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Why should we hire you?
Talking about ourselves in this way can be challenging. We recommend reaching out to a few colleagues, family members, and friends. Ask them for their opinion. You'll probably be surprised at the consistency in their responses! Their answers will give you insight into how to answer this question. Tell the interviewer what sets you apart, and explain how your co-workers, family members, and friends have encouraged you with your gift in this area.

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User-Submitted Answers

Why should we hire you?
I'm a hard working, friendly person whose main goal while working is to make the customer happy. I love learning new things and I'm always willing to help my fellow employees.
Because of my excellent customer service skills.
You should hire me because I am an extremely dedicated and reliable individual. I have great work ethics and provide customers and fellow employess with a positive atmosphere.
I have experience, I am a good match for this job.
I feel that I'm an assest to any team that I'm apart of, I'm the person who is always willing to listen, but at the sametime I can help people focus in on the task at hand so we can be sure that we make sure the customer (guest) is being maintained as the priority.
NEVER. (get really offended)
Lots. All there is to know. Come at me bro.
Fabulocity, average-heightedness, and the ability to knit cat hair sweaters.
all the time, not even a big deal. I am always the lone wolf.
You've already said that one, I do believe.
As a super fun and happy exciting and energetic and charismatic and simply all around awesome.
I don't have any, mostly because my childhood was rough and I had to fend for myself a lot.
I would like a position at Starbucks because I would love to gain the experience from this job and work for a major company.
I see myself working at a company, preferably Starbucks while attending tru.
My best personal trait is I get along with people really well, and can handle it if people are rude to me.
I expect to make a difference by doing my absolute best in any situation that happens and by treating my customers like I would a friend.
I would handle complaints well, I would take in what they complained about and try my best to make sure I improved on that.
If I was faced with a rude customer I would be as polite as I could and still give them the correct order.
I believe you should hire because im very hardworking, energetic and friendly. I enjoy being around others and doing whatevr I can to make the customers happy. I enjoy learning new thing and im willing to do whatever I can for the company.
I believe you should hire because im very hardworking, energetic and friendly. I enjoy being around others and doing whatevr I can to make the customers happy. I enjoy learning new thing and im willing to do whatever I can for the company.
As a creative person I feel I am a good fit for Starbucks. My training as an artist has taught me problem solving skills as well as how to accept and learn from valid criticism.
I am a strong believer in team work and making sure that customer service is always great. And I am very outgoing and understanding.
I feel I would be a good candidate for this position because I work hard and like to make the company I work for proud.
I think I would make a great assets to the management team with my eagerness to learn and ability to bring smile to all I encounter, my leadership skills will help others and want others to set their own personal goals higher in the company.
I will bring my outstanding customer service skills and a smile on my face.
Because im friendly, outgoing, responsible and I will make a great team member and bring excellent customer service to the shop.
I like to work hard and love the kind of customer experience that Starbucks provides.
You should hire me because I am a fast learner, which will facilitate the training period; I am motivated and I have the background that corresponds to this position. Also I am an ambitious person, and I have the desire to be among the best in my field, and I want to be the best with your company.
I take direction seriously, I respect company rules and always feel that it is important to comply with company policy. I am also a really hard worker and always strive for excellence. I am organized, a good listener and I work well with other.
You should hire me because I am hardworking and dedicated to getting the job done by all means necessary.
I am a hard worker, dedicated employee, and would always do my best to please the customers.
Because I am a hard working, loyal employee and I deserve the chance to show you that.
I provide excellent customer service and I work very hard.
I am a people person, who likes helping others. Making people smile by giving them their favorite beverage or snack is a simple thing to do in making someones day.
I can bring out wonderful things in myself and others. I am a motivator and strive to make a wonderful environment and experience.
I am a keen and enthusiastic individual with a passion for excellent customer service. I have the ability to work under pressure and have excellent communication and teamwork skills.
You should hire me because I am a hard dedicated worker and I will come in happy and prepared, ready to do my job.
I am a very dedicated person. I can adapt to any situation and enjoy challenges.
You should hire me because I would be willing to bring so many ideas and qualities to this company. I would like to learn from this job, and take something away from it, and obtain a whole new life experience.
I am hard working, easy-going, work well as a team, and really like the fast paced environment Starbucks provides. I am always up to try new things and I enjoy learning new things.
I am positive, hard worker and I believe I could lift up Starbucks with my smile to coustomers.
I think you should hire me because I am determined to get the job done and I will help anyone else along the way. I am hardworking and flexible and I can be there whenever you need me.
I believe that my customer service experience along with my ability to communicate with others and my passion for delivering quality food and beverage would make me a great asset to not only your team, but the starbucks family as a whole.
I am a hard-working and a reliable person. I am good with time management and I am eager to learn how to make coffee and more since I am a big fan.
This may sound generic but I am hardworking and passionate.
Because dependable/ reliable experience work well with others.
I am very passionate and dedicated towards my job. I will do my best with all my abilities to carry out these responsibilities successfully.
Dependable, strong customer service skills, excellent team player.
I have had previous experience working in quick service food business, and am experienced in not only being apart of a team, but in leading one. I am extremely dedicated, and hard working, and am committed to providing the highest quality of service to customers.
I am sure my skills and experience will be a great asset, and I am sure I can make a strong contribution to help the company to succeed.
You should hire me because I enjoy serving customers and to see how my service effects them in an emotional way.
I have a lot of experience in customer service and I love working with people.
I would try and calm the situation down and ask the customer what I could do to fix the situation, if things escalate I will ask them if they would like to speak to a manager.
I am a hard worker and I have a passion for coffee that I would like to strengthen by surrounding myself with people who share that same passion.
You should hire me because I would positively contribute to the inviting and positive atmosphere of Starbuck, I have a good attitude, I am organized, I am great at cleaning, and I work well in teams.
I am energetic, I love a good challenge, and love being part of a community.
I am very loving and friendly, always talking to people, always smiling or putting a smile on someones face.
I think you should hire me as I am a confident individual who has great interpsonal skills, and I am also great at being punctual and on time.
I am outgoing and friendly and I have customer service experience and I have worked in a face paced environment before. I also love coffee.
You should hire me, because I feel as if I can help improve the current stat.
I am a hard worker, very punctual, organized and a great multitasker excellent in customer service, great at accomadating customers to their specific needs.
I am a dedicated and loyal employee and have experience working as a team as well as working in a customer experience environment.
My best personal trait is I get along with people really well, and can handle it if people are rude to me. Experience is a bonus as well.
I have the integrity and determination to create a product that reflects the starbucks vision and mission. I have the ability to learn fast and communicate effectively to not only a team but customers too.
I have excellent customer service, and work ethic. I am outgoing, versatile and open-minded which make me a great team-worker. I would be an ideal asset to your company and it would be a great experience for me.
I have strong motivational skills and mentor colleagues.
I am a hard worker who is self motivated and think Starbucks would be a great fit for me and would teach me many life lessons.
I am confident that I have what it takes to do the job. I am passinate about building a lasting customer relationship and not just serving and completing a job.
I am loyal, believe in your mission, I understand the importance of how you buy your products, serve the community and treat your partners.
Because I am an outgoing, positive person who works hard.
I heard Starbucks is the best place to start working for the first job.
You should hire me because I enjoy fast pace environments and I am flexible and to schedules.
I am a hard working person who is willing to learn new things all the time. I also love helping people, so making sure customers are happy with their service can make their day better. I am dedicated, reliable, and am always ready to help.
I am willing to learn and explore new things with your company.
You should hire me because I would make a great team member because of my social skills and because I will do anything I can to contribute to the bettering of the company.
I would love to be hired and would hope you hire me because I have a very bubbly spirit and love to make people smile.
I have similar work experience in the food industry. Also, I feel that I am a good fit for all of the things Starbucks stands for and is making a movement towards, including fresh, I am young and relevant, diverse, I am a male, and revolutionary, I have had past involvement in making a significant change in my community.
I like the vision of the company, and the working environment. I feel that this is the perfect environment for people to meet and relax with each other.
I am a dedicated and hard-working person and I like to work in fast-paced environments. I want to apply my skills that I acquired during my volunteering experiences such as time management, organization, clear communication, and working well in a team. I want to bring that passion to the table that Starbucks has.
I am an enthusiastic, and trust-worthy individual who loves interacting with people.
I am enthusiastic, person. Eager, always ready. I love to learn new things and I pick up things quickly. I am always cheerful and great at working with people (If they be customers or colleagues). I furthermore, have experience working at a coffee bar (making coffee, espresso, frappuccino). Interacted with customers, taken orders (which means that I have experience in working with a cash register), and handed off the finished orders quickly and accurately,
Because I am a hard worker and am very good with clients.
Because I am hard working, reliable, I have an eye for detail, I work well in a team and can exceed expectations.
I work well in especially quick or fast paced situations, and I am a quick learner. I also pride myself on my ability to adapt and work well with my peers as well as strangers.
You should hire me because I have developed skills and abilities that coincide with being a barista through my last experience as a barista.
I think I would be an excellent addition to your team. I can easily work in a fast paced environment and can quickly adapt to any situation. I believe that I can integrate myself into a team and work well with others.
I love being around people, I enjoy being in a team, and if I could be in an environment where I get to make coffee and meet new people everyday. It would make me feel excited just to go to work.
I have worked in the customer service industry for 5+ years dealing with customers. I have Barista and coffee experience and love meeting and interacting with new customers.
Hire me because I have a great passion for coffee and know starbucks brings together a great community of people. Being a part of that team would be great to have as a job.
My schedule can be pretty flexible, so I will be able to take most of the shifts that are available. I am a quick learner and also very interested in the skills that I will be hoping to learn if you accept me into your company. I am a diligent worker, and I will complete any task given to me without a flaw.
I am a diligent individual, ready to work in a fast paced environment. I have strong work ethics, and am a focused and positive person.
I have always been appointed as a leader to get things accomplished and I am always willing to help others whether it would be my co workers or customers.
You should hire me because not only am I reliable and hardworking but I am also a team player and will do everything and anything I can to get the job done.
I am Vietnamese. Write and speak very fluently in Vietnamese. Your company is at the center of the Vietnamese community, therefore I would be a big help.
I am a hard working person who is very committed to the things she is passionate about. I am apart of two sports, one for roughly 10 years and the other one for 3 and I have played an instrument almost all my life.
Because I think I would be a great addition to your team because I like to learn new things from others as well as communicate and make people feel welcome when they are around me. And I love meeting new people and just having a laugh with them.
You should hire me because I am efficient and fast and completing my job once I understand the mechanics of it.
Because I will work hard each and every day and learn through my experience in order to enhance my customer service.
Because I am a qualified candidate for this job.
I am confident that I can provide the best customer service.
You should hire me because.
I have good work ethic, I will come to work on time and with a postive attitude.
I am a positive, outgoing person who understands the importance of helping others. I value hard work and team work as it contributes to success for all.
I am responsible and very organized and I believe this job is a right fit for me that I can succeed in.
You should hire me because I am a hard worker who gets along with others quite easily and am used to having to work at a fast pace in a limited amount of time.
I am very personable and hard working, both of which I believe are very important to this job. I think that my communication skills will aid in my ability to make customers truly feel comfortable and welcome here at Starbucks.
I love starbucks, and working here would be an amazing opportunity. I know about the company as well as the food and I am a gold member!
I am a hard worker with a great personality and character. I have also went to school for bartending and got an A on both written and practical.
I have many attributes that can be an asset to starbucks. For instance, I am a peoples person I like to make people happy.
I know I am a quick learner and am able to stay organized and focused. Additionally, I know I am able to put pride aside and admit when I am wrong, reflect on my mistakes, and learn from them; in relation I will always ask for clarification when needed in order to avoid missed or misinterpreted information. Above all, I feel I have the enthusiasm and attitude to connect well with fellow peers and workers, as well as give that positive impression on customers that I feel may lend a helping hand in making their day better.
I could be an excellent addition to your team. I like learning new tasks and being able to service customers.
I am a customer friendly person, who will work in order to keep the customer satiated.
Based on my knowledge of your company, I feel like this is the best place to work for a person like me who has strong work ethics, who values the ideas and ambitions of a company and its customers. I find joy in hard work and there is not a better reward to me than leaving customers with positive feedback and harmony towards my services.
I have always enjoyed the Starbucks environment. I like how kind the employees are and I want to be apart of that system.
I am dedicated to providing great customer service and creating fantastic drinks.
I would make a great addition to your team. im a great team player. ready willing and able to learn what you guys are willing to provide me with.
You should hire me because I believe that I am driven and focused. I am a fast learner, I am patient, I have great listening skills, I have a very positive attitude and personality. I do not let my personal issues interfere with my work.
Dependable, I care about doing my job well, and I enjoy working with people.
You should hire me, because I am capable of working in a fast pace environment, and can communicate adequately, and work well with customers and employees.
Punctual, responsible, dependable and a friendly person.
I am a very high supporter of starbucks, I live a 5 minute walk away so I spend a lot of time in here to the point where I have gotten to know a few staff members. I have a lot of experience with dealing with unsatisfied guests and turning their almost negative experience into an amazing one. plus I just really love the enviornment when im having a bad day ill come here to get my favourite drink and relax, its like a safe haven for me.
Because I feel I have the right customer services for this job. I am happy and motivated at the same time. I am a quick learner and feel this job would suit me perfectly.
I love working with people, and.
Because im a really hard worker, im a team player and I believe that I would be a good fit to the company and dedicated to the costumers.
I tend to be really intuitive in the way that I can read people and see what they are feeling. I also work well in a team and know how to keep calm in stressful situations without dropping the ball.
I would make all the bus stop covered.
You should hire me because I am a person of a younger generation with an open mind to diversity. I am proficient in fast paced environments in the sense that I work better under pressure. I am skilled at multitasking and also have lots of social skills.
I am very friendly, fastidious, and responsible. I have also been a Starbucks customer for 15 years.
I have a lot to offer to this compony with my positive and friendly attitude and my customer service background.
I am driven to get the job done.
I love working with service, and I love coffee, so I think that summarises it. I have a passion for customer service and a lot of experience facing customers, working in a team, working under pressure and still enjoy it!
I am a customer of starbucks. I love how everyone works as a team and everyone is genuine. I would love to working with a great company.
I am passionate in giving exceptional customer service skills.
I enjoy working with people and for people. I am a very fast learner, and that will help me on the job. Also my ability to memorize things quickly will benefit my overall work experience.
I am a very friendly, mild tempered customer service oriented person that loves to be in an easy going environment. I think I can contibute in making someone smile everyday.
I am very eager to learn new knowledge and acquire new sets of skills and I am confident that this company will help me achieve my goals in whatever I want to do.
Because im capable to cork in public.
I am reliable, friendly and outgoing. I have intentions of staying with the company and growing with it as well.
You should hire me because I am hardworking, dedicated and reliable. I have a great work ethic and I am also able to provide customers and fellow employees a positive atmosphere.
I believe you should hire me because I am not only an outgoing and social person who enjoys taking charge as well as working in a team I also have a strong passion for the Starbucks brand and environment. Plus I already spend most of my time in Starbucks, why not put it to good use?
If you hired me it will be great platform to showcase my skills. Whatever goals I set I ensure to complete them within stipulated time.
Starbucks is a company that I really believe in. I love the feeling of community that it provides, the diversity it embraces, and I’ve yet to have a bad experience there. I’d love to be a part of a team of people who are passionate about their work, like how so many Starbucks employees are. I think that I can make an excellent addition to your team, and because of my past work experience at a Starbucks, I have a familiarity with the company and drinks that others may not.
Because I love the company.
I am honest, hardworking, reliable and I would really love to be apart of this wonderful company!
First and foremost I would listen, I would have good eye contact and I would let the customer know their concern mattered.
I am a professional, friendly, and neat individual who yearns to improve upon those qualities at this establishment. I also would love the opportunity t o finally learn how to make an expresso in all its various forms. And perhaps a mean vanilla bean frapuchino.
I feel like I would greatly portray the starbucks name and learn from this job.
I am a hard worker, I am always on time, I can bring alot to this store, I have great communcation skills, im a quick learner, I work well under pressure, and I am great at multi tasking.
I am very responsible and take having a strong work ethic very seriously. I would strive to provide the best customer service possible and make extremely delicious beverages for the customers. I feel that my friendly and outgoing personality would fit in well with the cafe experience that Starbucks strives to provide its customers. I also have an easy going attitude which helps me handle times of high volume and stressful situations which I think would be an asset to your store.
I am a person who will always strive to work hard, and care for other people, which is required to work in Starbucks as you have to be attentive to the customers.
Because I have a very positive attitude always ready to la.
I am friendly and outgoing. I love working with people. I can bring many new ideas to the table.
I have patience, teamwork skills, and I learn quickly.
I love Starbucks so much that I want to give that same spirit to the costumers.
Because I always givem 110% and I am very adaptive to high changing environments.
Well first off, I love starbucks and I think being in such a fast-paced and hard working environment would fit my skill set. I would love to represent such a great company.
Stay calm, answer politely and refer to company policy. Do what is necessary to address their concerns.
I have had a lot of experience with customer service, and I work hard and learn quickly, especially in a more fast paced environment.
Hard worker, driven, wants to help people.
I am a diligent and committed worker, as demonstrated in my previous job as an office assistant, I really love the brand that Starbucks has created, and my availability is very favorable.
Because I enjoy my experience with your company.
I believe that I am calm, I work well under pressure and most importantly concise with time.
I am responsible, charismatic, and I thrive in a team setting.
You should hire me because I will be next asset to your company.
I have good customer service skills, I am responsible.
I genuinely care for the customers and know how to make people feel at ease and important, which I know is something Starbucks values. I will always take the initiative to make sure everyone is happy.
You should hire me because.
I am a driven individual, and would love to work as hard as possible in order to excel in your company. I have great work ethic, and at every other job that I have has, I have been able to be promoted. I have a great customer service track record, and I have the type of warming personality that makes customers want to come back. I am welcoming, and do my very best to get to know the regulars; predict what they would want today, or assist with a new beverage request.
I am very reliable and trustworthy! I care about the customers and firm relationships with them. They know I care about them.
I think I should be hired because I am an outgoing person who likes to contribute they're time and effort into my priorities such as this job if I am hired.
I am hard working, dedicated to my job, sincere in everything that I will do and open for a change.
You should hire me because I am willing to learn new things, am very punctual and can provide excellent customer service.
Because I can work under pressure and past learner, Imaybe dnt have a lot of certificate like others but I am competitive. And can worked of different shifts with no commitments problems and using my experienced to enhance my skills and willing to pick up the new system way of working quickly and effeciently.
I think you should hire me because I am hard working and I would always give 100% at everything.
I would be a great addition to your team. I value the products and the vision of the company. It aligns with my values.
I'm a hard working, enthusiastic individual who's looking for a fantastic opportunity. I'm a fast learner and I work really well under pressure which I know it's really important working here. I'm also a very social person so I'd really enjoy a job that involves meeting new people often like this one.
I have experience with customer service I'm reliable, dedicated hard working and I provide positive relaxed energy in the work atmosphere.
You should hire me because I am hardworking, I ask questions when needed. I have worked in customer service before and I also worked in a coffee shop.
I am a responsible person who takes tasks and responsibilities very seriously.
I bring several quality skills to the table. I am reliable and dedicated and I have a true passion for the company. There are many coffee shops but none quite embody the ambience and quality of starbucks.
Because I am loyal, honest and I really admire all that this company stands for.
I'm dependable, reliable, I absolutely love coffee therefore I would love to work with coffee, I think it would be great to get more experience and responsibility, and being able to work with a great environment.
You should hire me because I'm very positive and hard working, I would contribute to the fun relaxing environment and I would love to meet and help people to any problems they would face ordering from Starbucks.
I feel that I'd be a strong asset to your business, and I'd like to take everything I've learned so far and apply it to your business model.
Because am responsible hard worker and fast lerner.
Because I m here to show my performance and to grow. With is organisation.
I am excited about the product and atmosphere and I wish to be a part in bringing the Starbucks quality and experience to the customers.
I think that I am a very friendly person which is good for taking customer orders. I can work very well underpressure in a fast past.
I enjoy what the company has offered to me as a customers and enjoy making customers happy. It would be fun and I would be motivated and happy to help.
You should hire me because I'm hardworking, I can communicate very well with customers weather they have questions on a product or service.
Because I believe that I would make a great additon to the team, im a very friendly person and I love starbucks and I am a very quickly and efficent learner.
I believe I fulfill all the job requirements and would be proud to work for a company that has high standards for their partners and expect that quality is their goal.
I find satisfaction in customer service. If the customer leaves happy then you know you did your job correctly. I work very hard in making sure that happens. I am also a quick learner and a fast worker. I multitask well and I work with people well.
Because I know I can be an asset to your team.
I am a fast learner, I am easy to get along with and I can deal with difficult or uncomfortable situations.
I think that you should hire me because I'm competent, people oriented and excited to work for Starbucks.
It's important to me to keep tensions low, plus I have a super flexible schedule and live almost directly across the street.
I feel I have good qualities for the job, im responsible even though im young which makes me full or energy to get my work done, I like to get the job done as fast as I can and enjoy talking and being friendly with people.
Because I genuinely have a love for coffee and a passion for people.
You should hire because I extremely dedicated and reliable to my work I also have work experince I also provide customers and my fellow employees witha postive atmosphere.
You're hiring and I need to work, that is it.
I'm a great team player, I am reliable and you can depend on me to keep a calm and reserve head in times of uncertainty and stress.
You should hire me because I am hard working and determined to give excellent customer service.
I feel like I would contribute to the company, I am a very reliable person, and very responsible. I love learning new things, and meeting new people all the time.
You should hire me because I'm the best at what I do. I have an insane work ethic, and I'm fully willing to put in the extra time and extra effort to make sure the job gets done. I love working with people, and I love leading others. It's absolutely something I find fulfillment in, and my experience in the field makes me absolutely certain I can handle it.
I am a very quick learner, I'm responsible, dependable, I can get along with almost everyone and I will be a great team member.