facility a couple of years ago. I took on the responsibility of personally delivering to the patients. One patient in particular has needs other than prescriptions. I do her shopping for her most times she needs a prescription and even sometimes when she does not. Either she will call me or I will call her when I know I am going to her apartment and we determine what she needs and I deliver it to her home. She is always happy to see me and we usually spend a few minutes talking. She always tells me how grateful she is for me helping her out. The smile on her face is enough for me.
When scheduling new patients I would often reassure them that they are being treated by the best doctor and would often follow up to make sure they received the best care.
Working in the church environment, there is always someone who needs more assistance. You step forward and assessed what they need.
I had to fix many problems with cleanings that people made mistakes and I still kept the customers satisfied.
There was a product that needed to shipped out by 2 am the following morning so I came out to the lab at approximately midnight to test and analyze a product to ensure the customer that their product would be complete by the time that they were requesting.
A time when I went above and beyond customers service is when I was working at McDonald and a customers was mad because one of my crew member took her order wrong. So I ask them to remake her food without charging her for a new meals.
There was a time when a customer had asked for a certain product and we didnt have it at our store and if they wanted it I would search at other locations and call them and get the product from the other store to our store.
I was told good job keep up the good work and I said thank you.
I feel to provide the best customer service possible we should always go above and beyond, but a time I felt I went above and beyond was when an eld.
On Black Friday, I had a past manager ask me to cover a extra shift because someone called out. I agreed to stay to make sure ever customer was satisfied.
I remember it was a very busy day in the pharmacy, and a customer wanted me to call every Walmart in town to check and see if there was a particular prescription in stock. I went out of my way and called every Walmart and once I found the Walmart with the prescription in stock I called the customer back and informed her. She was very appreciative and I was happy that I was able to actually help her.
Being new to my costume shop for theater this year due to the remodeling, even though I was rusty on where the placement was I did my best to help costumers find the clothing items that they wanted.
When I was a server, I stayed after I had already clocked out to help out with the dinner rush.
Made sure it was ready on time everytime.
At walmart we had a customer to who in almost 80 percent blind and I helped her shopped and loaded her bags for her once we got to the car.
I have no customer service experience.
One time, a woman wanted to buy a crib, and it was not available in the store, it was out of stock. She actually came a long way, and I did not want her to leave empty handed. Since there were other stores in the area and she was not familiar with the area, I told her I could check if there are other stores that carry the item. She said it was not necessary, but I insisted. I then showed her a store that was only 10 miles away and gave her the address and phone number so she could call and check, and she was very grateful.
I always try to help people when ever I see that someone is in need.
I went above and beyond for customer service when I would translate for customers in English and Spanish.
I would do whatever it takes to make the customer happy.
One time I seen a customer struggling with their luggage and I asked them if they wanted me to go get them a cart.
A customer just bought a new camera and needed helps on how to use his new equipment. I took the time and explained each function and feature of the camera. The customer gained the knowledge and knowing that he can always come back in the future if he ever have more questions about using his camera. He became one of our regular customer.
When someone accidentally dropped their things and I picked them up without them asking me.
Customer called in to disc service, reviewed the account in detail, utilized account aalysis tool advised customer of features that were not being utilized, reduced monthly allownce to what the customer was actually using, cust did not disconnect service, and customer did give me an accolade.
At the time when I worked at Pizza King I heard the phone order wrong and apoligized to the customer.
I have never had a retail job but I believe that each and every day I strive for a higher good for people. I tutor underclassmen at school, and coach the special Olympics both in an effort to go above and beyond and give back to a community that has given me so much.
When I had to talk an angry customer down, the line was extremely long and I was able to assist them.
I haven't worked before but at the small "jobs" I had, I always helped the customers with their needs such as confirming orders were correct or quickly writing receipts.
Got a clothes iron for a guest from the employees laundry.
At my previous job while I was performing my own duties a parent came in the camp to pick up her child so I stopped my task to locate the camper despite not knowing where they were and brought him to his mother and continued my task.
We were out of a product and I called other stores for the customer.
I have not been in that position before.
At Alexian Brothers Hospital, where I volunteer, I have to mainly just show people where they need to go. I showed a family to the emergency room, but I stayed just to make sure they knew where to go next and that they weren't lost. I didn't have to do that but I did.
One of many patients was actively dying. And my shift was almost over but know one came in to relive me. So I stayed until a family member arrived.
I worked a couple minutes after my shift was over to please each customer I had left to serve.
If a customer is buying a hand-made box for an anniversary or birthday, I will go above and beyond to make the box appear special, and to put a bow on the box.
As an patient was coming in the pharmacy I seen tht she was having a little but of trouble with her wheel chair. So I went on ahead and helped her to the desk, checked her medication out, and helped her to the front door where her family member was waiting.
While I was serving in Hotel, all the time I used to get appreciation from customers.
A customer had ordered a French vanilla latte, but didn't want it very sweet. I informed the customer that we don't have the specific French vanilla flavor, but could make a latte with vanilla and hazelnut flavoring which tastes the same as French vanilla and put only half the amount of flavor in her drink so it wasn't too sweet. The customer was very satisfied with her drink once she took the first sip.
There was a customer who was interested in a particular pair of eyeglasses and wanted to try them on. So I called other stores around my district to locate the glasses. I found them and ask the store if they can ship them to me. They did, and I informed the customer of their arrival, the customer came in and tried them on, she loved them and she ended up putting an order for them.