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Tell me about a time when you had to be a leader. How was the outcome?
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I have several times in college taken the leadership role in group projects. I have the ability to lay out a plan and stay on track and keep focused to get the work done properly.
I have been the leader in group settings and have divided up the work between the members and set goals and deadlines for when things are due.
Have been a leader and outcomes were always quite good. if there was a problem i would discuss it and would be rectified.
This year, I asked to be assistant to director of a production for my drama class. I managed the set and audio-visual team. The play was a big success, and we got top scores in the class.
When I was lead tester on the implementation of NAPA which was an updated computer software program for our underwriting engines. I had to coordinate our work schedules and assign various functions to each co-worker. The outcome was very successful because I received an award for the project.
Capstone, business manager, small business,
When manager was not on duty, pt complained about the quantity of a rx we dispensed, I apologized and gave remaing quantity.
There were times when we had events at our store and I had to take the initiative to draw in sales, so I had to pass out flyers to draw in business and make announcements over the intercom to bring awareness to our sale event.
It was during pharmacy school for our ID journal club critique. The group has been on several projects together and that was our last assignment. There were some tension going on in the group and there was a lack of cooperation. Our paper was due soon and most of the sections are still undone. Finally, I couldn't take it anymore and I informed every one that the paper is due soon and unless we want to get an F, we need to work together. I delegated the task to everyone and told them to have it done by Friday so that we can all review it during the weekend. We ended up getting an A- on the report, so everyone is happy and we got the job done.
When I worked at AEC I had to deal with banks and customers on a daily basis. Once a file came to my desk and I got a call from a frantic customer that the sherif was at their door telling them they had to vacate the premisis within 72 hours. The information they had was completely false and I had to make sure the bank knew this. After making sure all of the documents were put through the customer was very relieved to find out that it was an error on the banks part.