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Have you ever helped someone else achieve their goal or helped to better themselves. If so, how?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for a Walgreens interview

How to Answer

Think about the times you have helped a friend achieve their goal. You may have run a few miles with them each day in preparation for a 10k. You might have stayed up late at night reviewing flashcards for a big test the next day. Or, maybe you encouraged a friend to travel and see their dreams through. These types of scenarios work great to answer this question.

Have you ever helped someone else achieve their goal or helped to better themselves. If so, how?
Answer example

"I helped my younger sister set up a year of travels abroad after she graduated High School. I did a lot of research for her and also helped a bit financially. I want to see her succeed and be happy."

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Have you ever helped someone else achieve their goal or helped to better themselves. If so, how?
Yes I can them encouraging words of advice and to keep working hard and they will eventually achieve their goal.
Yes, my two employees wanted to make a pacesetter - I helped them achieve it by motivating them every day on the floor and keeping the energy going.
At my previous job we constantly had sales goals to meet so we would like to work as teams to help achieve our goal. Several time we had to sell upgrades, like poly carbonate, transitions, etc. So we would jump in and help educate our clients to help close the sale if we felt someone was struggling a bit with their sales.
Yes I have, one time my friend failed their permit test so I helped them study for their retake.
MCPHS I made a study group of some of my friends. I sometimes get help but mostly I help my friends. One of my friend was in risk of failing out in PPP lab. He was strugling with directions.
Lot of time, when new rph come for training, and even after training when they call me for a help.
Yes, my son when our corporation dissolved in 2007 I decided to stay home and help him. My son has a learning disability and was told he would not graduate and that if he did he needed to go to a trade school because college was not an option. So I helped him improve his comprehension and not only did he graduate, he graduated with honors and he currently attends Community College and will be transferring to a University.
I have helped people better themselves by being willing to peer-review writing assignments. It helps people to have a friend they know and trust look at their work for a class and help them get a really good grade on it.
Yes, through counselling, financial support.
Absolutely; as a student, I have had many experiences with my peers that are based on mutual help, for both academic situations and non-academic situations. The first experience that really comes to mind is mentoring underclassmen during high school.
Yes, working as a team and helping a coworker when I'm finished with my own tasks.
Yes. My husband was applying for a very specific type of job in a difficult to get in to field. He asked for my help in creating a resume for him. His resume ended up being great and the initial interview went well for him. I pushed him to go after his dream job and for that, I think he gained more confidence and the ability to keep pushing himself towards those goals.
Mostly in the way of helping my fellow students with their homework assignments and helping them understand the questions better. I feel that helped them on the path to achieving their own goals.
Yes it was last soccer season, my team mates couldn't come together because of their differences so I took the leadership of making them recognize that we're a team.
Yes my school is k-12 so there are many younger students than me and when I had service for a PE class it was filled with 7th and 8th graders and these kids did not like discipline nor liked to follow any rules but the ones I saw making bad decisions I would talk to them and share with them my experiences when I was in middle school and how now I look back and realize that I was blinded by the bad influences I surrounded myself with and don't want them going through that education is something serious and they need to take full advantage of it.
Yes at my last job I was always willing to help co workers when needed to expedite a certain task as in preparing patient charts for the next day.
I have helped a friend better themselves and become more independent. I like to think that I have a good mind set and I enjoy helping people break out of their shells a little.
Volleyball. We all had that one goal and that was state. Although we fell short of the goal, we as a team grew a strong bond like no other and we ended up as one team one family.
Yeah I have helped someone achieve their goal, except that this one was more school oriented. Basically these were one of the friends I had that felt that doing more inappropriate activities you know, things that kids nowadays think are cool were more important than schoolwork, and recently the school contacted him, telling him that if he did not get his grades up, they would have to kick him out of the school. Well, I approached him and told him I would do whatever it took to help him recover from the bad grades that he had. It took weeks of staying up late on school days, re-teaching him material, and motivating him that he could do it for him to succeed, and although he ended the quarter with many C+s, I was happy that I could help him to realize what mattered in school, and our friendship has been stronger than ever since.
Yes, if I see a coworker struggle with the time to finish a project, I alwyas provide my help. Teamwork is better.
Actuall I always help customer and coworkers for their betterment.
I tutored in school, and those students' grades improved.
Yes I have. At work I helped my co-workers reach their goals by sharing what I know about working in photos, how to up sell enlargements and get PM for a certain products.
Over night our last hour was to straightin up the merchandice in the isle, a lot of the time my co workers around me needed help getting things on the shelf straightin.
Absolutely by being a peer tutor and helping 2 of my peers pass their chemistry courses.
Yes, In college I use to help tutor other classmates for free, and with all honesty I hated to see them struggle. I also helped my clients in my second job reach financial, and social goals they set for themselves.
A friend of mine was having a hard time in school because his relationship was getting in the way of his education. I was able to help prioritize so that he could keep up his grades and still be in the relationship.
Tutoring a student who was trying to get her college degree, but she needed to pass a placement test in order to get started. She had many smaller goals that could be achieved on the way to the larger goal, including the test, so I guided her through material that would help her strengthen her scores.
My friend I kept him going to school cause he was gonna drop out so iIlliterally went to his house everyday to give him a ride and hhelp him graduate.
Yes. My freind wonted to loose weight so instead of verbaly telling her she can do it, I physcailly excercised with her untill she reatched her goal.
Yes I have and by encouriging them and telling them they can do it regardless of what they may be feeling. Words do have a power.
I took on a " big sister role " so to speak for another technician, offering advice and mentoring her so that she could become our next senior technician.
Yes, a new employee, that I trained for their job.
Yes always encouraging my son to do his best in college, to take college seriously afterall this was his future, graduated now working for a large corp.
I gave the lead teacher in the classroom tips on how to make the classroom run smoothly so she could be a successful lead teacher with the company. For example I gave input on transitioning activities to with the children.
Yes I have, I gave that person optimistic advice and made that person see how blessed they are.
I have helped fellow co-worker stay on task just by asking them if they need help. It helps the store stay effecient without putting myself ahead of my coworker.
I think I have by just showing them that I'll be there every step of the way guiding them along if they need my help.

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