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Tell me about a time when you had to be a leader. What was the outcome?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Walgreens interview

How to Answer

The interviewer wants to hear about a positive experience you have had with leadership. Think about a time when you led a sports team, led a college project, managed a store, or coached a little league team. These are all great examples! Start off by giving the interviewer a high-level overview of what you were leading, and share that you enjoyed the experience. Discuss the positive outcome that the group had, and explain that you would gladly lead again!

Tell me about a time when you had to be a leader. What was the outcome?
Answer example

"I have always been a great leader, and I thoroughly enjoy being a team leader. I have been in an assistant manager role in my company for two years now and love to lead by example and train new employees. Employee turnover has gone down about 15% since I took on this position."

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Tell me about a time when you had to be a leader. What was the outcome?
This year, I asked to be assistant to director of a production for my drama class. I managed the set and audio-visual team. The play was a big success, and we got top scores in the class.
When I was lead tester on the implementation of NAPA which was an updated computer software program for our underwriting engines. I had to coordinate our work schedules and assign various functions to each co-worker. The outcome was very successful because I received an award for the project.
Capstone, business manager, small business,
When manager was not on duty, pt complained about the quantity of a rx we dispensed, I apologized and gave remaing quantity.
There were times when we had events at our store and I had to take the initiative to draw in sales, so I had to pass out flyers to draw in business and make announcements over the intercom to bring awareness to our sale event.
It was during pharmacy school for our ID journal club critique. The group has been on several projects together and that was our last assignment. There were some tension going on in the group and there was a lack of cooperation. Our paper was due soon and most of the sections are still undone. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and I informed every one that the paper is due soon and unless we want to get an F, we need to work together. I delegated the task to everyone and told them to have it done by Friday so that we can all review it during the weekend. We ended up getting an A- on the report, so everyone is happy and we got the job done.
When I worked at AEC I had to deal with banks and customers on a daily basis. Once a file came to my desk and I got a call from a frantic customer that the sherif was at their door telling them they had to vacate the premisis within 72 hours. The information they had was completely false and I had to make sure the bank knew this. After making sure all of the documents were put through the customer was very relieved to find out that it was an error on the banks part.
In high school, I was part of a club organization called Model United Nations which was a mock United Nations.
While closing the store I had talked to my other employee and gave us each duties to complete so we could get our job done quicker. She was on the same page and we were able to close in a timely manner.
I recently volunteered a local non-profit Unitarian church with my club, Human Services Organization. It wa explorers club, so children from the community come to do an activity each month and we ran.
Everyone else was a follower.
As a resident assistant, I had to be a leader 24/7. There was usually always an issue that needed to be resolved int he residential hall. I usually had positive outcomes when I kept a level head and approached the situations calmly.
Whenever we had to do any lab work for my classes, I always had to lead my lab group on what we needed to do, what steps we need to follow and who should be at what station first. We always had successful results because of that.
I had to be a leader on a class project for my science class. Only one of my team mates and I were really doing all the work, so I sat the group together and assigned each team mate a different task because the project would only work if everyone did their part. If anyone needed help or had questions I would take time to help them.
One time I was alone cause my boss had to run an earn I was left in charge for a few hours had to deal with some angry lady who had a problem with the building company saying they owed her money I kindly advised her to speak with the owner and provided her, her number, some tenants came to pay rent I had to write receipts, while from time to time the phone kept running with people asking for my boss or about the units it was a hectic day, but over all it was a rush and I got it done.
Last volleyball season my coached asked me to step up in our first ever playoff game in history. One of my teammates got injured the day before that game so I took his spot and I stepped up my game. I got multiple blocks and kills being the shortest middle to ever play in a playoff game. I got a game winning block to lead us to the next round.
When one of the mmanagers was absent for a long time, I took care of her department and I got rewarded from my boss and from our CL.
I also have a fitness background. I had the privilege of helping a client lose a lot of weight and had to be a leader in assisting the client to eat properly.
At walmart we consistly hired new people and I was always the one sought out to train the new employees. Its was something I enjoyed doing, and I also learning a few new things while training other people.
In video games I would lead my group, we usually win.
I was asked to lead a group of people to go and give food to people during the month of fasting. At the end of the month my group was ranked second on which group gave out the most food.
A time when I had to be a leader was when I have to do a refund and to do a refund at MCdoanld you need a manager to do it so I did the refund and got the problem fix.
There was a time when one of the employees was getting disrespected by a customer so I had to intervene but in approdchable way without adding more fuel to the fire. I ask the employee to step away while I handle the problem.
At the pharmacy there was another pharmcy tech that ws an volunteer and she couldnt get how to work our spreed sheet so I made a couple of fake ones for her to practice on and after a couple of days she had it down packed.
I am a natural leader. Last year, I was the president of my school's HOSA club. With the help of my members, we got our club established although we were told by our headmaster it was impossible.
During my study time I had to become group leader to do the assignment.
Taking charge in the ketchin its get frustrating but I go as fast as I can and help this new gIRL out but turned out great.
One time an co-worker of mine was asked a question by a demanding customer and my co-worker was about to loose her head, so I seen it before it happened and came in and told the customer she can follow me and that ill show her.
Many times in sports or school projects leading was turned to me and we won.
In college there are a lot of group projects and in one of them I was the leader. I was.
Once my supervisor had to make a run to the other store, and I had to run the register, make drinks, and answer the phone.
I had to lead a committee meeting and introduce certain projects to them. Some were accepted.
Previous job I was a supervisor and responsible for 30 employees and I had to. Make sure customer. Service. Was fanatastic.
Had to be a leader when are systems went down for maitenence, we all were fairly new had to input an unknown patient manually.
One time I had to take on the role of the leader was when I had a group of people assigned to me by the teacher to do a project amd since the leader wasnt doing his part I decided to take it upon myself to do his portion.
I had to explain to other employees on how to do a certain job and it worked out pretty well.
I do enjoy working with seniors and helping them with what they are no longer capable of doing. I am good at understanding seniors.
Have been a leader and outcomes were always quite good. if there was a problem I would discuss it and would be rectified.
I have several times in college taken the leadership role in group projects. I have the ability to lay out a plan and stay on track and keep focused to get the work done properly.
I have been the leader in group settings and have divided up the work between the members and set goals and deadlines for when things are due.

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