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Environmental quality and sustainability are very important to us at Procter and Gamble. How do you feel about that?

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    Environmental quality and sustainability are very important to us at Procter and Gamble. How do you feel about that?

      How to Answer

      Talk to the interviewer about your thoughts on sustainability. Try to align your answer with what you know about their practices, policies and procedures wherever possible.

      "I believe that environmental quality and sustainability are key defining issues within the consumer products industry. Today, many companies are judged by potential consumers and employees by their positions on issues like these. For example, I'm very impressed by Procter and Gamble's stance on taking steps across its entire supply chain to confirm that sourcing of raw materials does not fund armed groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo and adjoining countries."

      Michelle's Answer

      "These are very important concerns for me personally, as well. Like Procter and Gamble, I believe that science-based practices can help preserve our planet for generations to come. We can do well as a company and also do good for the environment and for the communities whose resources support our business."

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      Anonymous Answer

      "I am actually passionate about sustainability and try to adopt environmental practices as much as possible. I also saw that P&G was aiming to be zero-emission and already started using recycle beach plastic for your Head & Shoulders` bottle which I deeply appreciate."

      Marcie's Answer

      Good answer! It's great that you feel that sustainability and protecting the environment are important. The interviewer will also appreciate that you mention specific examples of how P&G is trying to be environmentally friendly. To further strengthen your answer, explain why you personally care about sustainability and why you appreciate P&G's environmental goals. See below for an example.

      "I'm glad that P&G considers environmental quality and sustainability to be important because I am personally passionate about these causes. We only have one planet, and it's vital we think about the next generation and their future as we live and work today. I've looked into the various ways that P&G is trying to be environmentally sustainable, and I'm impressed by its goal to reach zero emissions, as well as its use of recycled beach plastic for the Head & Shoulders packaging. Since P&G is such a large company, the decisions it makes when it comes to sustainability and the environment have the potential to make such an impact on the world. I look forward to being a part of a company that is always seeking more efficient, smarter, and environmentally friendly ways to operate."

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      Anonymous Answer

      "I believe that environmental equality and sustainability are of huge importance to all of us. Besides many companies are today judged upon and are defined by the actions they are taking for or against the environment, so I am pleased to know that P&G is taking this role seriously and is taking extra care to confirm the source of their resources and materials."

      Cindy's Answer

      Great! You're reflecting a larger understanding of the issue and your own belief in environmental protection which is consistent with the company's ethics. To enhance your answer, do a little research and discuss specifically what measure the company is taking to protect the environment.

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