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Tell me about a time when you went above and beyond for customer service?
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Every day at work I would go above and beyond for customer service. For example, if the pharmacy is not busy I would offer to assist and show patients OTC products by personally walking them to the location to find it. That way I am actually engaging with the customer and it builds a great relationship.
I helped a customer get towed well beyond her membership maximum mileage because she had the basic membership and was stranded more than 50 miles away from home. I spoke to the tow driver and advised him to tow her.
One of many patients was actively dying. And my shift was almost over but know one came in to relive me. So I stayed until a family member arrived.
Working in the church environment, there is always someone who needs more assistance. You step forward and assessed what they need.
I feel to provide the best customer service possible we should always go above and beyond, but a time I felt I went above and beyond was when an eld.
Got a clothes iron for a guest from the employees laundry.
At my previous job while I was performing my own duties a parent came in the camp to pick up her child so I stopped my task to locate the camper despite not knowing where they were and brought him to his mother and continued my task.
I would do whatever it takes to make the customer happy.
A customer had ordered a French vanilla latte, but didn't want it very sweet. I informed the customer that we don't have the specific French vanilla flavor, but could make a latte with vanilla and hazelnut flavoring which tastes the same as French vanilla and put only half the amount of flavor in her drink so it wasn't too sweet. The customer was very satisfied with her drink once she took the first sip.
At Ikea I try to go above and beyond with every customer I interact with. The best one I can remember is a gentelman I was helping in my current department that was not having a good day. Not only did we not have the item he needed but he had traveled for four hours to come to the store. I listened to his story and I managed to find the item for him in my department at half the price. He was very excited to find it. But seeing as he had not had such a good time in the other departments I also got him an accomodation for a gift card which I recommended he buy his grandaughter a soft toy for her birthday.( He told me about this as I was walking with him to the cash lanes.) These happened to be on sale to help benefit unicef. By the end of his trip he was much happier and said he would always come back and look for me to lend a helping hand.