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Have you ever helped someone else achieve their goal or helped to better themselves, if so, how?
User Submitted Interview Answers
I have helped fellow co-worker stay on task just by asking them if they need help. It helps the store stay effecient without putting myself ahead of my coworker
I think I have by just showing them that I'll be there every step of the way guiding them along if they need my help.
Yes I can them encouraging words of advice and to keep working hard and they will eventually achieve their goal.
Yes, my two employees wanted to make a pacesetter - I helped them achieve it by motivating them every day on the floor and keeping the energy going.
At my previous job we constantly had sales goals to meet so we would like to work as teams to help achieve our goal. Several time we had to sell upgrades, like poly carbonate, transitions, etc. So we would jump in and help educate our clients to help close the sale if we felt someone was struggling a bit with their sales.
Yes I have, one time my friend failed their permit test so I helped them study for their retake.
MCPHS I made a study group of some of my friends. I sometimes get help but mostly I help my friends. One of my friend was in risk of failing out in PPP lab. He was strugling with directions.
Lot of time, when new rph come for training, and even after training when they call me for a help.
Yes, my son when our corporation dissolved in 2007 I decided to stay home and help him. My son has a learning disability and was told he would not graduate and that if he did he needed to go to a trade school because college was not an option. So I helped him improve his comprehension and not only did he graduate, he graduated with honors and he currently attends Community College and will be transferring to a University.
I have helped people better themselves by being willing to peer-review writing assignments. It helps people to have a friend they know and trust look at their work for a class and help them get a really good grade on it.