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Why do you think our brand is so popular?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Under Armour interview

How to Answer

There are some aspects of Under Armour that make them unique. Through doing a little research, you will find that they specialize in what they call HeatGear, ColdGear, and AllSeasonGear. They have categorized all of their inventory to meet the needs of their customers for all weather and all season. You may want to try on some of their clothing to see how it feels. You can talk about comfort, style and how they accommodate all of their customers needs through their innovative design. Just make sure you've tried out their gear before the interview. Product knowledge will score you extra points!

Why do you think our brand is so popular?
Answer example

"I believe that your brand is so popular because it was founded by, and is driven, through the genuine needs of an athlete. Also, you have some incredible lines such as your All Season Gear, HOVR shoe line, and many celebrity endorsements that make you stand out from the rest."

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Why do you think our brand is so popular?
I know that brands are always looking to improve, to develop the next best thing, that next big thing. And that's what makes sporting apparel and sporting goods so competitive. Everyone is always looking for that edge in whatever it is that they're doing.
Customization of products such as shoes where the customer can go online and choose the colors and design of their choice to own a one of a kind item.
Having the best marketing like you do, and being closer to customers.
Under Armour is currently a leader in performance apparel. Just from my personal use, I find that Under Armour is durable, stylish, true to size, and functional; however, it can be expensive.
I think trying to branch out to different sports that aren't as mainstream would be beneficial.
To continue expanding to a variety of sports and activities to increase brand visibility.
I believe that your brand is top notch that stands out because it doesn't try to conform to any other brand out there. However the price point can be a little high and I believe if lowered slightly it could help push the brand forward.

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