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Tell me about your work experience.

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an USPS interview

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The banking industry requires you to be an excellent communicator, detail-oriented and patient. Patience indeed is the key to handling customers from all walks of life. The interviewer wants to feel confident in your customer service skills. They may even ask a follow-up question, requesting an example of your abilities. Write down a couple of examples so that you are prepared to discuss your experience in depth.

Tell me about your work experience.
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"I have been working in customer service for the past four years in the service industry at restaurants and coffee shops. I have learned to stay calm when customer issues arise and listen to customers by giving them my full attention. I am very flexible and willing to work with customers to resolve their complaints, always putting them first."

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Tell me about your work experience.
I my previous job I was out doors alot while job coaching individuals that were maintaining parking lots and picking up carts. I also dealt people who had severe behavioral problem and needed lots of patience to calm down. I feel that my pass experience prepared me for the heat in which this work is to be done and prepared me for the customers that may be angry.
My previous job related a lot with this position, because every day I have to deal with different situation with the resident, and commercial clients.
My job consist of being quick, and working with others to complete a job.
In every job I have held Customer Service was the most important aspect. Besides learning the details and obtaining knowledge being able to assist the customer and provide the information they need I know that when the customers leaves satisfied they will be back.
I owned my own business, and learned a great deal about working with customers, solving problems, and the importance of getting the job done quickly and correctly.
I drove to county offices to obtain permits. Also had customer service skills.
I provide services to people whom I am working with or for.
I've scanned boxes that needed to be weight and made ups labels for them checking to make sure the label was correct. The label should of matched the address that was on the box.
I have over 20 years of retail experience. I can work well with individuals or in a team. I have been responsible for as many as 15 employees during the stressful time of the Christmas shopping season.
I deal with customers all the time even if it is in the medical office. Being polite to the office contact.
Very demanding, lots of multi tasking. Also making sure families are comfortable and happy. Always smile and be pleasant.
In my current job I have to be organized and pay close attention to details. The post office is a fast pace environment which I am use to.
Has worked in different climatic conditions, and has to interact with people, has to be alert at all times, job is very tedious.
I feel that my insurance job has prepared me in that there are very definite regulations that are to be followed. This is something that I feel I am good at.
I was working with people on a daily basis interacting with them daily.
A lot soarting mail, shipping, priority mail fed-ex ups everything except packing.
Taking care of customers. They are your #1 priority regardless of where you work.
Dealing with customers, fast paced enviroment, problem solving, being alone, and taking on new responsiblites.

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