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Perdue Farms Interview

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What is the primary factor that separates Perdue Farms products from other meat producers?
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How to Answer
You may hear this question in a few forms, such as:

- Why do you want to work at Perdue Farms?
- Why work for Perdue Farms as opposed to our competitors?
- What does Perdue Farms do better than anyone else?

The hiring authority wants to hear a genuine and well-researched answer. Interviewers too often hear bland answers that are general and non-specific. You are a stand-out candidate, and it's time that you show off the considerable research you have performed on their organization. Dig deep to figure out what it really would mean to you to work for Perdue Farms versus their competitors. You can focus on their product quality, their core values, or their employee happiness and tenure for starters.

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What does CPG stand for? Do you have experience working in the CPG industry?
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How to Answer
The interviewer is checking for your understanding of simple terms related to the meat production and food industry. CPG stands for Consumer Packaged Goods. Various items fall into the CPG category, but for the most part, we reserve the term for things that consumers use regularly. CPG products can include food, beverage, even clothing, and household products. Determine how Perdue Farms falls into the CPG category and then be prepared to explain what you understand CPG to mean. Next, take a few moments to walk the interviewer through your experience in the CPG industry. Outline the products you have worked with, and inside of which companies. If you are new to your career, be sure to show a solid understanding of the industry while expressing your keen interest in learning more about CPG at Perdue Farms.

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How would you approach selling Perdue Farms product to a new retail customers?
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How to Answer
Meat products, just like any other CPG product, must be positioned and sold in a way that has an impact. Perdue Farms wants to know that you will be a great representation of their product, whether you will be in a sales role or not.

When approaching new retails customers, as a producer of a food product, it's essential to lead with the benefits, including precise information on the production, health facts, sales numbers, and profit margins. Talk to the interviewer about how you would approach selling Perdue Farms product. Remember, the more research you have performed on the company and their products, the better your response will be!

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Who do you believe to be the key customers of Perdue Farms?
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How to Answer
The interviewer would like to know that you have researched who they serve. Many companies will list their key customers or accounts on their website. Check out the Perdue Farms website and do some digging online to see what you can find. What is most important is for you to be able to understand who their target customer is. If you do not know, this is an excellent time to ask some insightful questions!

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How would you grow an existing account to include more Perdue Farms product?
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How to Answer
This question will test your knowledge of selling based on value. This question will also help the interviewer to see your depth of understanding when it comes to their business. Whether you are interviewing for a sales role or not, it's essential to show an understanding of how their company operates.

The best way to grow an existing account is first to identify which products they are not currently purchasing. Then, you will want to get to know the client so that you can make educated recommendations. Being an advocate for your company and its brand(s) is another incredibly important factor in upselling existing accounts. Show the interviewer at Perdue Farms that you are excited about their products and that you will pass this excitement on to their existing customer base.

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