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RiseSmart Interview

28 Questions and Answers by Ryan Brunner

Published October 11th, 2019 | Ryan has over 10 years of experience interviewing
candidates in the healthcare, public service, and private manufacturing/distribution industries.
Question 1 of 28
How do you stay organized and on track when working on a long-term project?
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Working for RiseSmart in the role you are interviewing for will require an innate ability to manage projects from conception to final implementation. For this question, your interviewer will be looking to hear that you have the ability to maintain organization to meet deadlines and customer expectations. Talk about your personal methods for organizing project work and give any examples that you have of your methods being successful. In the consulting and advisory industry, customer satisfaction and word of mouth are integral to success and growth of a business and effective project management is key in satisfaction.

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Question 2 of 28
In your own point of view, what is the most important factor in influencing change for an organization?
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How to Answer
As a professional in change management processes, your interviewer is looking to get some personal insight into how you will work closely with the clients of RiseSmart in this question. However you answer this question, be sure to speak with conviction as to why you feel your answer is the most important aspect to the change management process. However you answer, make sure not to discount other factors that influence change.

Question 3 of 28
During your career, have you ever had to terminate an employee? How about having to handle mass job eliminations?
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How to Answer
Consulting firms like RiseSmart, that specialize in the HR side of businesses, often get called upon to analyze and assess businesses, their staffing and their overall practices. Part of the assessment phase can involve staffing numbers and getting an organization to the optimum number of employees. Because you may have to deal with layoffs or single terminations, your interviewer will be looking to hopefully hear that you have some experience with this during your career up to this point. Be sure to speak openly and honestly about your experiences while walking them through important things that are necessary during a termination or a layoff.

Question 4 of 28
For our clients here at RiseSmart that are working through a change management project, accountability is of utmost importance for the entire organization. How would you help ensure accountability from the leadership team?
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How to Answer
As a consultant to organizations in the midst of a change management process, accountability should be a priority for the leadership team and one of your tasks as the consultant is to help foster this with the entire staff. With accountability comes transparency, so be sure to focus on this aspect in your answer. Talk about why you feel that accountability and transparency are important and how you would make sure that the leaders you work with keep these things at the top of mind during their process.

Question 5 of 28
If you came to work for RiseSmart, an expectation of the job would be facilitating training for staff with our clients. What do you feel are the keys to being an effective trainer?
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How to Answer
As you may well know, the number one fear of people is public speaking and the mere thought of standing up in front of a group and talking strikes fear in most folks. One thing your interviewer will be looking to hear for this question is that you can thrive in that situation. On top of that ability, talk about any experiences you have in providing training to staff and highlight the key areas you feel are important. Talk about the importance of making training both fun and interactive to help drive points home to your learners.

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Author of RiseSmart Answers and Questions

Ryan Brunner
Ryan has over 10 years of experience interviewing candidates in the healthcare, public service, and private manufacturing/distribution industries. Ryan has a long track record of recruiting, interviewing and hiring candidates at all levels of the organizations that he has recruited for. These include entry-level workers, professional workers, physicians and executive level leaders. Ryan has created and worked with many interviewing formats in the industries that he has recruited for and has reviewed resumes and cover letter's for all of the positions he has recruited for.
Published: 10/11/2019

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