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What is your greatest strength?
Think of the traits that have helped you succeed in the past. You can draw from your experiences in school or activities if you're lacking in work experience. Having great people skills, being positive and a good listener are all strengths worth sharing. Next, talk about how this strength will help you in the workplace! Your positive attitude keeps you and your coworkers in a good mood all day! Your listening skills make solving customer issues a breeze! Whatever your strength may be, link it back to how it positively impacts your work environment.

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User-Submitted Answers

What is your greatest strength?
My greatest strength is my Keen attention to details. I am often told that I should become a police office because I never miss anything . This I think is an excellent strength because it makes me less likely to make mistakes.
My greatest strenth is my work ethic. I work hard, efficiently, and I am able to work alone without someone having to tell me to get my daily tasks done.
My positivity and optimistic/ can do attitude. I have overcome alot of adversity and challenges in my life, specifically the last 6 years. I have remained positive and dedicated to making my life better.
My greatest strength I say would be communicating and being a great listener. People tend to come to me for advise.
My greatest strength is communication I enjoy interacting with people.
I’m adaptable, I can easily work with any group of people with different personalities, quick on my feet, can easily handle different weather conditions, rain, sleet, snow, high winds, intense rainstorms. Also if something changes with usual routine willing to compromise to make things work for the better.
My greatest strength would be my fast-paced, efficient work habits. While I worked for the yellow pages, I was able to help out the receptionist and the ad copy departments as well as doing my own work. When I worked for Capitol Coffee, I could assist in deliveries when needed also. I am always able to give assistance while also getting my own work done.
I'm a quick learner I adapt to changes very quickly I am dependable, punctual, a team player and I am very organized.