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Change is par for the course with Procter and Gamble. When have you had to adapt to change?

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    Change is par for the course with Procter and Gamble. When have you had to adapt to change?

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      Being able to adapt to change in the workplace is a crucial skill to possess. Talk to the interviewer about a time when you have had to adjust to changes on the job. How did you handle the change? Was it a positive reaction?

      "In my current role there is a lot of turnover when it comes to our management team. I have had to adapt to three new managers in the past four years. For a company like P&G that values strategic focus, innovation and being the very best, I'd imagine that team members move up and around a great deal within the company. I'm fully prepared to handle that kind of change and adapt to both new team members and changing market conditions."

      Michelle's Answer

      "In my previous role at a high-growth tech startup, the sales organization was restructured a number of times, from a new boss to new teams and territories. This can be very frustrating if one doesn't approach it with the right frame of mind, but I was able to thrive there. In this situation, if all team members are acting in accordance with P&G's value of doing what is right for the business with integrity, that means we'll all be ready to take advantage of developing opportunities, being nimble and capitalizing on market changes with strategic focus."

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      "I think I had to do it all my life. I actually embrace change, which is why I decided to change my country for volunteering and languages of studies. I also had to manage a lot of changes like opening a new store where everything is new or dealing with a growing company where we change the way we do things regularly. I think that change is necessary in order for a company to grow and stay competitive."

      Marcie's Answer

      Great response! The interviewer will appreciate that you embrace change, and you have provided multiple examples that prove this. Nice job.

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      Anonymous Answer

      "Since I've been a part of the company for a long time I've seen various people come and go, I've never had a problem adapting to new surroundings and having understanding for new colleagues. Showing them new stuff and explaining how some things work is all part of the change."

      Cindy's Answer

      Good! This question is best answered through example. Is there a past example of change that you've had to cope with? How have you been able to manage it? Are there any specific techniques or strategies you've used that will import to times of change in the new position?

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