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Do you have any of our products? What do you like about them?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Under Armour interview

If you're stumped, we have a great idea for you! Go to an Under Armour store or find a sporting goods store where their clothes are sold. Next, try on the clothes! Use their products and observe what is different about them. Pay attention to how the fabrics feel and how the sizes fit. The more you can describe your experience of using their products, the more knowledgeable you will be in the interview. Product knowledge will give the interviewer confidence that you are invested in the company and that you really want the job enough to do your research.

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Do you have any of our products? What do you like about them?
I do! One of my recent favorites is the vacuum sealed thermos.
I have several Under Armour products. In fact, last year I went to the Summer League Sample Sale on both days to purchase gifts for relatives in the Philippines and several items for myself such as shirts, tanks, shoes, a backpack, and a handbag. I like not only the look of Under Armour apparel but how they wear well. I use Under Armour shirts during my workouts and they always keep me cool.
I have multiple clothing from under amour and 2 pairs of curry ones and 2 pairs of curry twos since I love basketball.
I have a heat gear shirt. It drapes well, keeps me cool and provides great freedom of movement.
I have numerous UA products. I have a lot of ColdGear apparel that is perfect for layering when I am skiiing in below freezing temperatures. I also own UA sweatshirts and sweatpants for their comfort but edgy and dramatic designs.
Yes, I do. I own many. It's all about comfort with me and I have found, consistently, that all of Under Armour's gear is so accomodating to the human body. DriFit is the absolute best on hot days when I'm out on the pool deck coaching. And as a person with very flat feet, I have finally found comfort in your shoes without ever getting a blister or having ankle pains due to lack of arch support.
Of course! I have too many Under Armour hoodies to count and have been starting to collect a good amount of underarmour leggings as I fell in love with the leggings that have the holes in them for air circulation in the warm weather. I'm also actually planning on buying a new pair of Under Armour running shoes with my next paycheck as their shoes are the most comfortable for me. Not only are the products cute, they're functional and comfortable - which are musts for working out.

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