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Sales performance is of utmost importance to Procter and Gamble. How do you plan to contribute to our profitability?

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    Sales performance is of utmost importance to Procter and Gamble. How do you plan to contribute to our profitability?

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      Talk to the interviewer about your sales targets, results, and contributions in the past. Be sure to highlight your biggest wins and talk about the ways you will bring the same performance to Procter and Gamble if hired.

      "I plan to contribute to your profitability through hard work, strategy, tenacity and paying close attention to the needs of my customers. I have solid results in my most recent position and look forward to bringing these same successes to Procter and Gamble. I'm encouraged by the fact that P&G says it hires based on the potential leadership sees in people - that easily leads to new ideas, entrepreneurial thinking and disrupting the status quo. That's exactly the kind of approach I've taken in my career, and I look forward to continuing that mindset."

      Michelle's Answer

      "My first step would be to examine current performance against KPIs and then develop a 30-, 60- and 90-day plan for how I can help the company achieve, and even exceed, them. I have a solid history of identifying strong lead measures that help support overall organizational strategies, and then leading a team to achieve those measures."

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      "Thru hard work, dedication, and observation of the customer needs is how I play to contribute to increasing profitability. To be on the lookout for new opportunities and the demand in the market and to be ahead of it is of most importance. That can be seen in the previous projects I had. The fact that P&G hires people based on the potential they see in the leadership of their employees is something that leads to new ideas, entrepreneurial thinking. That's something I value and am keen to proceed to develop upon and put to use my skills and potential."

      Cindy's Answer

      Very good. I think it's important to draw on past experience to demonstrate your ability to contribute to profitability. Showing your past success is as important as talking about it, so any specifics you can add would help the interviewer see what you've done and apply it to the needs of the position.

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      Anonymous Answer

      "Like I mentioned in my portfolio, I like to follow a certain work process; Learn & Plan, Assess & Test, Interpret & Solution, Adapt & Improve, Report & Implement and Suggest & Review. This general strategy allowed me to perform in many different environments. For example, when working at _________, I had a daily goal of 700$, but using this strategy allowed me to sell up to 10 000$. It allowed me to both become a better salesperson but also adapt to different clients."

      Marcie's Answer

      Wow! The _________ sales statistic you include is very impressive. Your answer is very strong; however, you might want to explain your strategy a little differently just so it's easier to understand. Please see below.

      "Sales performance is very important to me personally as well. When I worked at _______ as a sales associate, I had a daily goal of $700, but many times I surpassed it, even reaching up to $10,000. In order to do this, I followed a specific process that I have perfected and successfully used in many different environments. I begin by learning and planning, then I assess and test, and then I interpret those results and find solutions. I also use the test results to adapt and improve my methods, report and implement these changes, and then review everything and formulate suggestions. I have used this process many times to increase sales, and I look forward to doing the same at P&G."

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