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Tell me about a time when you did not have enough time to complete all assigned tasks. How did you prioritize?
Start off by telling the interviewer that you are typically an organized person and achieve everything on time. Share how you usually organize your work. You might share that you keep a to-do list of all the objectives that you must complete, keep your electronic calendar up-to-date, and that you spend 5-10 minutes at the beginning of your day reviewing your calendar for the day as well as prioritizing your to-do list for that day. Next, share about a time when you failed to get an assigned task done on time due to something outside of your control. Perhaps you were sick, an emergency arose, or someone else called in sick for the day changing your priorities. Share how you prioritized your time with the goal of achieving the deadline, and share why you were not able to achieve it on time. Finally, be sure to wrap it up by re-iterating that you are usually a deadline driven person, and you almost always complete everything on time.

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User-Submitted Answers

Tell me about a time when you did not have enough time to complete all assigned tasks. How did you prioritize?
I learned how I could work faster yet still be productive.
I prioritized the assigned tasks from the order of most important to least important and by when the assigned task were due.
I did the most important tasks first then continued with what was less inportant later.
The cashier at the pharmacy was down and I had a long time of customer waiting in lines. I would help the customer waiting for their medication already completed to be checked at the front of the store and asked the one waiting to be filled to wait and explain them the situation. I was focus and stay calm to understand what is needed to be done.
Many patient at the store and some of them I previously knew their aggressive attitude, then I prioritize according to the first come , first served but I accelerate my speed to do the work faster to avoid any kind of aggression.
Well in whitehouse black market there is a list of things that are assigned to each employee, one time I was not able to finish but I did things that I knew needed to be done that day and made sure I finished the others on my next working shift.
Whei didnt have enough time to complete my assigned taska.
I was doing a reset on the cough and cold isle I had 15 mins so I could not finish, I placed what I neede to get done on a cart left a note, also told the manager that I would get finished tomorrow, came in early and finished the isle and started a new one that was finished on the same day.
I made a list of the things that were a top priority and did those first. Then made my way down the list. If I was unable to finish the tasks I was assigned I would either stay late to finish them or speak with my supervisor who assigned them to see how they would like me to more forward.
I tried to get the most important tasks done first.
I was expected to complete many different things on a list and I had to order my photo supplies that day. I prioritize based on the overall importance of the items on the list. If it is something that must be done today it gets priority one, if it is important for our core business such as filling outs it gets done second, and if it is simply moving a product from position A to position B it gets third.
Give the first priority to the most important task, then do the other task.
I always prioritize in order of importance, but at the same time I take deadlines into consideration.
By most important that was due at that time but I tried to finish all tasks on time.
Prioritization is paramount to the store manager position, especially this time of year. We are asked to do a lot right now and I know my challenge in this store is getting the store staffed and up to speed quickly. The first challenge is hiring, then getting the store well stocked and merchandised. Staffing is number one, sales is number two. It will take a lot of hours in the store which I am willing to commit to.
At my job now, I prioritize by getting what items I need to get for the meal of the day. Being anywhere from feeding just the employees, up to feeding a group of roughly 170 cadets, plus guests.
I reviewed what was most important and crucial forthat day.
Basically always had enough time to get all tasks done if not would work as quickly as possible and finish as much as can in adequite time.
Sometimes I would be assigned multiple tasks in a given day. There have been days where I would not be able to finish all tasks. If I am certain that I would not be able to finish all tasks that I am given, then I would make sure to talk to the pharmacist and make sure that I know which tasks need to be given the number one priority. I would make sure to finish those tasks before leaving.
I prioritized by analyzing the situation according to the standards of the company then deciding which task had the highest priority then completing those tasks in ascending order.
I was in the classroom with 20 kids and I only had an hour to teach. So I started to play a little game with them so they can start to focus on me and we could ease into the lesson.
I analyzed which tasks impacted the customer and completed those first.
I would try my best to complete all assigned tasks and if not done by the end of the day would proceed to finish the next day.
I dealt with it by simply getting other things done and going back and finish my task.
This has never happened to me, but hypothetically I would complete the tasks that hold the most weight first.
My most important task would be done first and if they were little things I could get away with doing at another time than I would.
I cant remember a time, but if I do I will make sure I can complete as much of my assigment.
I would prioritize the most important task first and work my way to the least important task.
Recently I volunteered at the Rosenberg Railroad Museum. We were asked to clean the exterior of a house built in the 19th century. We were able to finish the task by giving each member a certain job rather than having everyone do everything.
I started with the tasks that are more challenging so I would get them finished first.
One time when I went on break real late. And once I came back there was little time to countinue facing the ailse the way I wanted to.
I checked off all completed tasks and delegate the rest of the tasks to the next shift that came in with explanations of what needed to be done.
Over time and do it well.
I organized my schedule and made sure to put unnecessary things aside and finish the important stuff first.
Did not have enough time to complete charts and clear the registration board, decided to complete the registrations first, due to patients either being admitted or discharged, then was able to complete charts.
Finishing my asstigments at school. I did the easiest assignments first then did the hardest one.
Most of the time I complete my tasks on time but if I don't will try to complete in next shift or other day, or will ask my other coworker to help me finishing the tasks.
I usually try to get the more important tasks done first.
I decided which task was the most important, the most difficult, and the least maximum amount of time it would take.
I worked faster, I did the most important tasks first, and because I was going to work in the morning I left other tasks for the next shift.
Well, during my last year of high school I had to do 2 essays and 3 weeks worth of work in a week. I put the essays first because those were going to the state and would count for more, but I got as much done of the other as I could and finished it shortly after.
I did the assignments that were most important first.
Started by establishing the tasks with a high priority.
I put all my hard lengthy tasks first and went on from there. I looked at their due dates and planned prior to not procrastinate.
Once I had all periods and I had homework for every class this was a Tuesday but the next day I only had even periods so on Tuesday I finished up all my even class assignments and then on Wednesday I finished all odd assignments which were due on Thursday and then I was able to get it done.
I usually complete all tasks that are assigned to by doing the easiest task first and doing the task that takes the longest amount of time last.
I prioritize by what my manager says is the most important task.
Start with the most urgent matter, deal with customers as they arrive, ask for help.
I prioritized by seeing which part of the project is worth more, or is more important. Also I will see if something covers more information, then I will choose that because it can conver more topics even though I didnt do everything.
I try not to leave any task incompletebut if I was unable to complete the tasks needed to be done. I wrote an itemized list of the incomplete tasks for the next shift, but if it is something I can complete the next day I did it then.
I prioritized by the hour. When it came to completing any homework assignments, I spent 2 hours on one assignment, 2 hours on another and 2 hours on another. That way I could just focus on one at a time and it all won't feel cluttered.
Putting the most important tasks ahead of the rest and going down the line to complete the most important tasks first.
I stayed a couple of minutes after my shift to complete the task.
When I had a meeting afterschool, went to workout, and did hw.
I would prioritize the most important tasks first, starting with the ones that would take the least amount of time to complete.
I prioritized by doing the things that needed to be done for the opener. Making sure the store is stocked and the registers cashed out for the night are the most important things, because this prepares the store for opening.
I will prioritize in terms of urgency, in terms the one which is key in handling customer service, the one which is more important to the company profit will come first.
Some nights are non-stop, never get to sit down at my job. There have been many nights on the floor where people are really needy, on their lights. For instance, bed times and immediately after meals are most hectic. I generally prioritize first by what light was pushed first, then I identify how much help that person might need, if theyre a fall risk then I would aid that one first.
When we close the store we have several cleaning duties we must do within a half hour as well as prep for the morning crew. We usually can get most things done before 30 minutes is up, but if we have a very busy evening things can take longer for them to get done. The main thing we focus on is cleaning and we make sure this is the first thing we get done. The other employees and I managed to get all of the cleaning done, but we didn't have time to prep for the morning crew. We didn't have time to make extra whip cream or caramel bottles for the openers therefore we had left them a note apologizing for not prepping as much as we wanted to.
Do the most important tasks fist or what I'm told to do first and just try to get as much done as possible.
There were times when one person was scheduled to work and would get a rush of customers that we were unable to complete some tasks, when this happened, I knew that what was most important was to get authorizations for the next mornings appointments, and call customers who had paid extra to express their orders. Other tasks and clients who were quoted a 2 week delivery time could wait until the following day.