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How do you expect to make a difference at Walgreens?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Walgreens interview

The interviewer wants to hear that you are looking forward to working at Walgreens and have thought about how you can make a positive impact while working there. Think about what kind of impact you could make. Possible things that might come to mind are:

- Creating a positive environment for customers by smiling, asking them how their day is going, and providing them with great service
- Building business relationships with your co-workers, so everyone looks forward to coming to work each day
- By being the place where people come for medicine, snacks, cosmetics, and pictures

Whatever comes to mind that you are passionate about, share it with the interviewer!

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How do you expect to make a difference at Walgreens?
Showing my co-workers how to be better employess and provide the best customer service to anyone that walks in.
I don't think there is no disadvantages for working at walgreens. It's a job that will help me and my family.
The help customers and make them feel important.
With my great customer service, my integrity and my skillset.
Provide excellent customer service, because as always, the customers come first.
I expect to add great customer service.
Respecting both the company policy, the state laws and try hardly to satisfy the needs and wants of customers.
I expect to make a diferrence by putting towards as much effort as possible to be the best worker that I can be. I want to make the environment better. I also want to make the team a real team.
Would always have a smile, do my ECC and would love to have that walgreens be number 1 always.
By going above and beyond to give my 100%. By putting in practice my experience and by having new ideas. By providing excellent customer service.
I expect to bring the best I can bring. I want to learn all I can and be able to operate in a way to provides walgreens with an expceptional employee as well as obtain more knowledge of retail. This I believe makes a difference.
I want to make an impact on people. I would like to get to know the customers, I feel like it means more to them if you pay attention to the small details.
Efficient management can make a store run smoothly, provide customers with a better customer experience, and a good manager can inspire our associates to do better.
Clean, organized, management level are so efficient.
I have a positive attitude and am very team oriented, I have people skills and have an ability to read people’s emotions and sense how they feel which enables me to help each individual internal and external customer in a special way.
My passion for working with people and helping others. My recruiting skills.
I expect to make a difference by getting to know each employee making them feel at home while they are at work. I would like to make the work environment a comfortable but goal oriented one.
I know I can make a difference at the location available. I am a hard worker who is good at rallying the troups. I understand there are some deficiencies currently there and I know how to change them. It will take a lot of work but I am good at hiring well and training employees to give them opportunities to be proud of their work. I could turn the store around in six weeks.
Through the people I lead. I have a lot to offer them as far as being a caring manager. I can also teach them how to reach their potential.
I have a desire to provide optimum healthcare to patients and want to make a difference in their lives.
I feel I am my own person with my own ideas to bring to the table.
I am a team player, I am dependable, I like to learn new things, and being able to look at situations that can be handled a different way.
I want to work in a positive environment and utilize my education and experience to be an excellent pharmacist who can sometimes be the last person to counsel and communicate with a patient, so they are fully aware and in charge of what medications they are taking.
Take the time to talk to patients and get to know them so they feel comfortable with their medications.
Bring my professional customer service skills to the company.
With my experience I will try tomore focus on customer support.
Since I want to work at Walgreens even after graduating, I hope to make a significant difference. I hope to continue working here as a pharmacist one day.
By bringing a positive attitude with fresh and innovative ideas and a desire to serve our community like none other. Giving 100% of my commitment and dedication to the company and to our customers.
I would make a difference at Walgreen by greeting customers and serve them well so they can be a happy customer and return to out store.
I would bring my excellent customer service skills and interpersonal skills to better the company and bring in more clientele.
Am very hard working person. Detailed -orinted. And I love to work with varity of different persons plus am well organized person.
Building a cohesive team that has the customer in mind. Build up trust with the team.
I am someone who loves to make a person laugh and smile every day. Knowing I helped someone with even the smallest task can be the best feeling.
I expect to make a difference by being a great co-worker to my peers and providing customers with great service.
Listen to the customers, resolve any problems they have and providing the best customer service through all the resources I have to make their shopping experience the best they have ever had.
By bring my friendly out going personality, making the customers feel like they matter.
I can be a great team member to walgreens and can also help out customer with anything they need or help a staff in need.
By helping customers with their needs right away. The customers are my top priority and making sure they get the service they need.
I would make a difference by being polite and happy towards all customers to make them feel welcome and use my previous customer service experience to make sure Walgreens functions at a fast pace yet still manages to keep its name intact.
I am a people person and I really like helping people which I believe is a key aspect to my job description. I believe I can work with the rest of the coworkers to make customers come again to the store.
I believe I could bring more people in to the store with great customer service.
I expect to make a difference by being friendly and completing all my tasks as they are supposed to be done.
I expect to make a difference at walgreens by exceeding the needs of customer service.
Just being my usual self and possibly putting a smile on a customers face.
Provide great customer services, expectations, and meet their needs.
Faster service and hardworking.
By giving great customer service and making sure clients are pleased.
I expect to complete all tasks that are given to me in a timely manner, and show empathy and compassion for the job at hand.
I expect to make a difference relying on many years of customer service experience, and by treating customers friendly to make them want to come back to Walgreen because I was so kind and product knowledgeable. More importantly by allowing my service be a great customer service experience for every customer I encounter.
I hope to bring in some one who will love working here and also bring someone who is hardworking.
I think that I have great organizational skills, love to work in a team thrive on customer service.
I want to make a difference by being the best worker that I can be and cooperating to a even more stronger and stable team.
I expect to help walgreens in the best way possible. I expect to help customers be satisfied and the store clean and make sure all my duties are fulfilled.
By helping out best I can, do my job in a professional way, do it right with no fussing,
I expect to help bring more joy to the atmosphere, to make sure I go far and beyond with my assigned tasks and take on more. I want to build a community with the customers, and be known as the Walgreens with amazing staff.
I can help get things done efficiently and quickly, and be respectful to customers to ensure they want to continue having business with Walgreens.
By applying all my Knowledge and personality to the work environment for the benefit of the company.
I would make sure that when a customer leaves walgreens that my services influence them to return.
I expect to make walgreens a more friendly environment by greeting every customer I see and assisting them with what they need help with.
I've been a walgreens customer for years. The one thing I can assure you is I will treat the customers well and provide any assistance they may need.
I'm not sure how I'd make a difference. I plan to do what it takes to do a good job, which may not be different from anyone else.
By giving customers the best quality of service I can and always with a smile.
I can provide great customer service by helping out customers buy what they need.
I will do my best in everything I do and treat the customers with kindness.
I hope to continue to make the store a clean, organized, and friendly place by being careful and friendly myself.
I expect myself to make a difference by being a good employee and making sure the customers have the best experience.
With my customer service skills customers will enjoy the qaulity of work and will want to come back and enjoy the expierience.
I would make a difference by making each customer feel that I took the time to provide them with the best experience they could have ever had at Walgreens.

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