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Tell me about yourself.
How to answer
Now is a great time to share a few basic facts that will spark the interviewer's attention. You may want to talk about your education, your interests or your goals. Focus on your accomplishments! When you talk about interests, you can talk about a community group you're involved with like a sports team or a place you like to volunteer. You want to keep it professional and relatable. You may want to think about why you want to work in finance for USPS and integrate that in your answer by saying, "I want to grow in my leadership ability and working for USPS will provide great opportunities through the training programs you offer." Stay positive and upbeat to keep the interviewer engaged!
Answer examples
"I want to grow in my leadership ability and working for USPS will provide great opportunities through the training programs you offer."
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User-Submitted Answers

Tell me about yourself.
In my former job I cared for people with developmentally disabilities. These are disabilities that occur before the age of 20. I also job coach the individual which placed me in several different work environment.
As a customer service you will help the customers what is their looking for, what they needs and satisfied the result.
I was a branch manager, provided the utmost respect to patients and customers on a daily basis, traveled to patients home when needed, controlled cash register, accounts receivable.
Delivery auto parts to different parts of the county.
My previous job was very fast paced and required me to stay on my feet, multi-task, and keep the customers happy for 12+ hours a day. I very much enjoyed being around my boss and co-workers. There was always something to be done and to be done in a timely manner. I loved my previous job and hope to be able to love the one I applied for.
I am currently unemployed. I have had many jobs and I am looking for a job that I can retire from. I have extensive customer service skills and enjoy people.
I am currently a child care provider. I care for children in my home.
I worked in a hospital working with patients on a daily basis retrieving vitals and reporting to the nurse.
I audit medical records to retrieve documents for insurance companies.
I'm a machinist that deals with very small tolerances, which is a very tedious job. You have to have patience when dealing in this line of work.
I am a permit coordinator. I am responsible for obtaining permits.
Scanned labels, weight boxes, made usps labels. Packaged goods.
I am a tooling specialist where I put out jobs for cnc operators and make sure they have the best tools for their jobs.
Work as a cook, supervisor I was employee of the mont year 2000 and I also was on aposter for advertising to work for the company.
When I worked at the hospital as a cashier. I had to speak and discuss bills with customers frequently. I had to be able to handle upset people and offer a solution. I was also trusted with handling payments.
I am a Unit clerk, 19 beds. I answer call bells, phones in a friendly, professional manner. I also transcribe orders from several Drs and nurses in a timely manner and to the best of my ability.
Owned my own business for over 20 years, I supervised over 15 employees. During the Christmas season we all worked 11 hour days and week ends to keep up the shipping department and customer service - it was demanding and rewarding.
I have owned my own retail business for over 20 years. I am comfortable working in demanding position where we were very busy and mistakes were costly. I gained valuable experience being able to make quick and good decisions.
Prepare taxes, which is extreemly important and senstive to people.