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How well do you handle customer complaints?
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I stay calm, and find out what the problem is and then apologize for what has occurred if error on our part or I apologize for the customer having such a bad experience. Then I resolve the problem.
A customer complaint helps make companies better. I try to put myself in that persons shoes. Doing this helps to resolve the issues.
I always try not to let a customer leave the store mad. I have always given solutions or suggestions and made them leave the store happy.
First off, I listen to every word they say, that shows them that they undivided attention and that I want to help them. I would then fix any problem within my power or give it to the person above me thats in charge.
Listen the customer complaints , then will ask what possible solution he wants.
I think I handle them well. I use the LAST technique. I make sure to listen to what they are saying, apologize for any inconvenience we have caused them, find a solution, and thank them.
I do what I can re assure the customer that I understand their complaint and do what I can to help the customer feel better while still following company and state guidelines. If it something out of my control and I will contact a higher authority to help resolve the issue.
try and calm him or her down first, solve his or her displeasure by explaining why we do things the way we do them .If its outside my strength, i call in for help from other colleagues or draw the manages attention if the first 2 fails then assure him or her of a response by taking the number and following up on the issue.
Extremely well! I listen to the customer, then assess their issue, while giving them a couple of recommendations as a solution to their complaint.