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Do you enjoy working with seniors.
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Yes i do,because i love helping people and i also like learning from others and i feel no one knows more then a matured person.
Why would you want to work at walgreens?
Yes, I do rnjoy helping my fellow seniors and help them as much i can with any quetions they have i anwnser best i can if not i research it fot them.
I have cashed checks, credit/debit cards, and handled cash.
I had many projects going at one time, i had to focus on one single project and complete it before moving onto the next. I also asked other employees to help if they were completed with their projects for the day.
We have sales goals and are required to get as close to those goals as possible. As a Sales Manager, i need to make sure those goals are met at a regular basis. If i see that an employee is struggling to meet these goals, i pull them aside and give them one on one lessons. These lessons include, how to sell differently, how to approach a sale differently, update on product knowledge, and offer to have them be a shadow to another employee to help..
In any of my previous jobs, i have only had one issue with company rules. There were no breaks at one job, no matter how many hours you worked per day. This was bothersome because i would get exhausted without even a 10 minute break.
A customer wanted a certain type of product. We did not sell this product and had no way of ordering it. I went above and beyond by providing information on who and where the specific product was sold and how they could buy it.
I have worked in retail for 8 years now. It's not an easy job and takes lots of dedication. You try to make every customer that walks in your door feel welcome, and by the time they walk out you want them to feel great about coming back to your store. You answer any questions they have and if you don't know the answer, you find out. Explain products and warranty's to them so they know exactly what they are purchasing.
Quality should never be sacrificed because it's number one. If you have to stay later to complete the job up to standards, then that's what needs to be done. Or you can always ask for help completing a job so the quality isn't sacrificed.