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How would you handle an irate customer?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an USPS interview

Let's start out by defining the term irate. Here at, we would say that when a person is so angry they are loud, obnoxious or vicious, they would fall into the "irate" category. Explain to the interviewer that you always take the time to listen and let the person vent before taking any sort of action. Yes, even when you're dealing with an angry person you still need to show empathy! Give an example that shows you can handle someone with a fiery temper. Remember, the key is to listen first, empathize and then do your best to solve the problem!
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How would you handle an irate customer?
I would assess the situation, calm the customer down, determine the cause of the customer being irate and listen to the customer, take correct actions that are appropriate for that particular circumstance at hand and make sure the customer leaves happy.
Listen to the problem at hand see what I can do first and also get management involved as well.
I have handled and angry customer before so like the times before I would figure out what the problem was, do my best to fix it, all while trying to calm the customer down and try to get them in a better mood, after fixing the issue I would make sure the customer leaves happy and keep the problem from happening again.
Listening to them, trying my best to solve their issue.
Listen to their concerns, stay calm and provide accurate answers.
Asking what's the problem and if I can fix it fix it and if not reasuring that I wold find out how we can.
I listen and try to help the customer. If I can't solve the problem I would get my supervisors help.
I would handle it calmness and to try to diffuse the situation and help the customer as best as I can.
I would keep a smile on my face and politely talk to them.
I would tell them calmly that I am sorry they are not happy and ask what it is I can do. If its something I can't help them with, I would get someone in charge.
First of all, listen to him or her, try to understand why is son irate, and bring time to calm down and then find a solution.
I would be very pleasant and do what I can to make them happy.
Listen to them, understand why they are upset and assist them the best way I can.
I will make sure I can satisfy the customers request by doing the best I can.
I take care of the needs of the costumer as far as I can take it and to make sure he or she its pleassed.
I would listen carefully about their complaint. Repeat it back to them so that I show I understand. I would apologize and offer a solution.
You can argue with an angry person, try to understand where they are coming from and fix the issue to the best of my knoweledge, if I can't, I would notify my immediate supervisor.
Listen patiently to the customer complaint - assure the customer that we want to help resolve the problem, ask what the customer would like to see done, get a communication open and look for a resolution together.
Listen politely to the customers complaint, assure them I am there to help. Ask what they would like to see done to resolve the issue, and provide a solution as close to the policy of the company as I can.
Stay calm; try to emphhaize, and try to refer them to another option that might work.

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