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How have you worked to improve yourself in the past month?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Under Armour interview

Under Armour is looking for people who take initiative in their personal and professional life. A person who takes initiative doesn't wait around for something to happen that will motivate them. For example, you could say that you decided to try Crossfit. Talk about what you have learned and how it has trained you to focus and challenged your physical strength. Maybe you enrolled in a training to help advance to the next step in your career. Get specific! Think about your goals and how you want to grow in your professional life. Even though they are asking about personal growth, you can still direct your answer towards ways it will help you at work.

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How have you worked to improve yourself in the past month?
I do not believe that there is ever a subject matter cap or an end to learning. With the world and supply and demand constantly evolving, it is important to me to continuously maintain current skills and if needed learn new skills. I am a self starter and can efficiently self taught if needed. I am willing to participate in any opportunities where I can learn or evolve my current skills.
Attending db you classes at current job. Short classes to enhance and re-fresh skills. Re-visiting college textbooks to learn skills on the computer as well as business models. Reading books by entrepernuers on how to enhance business models and follow your passion.
I have taken advanced Microsoft Office classes to enhance my skills in the different software programs. I am also interested in a series of social media classes that may take place at the local community college in the summer.
I go online to learn more everyday well as my clases at school.
I am not feeling challenged at my current company, so I am moving on to something more challenging. An environment where I can learn skills from people in the industry.
I was an integral part of getting a VP candidate to take a position within the company, the SVP I was working with noted that he would "not have been able to do it without me" I successfully ran "Assessment Day" for all interns and Merchandise Assistants that lead to 30 positions being filled.
Staying up to date and researching is the best way to keep on top of your knowledge of certain things. Reading up on current trends and different mechanics, help you really develop and evolve.
I am currently applying for continued education certificates in the field of project management, web design and other business-related fields.
Pursuing a career after grad that will let me grow, networking, taking challening clases.

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