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How would your references describe you?
User Submitted Interview Answers
My references would say that I am a great person to work with because I care about everyone around me, I focus on company and personal goals, and I am always there for my coworkers if they need help, advice, or support. I am a hard worker, positive and motivating, and always go above and beyond for anyone.
I think my references would say that I'm a very hard worker who works quickly and efficiently, and if there's a slow period where I become idle, I find something that can be done because I get restless when I'm idle. And why not get some other work that needs to be done now instead of later?
As , outgoing, hardworking, dedicated and enthusiastic.
I will go above and beyond to make sure someone or something is taken care of.
My references would describe me as a hard worker who puts all his effort into his work and does not slack and is very helpful with the customers.
I think that my references will describe me as someone that will go out of the way to help someone.
Very organized, friendly and outgoing.
Friendly, energetic, great with customers, self confident leader, punctual and a good role model.
As a dedicated worker/student and as a great person to be around.
My reference would descibe as a peoples person . That I love working with people and meeting all types of peopl. They would say im a good listener. And I pay attention to every deatails but complete my task in a timely manner.