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RhythmOne Interview

32 Questions and Answers by Ryan Brown

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At RhythmOne we look for those with a sincere interest in marketing and advertising. Tell me about your favorite project at the moment.
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At RhythmOne we look for those with a sincere interest in marketing and advertising. Tell me about your favorite project at the moment.
The interviewer would like further insight into the types of projects that you find the most interesting, and rewarding. Briefly discuss the most exciting project that you have on the go. Explain a bit about the project, and why it is so interesting to you. If possible, compare this project to some of the projects that RhythmOne works on.

Ryan's Answer #1
"At the moment, I am working on a brand development campaign for a not-for-profit organization. This project is very exciting for me because it blends my two passions - marketing and volunteerism. I think everyone should become involved in their community as much as possible and it's exciting when you can use your professional skill set to do so. I understand that your organization takes on a variety of clients in not-for-profit, as well. I would love to learn more about those projects!"
Ryan's Answer #2
"I often have multiple projects on the go that are very interesting and exciting. At the moment, I am revamping the online presence for a small sized toy company. It's been a lot of fun because they are allowing me to exercise my creativity, with a significant budget as well."
Our industry is innovative and ever-changing. How do you stay on top of industry related news?
Talk to the interviewer about a few ways that you stay in touch on new trends within the marketing industry. Knowing that you keep in touch on the latest trends will show the interviewer that you are engaged in this industry and willing to invest your time into learning more. You can also start a great conversation by asking the interviewer how they prefer to say up to date.

Ryan's Answer #1
"I agree - this industry is fast changing, and it's really important to stay up to date on the new trends in the market. To keep up to date, I subscribe to AdWeek as well as Communication Arts Magazine. I read a variety of publications; however, these two are the ones I read daily. Do you have any recommendations for staying on top of industry trends?"
Ryan's Answer #2
"I have a Google alert set up for a variety of industry related keywords that include marketing, sales, search engine optimization, search engine marketing, and content development. I learn a lot from absorbing these small bits of news on a daily basis. in ad"
At RhythmOne we value continued education. If you could choose any marketing related course to attend, what would you choose?
Many employers look to hire employees who have a penchant for knowledge and growth. Express your interest in continued education by passionately discussing a topic that you would love to learn more about. Be sure to keep your answer industry and job related.

Ryan's Answer #1
"I love the idea of expanding my knowledge within internet marketing. If I could choose any topic for continued education, I would choose to learn more about search engine optimization and search engine marketing. You can dive really deep into each of those topics which is an exciting challenge for me."
Ryan's Answer #2
"I am really pleased to hear that you appreciate continued education. Thank you for this consideration! If I had the opportunity to expand my knowledge in any area of marketing, I would choose Consumer Behavior Insights. There is so much to learn when it comes to consumer spending and buying patterns- it's fascinating."
We have a culture of collaboration and high energy here at RhythmOne. Describe your workplace personality in 3 words.
The interviewer would like to know what first comes to mind when you are asked to describe your personality. Be prepared by writing down some keywords ahead of time that best describe you.

If you can, visit the company website, read their job posting and see if you can find a common set of descriptive words that seem to resonate really well with RhythmOne. Incorporate those if you can. Avoid giving generic, run-of-the-mill answers and make sure to compliment RhythmOne on their efforts when it comes to an energetic workplace culture.

Ryan's Answer #1
"I can see that you have a great energy here and I've really enjoyed that during this interview process. If I could describe my personality in 3 words I would say that I am motivated, positive, and dedicated. After researching your company further, I believe I am a strong fit for the culture that you have worked so hard to achieve."
Ryan's Answer #2
"Other words you could use to describe your workplace personality:

- Ambitious
- Approachable
- Cooperative
- Charismatic
- Diiligent
- Efficient
- Energetic
- Focused
- Inquisitive
- Meticulous
- Patient
- Responsible"
What do you know about our clients at RhythmOne?
Getting to know RhythmOne before your interview is a very important step. In addition to reviewing the company history, you also want to have a good understanding of who RhythmOne services, collaborates with, and does the bulk of their business with. A thorough read through their website, online reviews, and a Google search can tell you a lot.

Ryan's Answer #1
"From the research that I have conducted, it appears that the bulk of your clients are within the consumer services sector. It is apparent, after reading through your website and online reviews, that you have a strong client base and a very faithful client following. I would love to learn more about your biggest clients and the work you do for them."
Ryan's Answer #2
"I understand that the majority of your client are owners of small to medium business"
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