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Do you work well under pressure?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an USPS interview

How to Answer

At USPS, you may face long lines of customers, some frustrated, or some in a bad mood. You will need to be able to handle your stress and the stress of others, professionally. The interviewer is most interested in hearing a specific example to help them better understand your ability to deal with pressure. Try to describe the situation that shows you can stay calm in the most stressful situations. If you haven't experienced intense work environments, think about the last time you were preparing for a test that made you nervous.

Do you work well under pressure?
Answer example

"Yes, I am quite resilient to stress and pressure. I have learned how to deal with everyday stress and the pressure of a fast-paced environment. When I was working in a busy restaurant, I dealt with a wide variety of personalities. One night we were slammed, and I had just worked two double shifts in a row, but I managed to resolve a customer complaint about the steak and keep a positive attitude the whole night!"

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Do you work well under pressure?
Yes. In particular, one job I have, I am constantly under pressure.
Yes, I like having a set timeline, I can do both, but with a time line you know that certain things need to get done, so you have time for the next set of items. I always welcome more than I can handle than less.
Yes, I work well under pressure. I believe the pressure its necessary sometimes to escape of routine.
I try to evaluate the situation and continue working to solve it.
I try to control the situation, not let it control me.
Yes, I try not to allow pressure to get to me by working on the things at task. Focusing on getting the job done that I am here to do.
Yes very well. When I am under pressure it makes my day go by real quick.
Yes I think I do better under pressure trying to resolve the issue at hand.
Yes, being under pressure motivates me to work harder.
I work very well under pressure and love when I have a lot to do.
For the most part, yes, I do. I like having deadlines and meeting them. I like having numerous responsibilities and achieving them.
I would say I do. I just do what I need to do.
Yes. My previous job was nothing but pressure.
Absolutely, I love a challenge.

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