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How will working for us help you achieve your goals?
Before your interview, do yourself a favor and sit down to write out your goals. You may just have one big dream to train famous athletes or maybe you want manage the sales team at Under Armour. Even if your goal is outside of the sportswear industry, all you have to do is find a way to connect the dots. If you want to be a personal trainer, talk about how working in the sportswear industry will help you cultivate your sales skills to eventually build your own business. Make sure you show that you are invested in the company and not simply using this as a stepping stone. That may be reality, but the company wants to feel warm and fuzzy about hiring you. They want to know you are going to stick around for a while, so say something to compliment the company: "Working on your team will give me the confidence and motivation to do "X" by helping me improve my "Y" skills."
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"Working on your team will give me the confidence and motivation to do "

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User-Submitted Answers

How will working for us help you achieve your goals?
When I went to the Summer League Sample Sale last year on both days, I felt like I belonged there at Tide Point. To be part of a worldwide brand located in my hometown and work hard to support fellow team members would be an honor and privilege.
Because it olds like a lot of fun being surrounded by awesome workers and being around my favorite brand.
I want to work for UA because I relate greatly to the companies core values. Teamwork is something that is important to me when growing a brand...Working together to create incredible functional products.
I have a great interest in sports, specifically lacrosse and I appreciate how your company has a line for that sport in particular especially because other brands aren't very keen on it due to its lack of national popularity... I also feel strongly about your views and values, one line in particular being I WILL WHAT I WANT... I have found this statement to be very motivating in my own life and that's why I want to work at Under Armour.
I believe in the UA product and want to be a part of a brand that is revolutionizing the world of sports.
I would love to be part of this incredibly hardworking and dedicated team. I feel that I could be a big asset to the company and it will allow me to grow even more as a person.
I have always loved the Under Armour brand as they seem to have the best fitness products - something to keep you cool in the warm season, something to keep you warm in the cool seasons, new shoes that'll work for whatever specific training you do personally. I have always been fascinated by the innovation and only imagine the kind of passion that goes into making such a company so great. I want to bring my own passion to the table and do what I can to help those in the fitness industry find what they need.
I want to be part of the team that strives in innovating and.
It is a very popular brand and I would be proud to e working for a company such as this.