Visma Software Interview Questions

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Do you have experience working with data in a cloud computing environment?

Visma Software Interview Questions

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    Do you have experience working with data in a cloud computing environment?

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    How do you ensure that you have a healthy work-life balance in your career?

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    If hired here at Visma Software, what do you feel would be the biggest hurdle for you to overcome from the start?

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    In SQL, how do you explain the differences between clustered and non-clustered indexes? Can you name a time that you used each?

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    If hired for this position at Visma Software, what leadership skills would you bring to our team?

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    What would you say is your top non-technical skill that will help you succeed in this role here at Visma Software?

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    What experience do you have in the different types of software maintenance?

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    How do you keep up-to-date on new technologies and trends in this industry?

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    If you were asked to review a colleague's code that they had written, what key things would you look for?

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    What is one unique personality trait you possess that would help you be successful in this role with Visma Software?

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    Here at Visma Software, we have adopted the cleanroom software engineering philosophy. Are you familiar with this philosophy?

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    When do you consider a project to be finished?

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    Do you have any unique skills or past work experiences that we can't see on your resume that would benefit the team here at Visma Software?

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    What skills do you use to cope with the day to day stress and pressure on the job?

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    Our implementation consultants here at Visma Software often face conflicts with our customers while onsite during implementations. What interpersonal skills do you use to handle conflicts with clients?

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    If you can, please provide your thoughts on the function of managed object context in developing iOS apps and software.

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    What programming languages would you consider yourself fluent in?

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    In your experience in software testing, would you consider yourself proficient in both testing and debugging processes?

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    What data cleaning methods are you familiar with and comfortable using if hired for this role at Visma Software?

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    Here at Visma Software, we strive for continuous delivery and continuous deployment with our software. Are you familiar with these processes in your current work?

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    We are looking for innovators to join us here at Visma Software. Where have you brought innovation in automation to a process in your career?

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    Do you have experience working with different CASE tools? If so, what do you have experience with?

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    As a consultant with Visma Software, your role will be vital in gather information from our customers in building new technology for them. What would be your goals in an initial consultation with a new or existing client?

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    If hired here at Visma Software to develop iOS and Android software, when would you use a fragment rather than an activity?

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    Do you consider yourself stronger in C++, C#, Java, or Python?

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    Can you describe the software development lifecycle?

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    If hired for this position here at Visma Software, would you be comfortable handling overall project manager responsibilities for new software development?

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    How would you handle a situation where a colleague was being very difficult to work with?