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Paladin Security Interview

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Are you aware of the sectors for which we provide security services? Please list at least three.
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The hiring authority would like validation that you have researched Paladin Security before your interview. Comb through their company website and Wikipedia page, taking special note of any 'Services' sections, and companies they highlight as valued clients. You should have a good understanding of what they do, who they serve, and within which industries before attending your interview.

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What type of security training have you received in the past?
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Walk the interviewer through any security training that you may have received from a previous security services position. Your coursework may be on your resume; however, the interviewer is not asking for another bulleted list. They want you to bring the training to life for them. Discuss which training you excelled in, which coursework was your favorite, or how you finished top of the class!

If you are new to your career and without any formal training, that is okay too! Avoid leading with the negative (I don't have...) and, instead, lead with the positive and mention how you have taken the initiative to self-teach online for instance.

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Paladin Security believes in continued education opportunities. If given a chance to expand your training on any security services topic, which would you choose?
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When a potential employer mentions continued education opportunities, chances are, you're in a great place! Think about the future career opportunities that you would like to see with Paladin Security and then draw a line between that goal, and what you need to learn to get there. Be sure to express excitement for continued education, and opportunities to expand your career.

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Of all the career options at Paladin Security which is most interesting to you?
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The purpose of this question is for the interviewer to gain assurance that you are interested in growing with their company over time. Before your interview, take some time to comb through the Paladin Security careers website, making a note of any positions that may be of interest to you in the future. If anything catches your eye, read the job description, and learn a bit about what you would need to do to land a promotion into this role down the road.

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Employees of Paladin Security must pass a series of background checks including criminal, drug, and credit. Are you willing to comply?
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How to Answer
For reasons that you are already aware, anyone hired for a security services position needs to comply with a robust vetting process. The hiring authorities at Paladin Security must be very cautious on who they hire; for the safety of themselves, their clients, and the general public.

As a security professional, you will be working with the public and with vulnerable individuals. Assure the interviewer that you are most willing to comply with any form of background check they require. If possible, bring a copy of a recent police background check with you to your interview. Although this action will not be everything the interviewer needs for your file, this will show initiative.

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