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What does it mean to you to be an ethical company?

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    What does it mean to you to be an ethical company?

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      This is a nice chance to show the interviewer that your sense of ethics and integrity meshes with that of the company. Make sure to do some research in advance so that you understand Procter and Gamble's position on various issues.

      "I really love this question, and it's one I've given a lot of thought to. For me, a company is ethical when it follows fair and unbiased reporting practices and when it sources its materials and drives its production cycle in a way that is sustainable and responsible with both people and natural resources. From what I've learned about Procter and Gamble, the way you operate as a company and as individuals is based on the principle of doing the right thing. I love the idea of being a force for good and a force for growth."

      Michelle's Answer

      "There are many facets to being an ethical company, from the way you treat your employees to the manner in which you garner your raw materials. From what I've researched, I do believe Procter and Gamble is an ethical company - the organization is very up front and open about many important ethical issues in the consumer products industry: reporting practices, sustainability, human rights and animal welfare, just to name a few. These are some of the touchstone issues that define a company's ethics, and I believe my own sense of integrity fully aligns with P&G's - to lead the charge in doing the right thing."

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      "Company ethnicity, for me, is measured in various fields, from the way you are treating employees to the way you gather your resources. Responsibility, fairness, and being open about practices that touch some of the ethical issues is an important subject. From what I learned about P&G, the way you are operating as a company that holds to its principles to do the right thing is of big importance to me. I love the idea of being a part of such a company."

      Cindy's Answer

      Good! To enrich your answer, talk about how you can contribute. Do you believe all employees should contribute to the company's reputation for being ethical?

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      Anonymous Answer

      "I think that being an ethical company means having the responsibility to take into consideration all the spheres and stakeholders that could be affected. For example, it means being transparent about the company`s practices, aiming to respect human rights and equity, take care of the environment, and reducing cruelty for animals. In general, the best way to do so is to incorporate those values within the culture of the company."

      Marcie's Answer

      You do a great job of explaining the ways a company can be ethical, including transparency, respecting human rights and equity, and being environmentally and animal friendly. You're also right that a company should integrate these values into its culture. Other ways a company can be and remain ethical is to continually ask for customer and employee feedback and new ideas, honor all commitments and obligations, make sure all documents are clear and professional, responsibly contribute to the community, and be in control of its accounting and record-keeping.

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