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Top 25 Wal-Mart Assistant Manager Interview Questions

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What do you know about our company?
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What continuous steps do you take to improve your experience and value of yourself?
Question 3 of 26
Are you willing to work overtime, nights, weekends?
Question 4 of 26
Do you have experience hiring and/or firing personnel?hat do you know about our company?
Question 5 of 26
What are your greatest weaknesses?
Question 6 of 26
What are your greatest strengths?
Question 7 of 26
Tell us about your academic background and how it has helped you in your professional career so far.
Question 8 of 26
Why do you want to work as an assistant manager?
Question 9 of 26
Was your performance ever criticized? If so, then would you mind telling us exactly what happened?
Question 10 of 26
Do you work well on a team?

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Question 11 of 26
Are you efficient with your time?
Question 12 of 26
Are you an organized person?
Question 13 of 26
Tell me about your qualifications as an assistant manager.
Question 14 of 26
Why do you think that the position of an assistant manager is important for the company?
User-Submitted Answers
The assistant managers is what keeps the flow of work going. They provide the direction to the department managers the department managers then pass It on to the associates.
Question 15 of 26
Why do you want to work here?
User-Submitted Answers
To better myself and provide for my family.
Question 16 of 26
Why are you our best candidate?
User-Submitted Answers
I have 18 years experience with customer service already from my previous employer where I was a store general manager.
Question 17 of 26
Do you have experience in management?
User-Submitted Answers
Yes I have held the title of assistant manager to assistant general manager to finally general manager at my previous employer.
Question 18 of 26
Do people respect and listen to you?
User-Submitted Answers
Very much so I treat them with the respect that I want to be treated with. They listen to my directions very well and if they have suggestions I listen to their ideas with an open mind.
Question 19 of 26
Name three positive traits you already have and would most like to build upon.
User-Submitted Answers
Learning I love to learn new things all the time, Communication there is always room for improvement, and finally computer skills technology is evolving at a rapid pace and I try to keep myself up to date.
Question 20 of 26
What do co-workers say about you?
User-Submitted Answers
That I'm a very hard working individual and that I will do what It takes to complete the work at hand.
Question 21 of 26
How would you define good customer service?
User-Submitted Answers
By doing what ever it takes to ensure that the customer leaves happy satisfied and with what they came in there to get or something of better quality.
Question 22 of 26
How would you describe your work style?
Question 23 of 26
How are your communication skills?
Question 24 of 26
Tell me about your ability to work under pressure.
User-Submitted Answers
I don't let the pressure get to me I do what I have to do to get the job done. The military taught me that when under pressure you got to work as a cohesive team not as individual if you want to succeed at the mission at hand.
Question 25 of 26
Why do you find the job interesting or exciting?
User-Submitted Answers
I was once a resturaunt general manager and I like a challenge to keep me sharp and on my toes.
Question 26 of 26
What, according to you, are the responsibilities of an assistant manager?

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Wal-Mart Stores, is an American multinational retail corporation that operates a chain of hypermarkets, discount department stores and grocery stores. Headquartered in Bentonville, Arkansas, United States, the company was founded by Sam Walton in 1962. Walmart is the world's largest company by revenue, according to the Fortune Global 500 list in 2014, as well as the biggest private employer in the world with 2.2 million employees.

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