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How well do you handle customer complaints?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Walgreens interview

Addressing customer complaints is an essential part of customer service, and the interviewer wants to hear that you are okay talking through a customer's complaint. Start off by telling the interviewer that you do not mind addressing customer complaints, and you recognize that most customers have good intentions when coming forth with a complaint. Tell the interviewer that you take time to listen to everything the customer has to say first to ensure you truly understand what they are upset about. Next, share that you make eye contact with the customer and sincerely apologize to them. Finally, be sure to mention that you offer to correct any mistakes that were made or take the appropriate action to rectify the situation such as making a new beverage for a customer who tried something new today and didn't care for it.

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How well do you handle customer complaints?
Try and calm him or her down first, solve his or her displeasure by explaining why we do things the way we do them .If its outside my strength, I call in for help from other colleagues or draw the manages attention if the first 2 fails then assure him or her of a response by taking the number and following up on the issue.
I first of all listen to the complaints and give a suitable answer to best of my ability.
Extremely well! I listen to the customer, then assess their issue, while giving them a couple of recommendations as a solution to their complaint.
Careful, organized, friendly.
I would apologize and try to rectify the situation if possible.
First off, I listen to every word they say, that shows them that they undivided attention and that I want to help them. I would then fix any problem within my power or give it to the person above me thats in charge.
I do what I can re assure the customer that I understand their complaint and do what I can to help the customer feel better while still following company and state guidelines. If it something out of my control and I will contact a higher authority to help resolve the issue.
I always try not to let a customer leave the store mad. I have always given solutions or suggestions and made them leave the store happy.
A customer complaint helps make companies better. I try to put myself in that persons shoes. Doing this helps to resolve the issues.
Listen to customer, understand situation, make customer happy.
I think I handle them well. I use the LAST technique. I make sure to listen to what they are saying, apologize for any inconvenience we have caused them, find a solution, and thank them.
Listen the customer complaints, then will ask what possible solution he wants.
I stay calm, and find out what the problem is and then apologize for what has occurred if error on our part or I apologize for the customer having such a bad experience. Then I resolve the problem.
The customer is always right, you have to listen to the customer and make sure by the end of the day every customer leaves happy.
Customer complaints are usually a signal there is a breakdown in our store that needs to be addressed. They are also an opportunity to turn an unhappy customer into a loyal one. I believe it is best to handle the situation right away. I get the information I need about the transaction from inside the store first. Then I contact the customer and listen to their situation. It is best to let them get their frustrations out and then apologize for what happened. I work out a resolution for the customer, then thank them for bringing the problem to my attention. The customer is usually grateful for the contact and the concern shown for their problem. If I do not know them, I ask them to introduce themselves to me personally the next time they come into the store.
I remain calm and help to satisfy them the best way I can.
In my previous positions, I have worked with patient complaints until we work it out and solved the issue.
First listen to them carefully answer to them Try to help the m.
I handle it very well, I will not show my feelings because customer service is very important. All I can do is be calm and try to be understandable.
I would listen to them. I would fix the problem as much as I could in my power but if I couldnt then I would let my higher power help fix the problem.
I would say very well compared to others, I try to do my best for any and every customer.
I handle them well, I believe. I stay calm, apologize and help resolve the problem to the best of my ability.
I handle them fairly well, and do my best to make sure they leave helped and happy.
I handle customer complaints really well, I am quick at determining what needs the customer has that have not been addressed and tending to those needs with a smile on my face.
I will handle them well, I will listen to them and make sure customers leave satisfied.
Very well. I listen to their complaints and find satisfy solutions for their situation.
I think I handle them pretty well. I'm a very patient person.
I would consider my ability to handle customer complaints to be highly favorable to most businesses. After working in the food industry, I have learned that one should always listen first and then use a tactful way to solve a problem.
I aim to improve the items which the customers complain about and find a way give them something to be happy about.
I have a lot experience with customer complaints. I would either be able to refund, exchange, explain to the customer why I couldn't help them, and if they didn't take my explanations I would get the manager.
I would handle them well. I'd ask what their suggestion is to improve their experience and work on it.
I do my best to get the customer satisfied within company policy and procedures.
Whenever I am in a group, people look at me for a compormise. I am good at listening and keeping in mind the customers needs and desires. I will listen to what they have to say and do what they want as long as it follows the rules and guidelines of the store.
I would be able to handle it pretty well because I have patience and am able to explain and hopefully calm the customers down.
I direct them to the manager so something can be done immediately about the complaint.
I handle customers very well. I'm a people person, and I take pride in making sure that cuts needs are out first so that they bring back their business.
Customer complaints can range from. Simple. To hard and everyone you handle the same.
I would be able to handle customer complaints well, if something was very bad I would ask if they wanted to speak to the manager.
I react politely and help the customer to the best of my ability, and also take the complaint as feedback to let me know how I can provide better service.
I would listen to what complaints they had and I would go over them with the manager to see what can be done about them.
Pretty good actually, because most of my friends say I have alot of patient.
Ask the customer what is the problem and try my best to help them solve it.
I stay calm and try the best of my ability to try and compromise with the customer.
I would say that I handle complaints very calmly because if I were to get frustrated the situation would never be resolved.
Customer complaints are inevitable, no matter how streamlined your business. They must always be acknowledged and dealt with effectively. By ignoring or dismissing complaints, you are effectively telling the customer that you don’t value their opinions.
Very well. I am kind and respectful of their time and complaint, and try to answer as thoroughly as I can.
Fairly well, I will definitely take criticism if needed and assure them that they will be taken care of.
I try to fix the probem as well as I can without getting an manager involved.
I would be very patient and try to handle their situation and get everything resolved.
Better than the average person. My job now is all about complaints. I work with a group of elderly with dementia and alzheimers, among other mental deficiences. Some just cant be satisfied and its my job to do whatever I can to meet their needs and keep them happy. I am proud to do so.
Through my experience I have found that the best thing you can do when a customer complains is to listen to them. I also like to ask them, what is it that you would like for me to do, and a lot of the times they would ask for something simple. If it is something out of my control then I would contact my supervisor for further assistance.

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