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Why do you want a job at Old Navy?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Old Navy interview

The interviewer wants to hear that you are excited about working at Old Navy. What is it that excites you about a job at Old Navy? Is it working at a store that you love? Is it knowing that you will get to interact with people every day? We recommend refraining from answers that involve money when asked this question. Otherwise, share whatever it is that gets you excited about working at Old Navy!

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Why do you want a job at Old Navy?
I want to work at old navy because I hav had positive shopping experiences here and would like to provide the same for the customers.
Who better to sell your merchandise than someone who wears them.
I've been shopping at Old Navy for years, so I feel inorder to sell products, one needs to know the products well.
Because I think I would be a good addition to your team, and fashion is one of my fortes.
I love the atmosphere when I shop at old navy it's colorful, energetic and offers a great shopping experience. I want to be apart of that. My husband thinks I need help because I shop so much but I know what type of customer service I like and believe I can bring alot to the company.
I want to work at Old Navy because I love the clothing sold here, the friendly atmosphere, and have always been drawn to it.
I think any job in retail is a great opportunity because it gives you experience communicating with a variety of people. Old Navy seems like a fun and relaxed work environment.
I love life and I think it should be fun. Old Navy is fun, the atmosphere is light and airy, and the clothes are of a great quality that I would love to endorse!
I have shopped here and love the clothes, and I think it would be a great way to help pay for college.
I want to work at Old Navy because every time I shop here I always have a good experience and I want to be part of your team to give that good experience to someone else.
I want to work at Old Navy because it is one of my favorite stores to shop at. I want to work at a place where I love being at and where I can spend hours in.
I would fit in really well because I love working with a team and I am a people person.
I want a job at Old Navy because I believe that, from what I have observed, it is an excellent company to work for. I have always been impressed with the quality of merchandise that has come from the Old Navy brand and I want to work for a company that puts out quality merchandise and cares about it's customers... I feel that Old Navy is such a company.
To gain more retail and career expreanice, and save money for school.
Old Navy is a place that I would enjoy working at and would provide me with many opportunities. To me, the Old Navy experience would be all about providing for the customers and making sure that your number one priority is making them happy. If the customers are happy, then I am happy.
I like the environment to me personally it is comfortable.
I have heard Old Navy is a great place to have your first job and I really appreciate how welcoming it is. I think with my personal skills, I would be able to be a great worker here.
Because I like the atmosphere and feel of old navy and I would like to be apart of that.
I want a job at old navy, because I have never worked in retail and I and trying to build my work experience up. I feel like its such a comfortable environment. I
The fashion sense really. I myself desiring to have an career in fashion one day and what better way then with one of the biggest retail stores in the country? I feel this could be my stepping stone.
Old Navy is a financially healthy company. I love the store, as well as the parent company, The Gap, and I simply love the product.
I want a job at Old Navy because I love the store and the clothes as well. This can also help me build my resume for my retail experience.
This company is dedicated to helping customers by providing current fashion trends to the society at reasonable prices. I would like to be part of a company that has the interest of its customers at heart.
I love the clothes, the atmosphere in store always seems fun and the associates look like they enjoy their work.
I want a job at Old Navy because every time I come in someone is making my day and I want to do that for others as well.
I want to work at old navy because I have had positive shopping experince and would like that for the customer.
I feel like Old Navy would offer me great opportunities to get a jumpstart on my career, and offer me different new responsibilities.
I want to be able to have opportunities to learn and become experienced in retail.
I always shop at old navy and have always enjoyed the fun atmosphere of the store. Working for a company that welcomes the customers with open arms is what I have always wanted to be a part of, and that is what I feel Old Navy is.
Old navy is a fun and family oriented store and I have always had good experiences shopping here so being apart of this family would be a privilege.
I want a job at old navy because it has a family oriented environment so I know I would enjoy working there and it can also provide me with many opportunities and skills that I can continue to grow in because I currently majoring in business administration and I would eventually like to become manager.
To work in a fun and family orientated environment.
I love the store itself and have heard many great things from employees. I have heard that the staff is very helpful, energetic and fun to work with and be around. I also really enjoy helping others and want them to feel happy in whatever interaction I have with them.
I enjoy shopping at Old Navy, and when I saw that you were hiring, I thought that it would be wonderful experience at a place that I love.
Old Navy is at the forefront of affordable everyday fashion for everyone. Being able to work for Old Navy and bring the brand to life storewide through visual displays would be an ideal way to be creative.
I want a job at Old Navy because I would like to start a career in something that I love--fashion. I shop a lot and am always looking for new styles. I frequently come to Old Navy for many of my clothing items.
I love fashion and being able to work in a fashion environment is a great experience to have and it is also a wonderful opportunity.
I want a job at Old Navy because I want to further my skills and discover my work ethic. I want to prove to myself that I can make it on my own and not have to rely on my parents for a living.
I enjoy being around people and helping people when I can. Also, I like fashion so a clothing store is perfect.
I want a job at Old Navy because I could not picture myself working with food. I want to work in retail, specifically Old Navy, because I love how interactive you are with the customers, and that is a key skill in the work-force.
I wanted a job at a retail clothing store and I thought of Old Navy first because I am very familiar with the clothes here and it is a store I identify with.
I want to work at Old Navy because I enjoy the family values that the company has and how Old Navy targets the entire family; the mom, the dad, and the children. It is truly versatile. I also think the position will help me improve upon my leadership and communication skills and I think I can bring positivity to the workplace.
I believe that old navy would be the right place for me for many reasons for 1 I love fashion, 2 I believe that it would be a great stepping stone or even long term experience in the working world.
I want to provide great customer service for others.
The reason why I want the job at old Navy is because clothing and fashion is something that I am very passionate about and I absolutely love and I would also like to work in an environment where is feel like I am in my element.
I want to work at old navy because I fell that my friendliness and organization skills would be great for the store.
I want to work at Old Navy because fashion is a passion of mine and I thought why not work at Old Navy where I could enjoy working for.
I want to work at old navy because I am a great team player and I can execute great customer service and have every customer leave a happy customer.
Old Navy is very diversed and very concious of people who have a budget but want to be looking good when they are out and about, with an environment that allows one to be closed with the customer and I like be being socialable like that.
I want to work here because I love the brand, and I would love to have the opportunity to work for a store that I enjoy being at.
I like the diversity that old navy offers, the youthful environment and the oppertunities that would be presetned to me .
I took interest in the company after reading a few articles about how well the company is doing with its new ceo and wanted to contribute with my skill set to better the company.
I want to job at Old Navy because I believe that Old Navy is the perfect environment to learn and expand my work skills with costumers.
I want a job at Old Navy because I love the environment and it puts smiles on my face when I walk in.
I believe a job at Old Navy would be a very good experience. I will learn to develop my interpersonal further as well as learning the ups and downs of retail while being in a friendly and trenduy evironment.
Because I feel like it is a right fit for me because I love clothes and I love Old Navy.
Old Navy sells comfortable, fun, affordable clothing that I believe is essential to the everyday american. I would love to be a part of an experienced retail company that has personality and knows what the customers want.
Seems like a fun place to work, I like their values.
I think any job in retail is a great opportunity because it gives you experience communicating with a variety of people. Old Navy seems like a fun and relaxed work environment.
I want a job here because I enjoy fashion and the clothing offered to me here as a customer, as well as the vibe of the store.
According to me working with any job in retails is a great opportunity because it gives you experience to communicate and interact with different people and customers therefore, old navy seems like great environment with great opportunity to work.
I love how customer service is #1 here and would love to be apart of the team.
It would strengthen my speaking skills as well as working with people. I want my first job to be fun and a learning experience.
I want a job at old navy because I like the great customer servive yall have. I want to be apart.
I would love to be able to help other people figure out there fashion sense the way that old navy helped me.
To suppliment my income and I am passionate about fashion.
I really like the clothes here, and the store just has a good atmosphere, I think that I would really enjoy working here.
Everyone is so friendly I would love to work the them. I love the clothes here. I also think I will feel much more comfortable here then any other stores.
I would want a job from old navy because this would be my first job. I believe Old Navy would be a great place to start and to learn. The environment is also very welcoming.
Because I like working in an environment with people. I love helping people.
As a designer, I find myself to be a very fashion conscious person, and I of course am always looking for the best quality at the best price and I feel that is old navy.
I'm looking to fill my time doing something productive and gaining job experience.
I would like some work experience before college and I feel like Old Navy is the best place to do that.
Well, I want a job at old navy because I think it's an environment where I can learn and build on my work experience. Also, I would like to work here to be apart of such an energetic team that their goal is to make the customer happy and help them out.
I love the satisfaction that comes with customer service and helping people.
I love the satisfaction that comes with customer service and helping people.
Old Navy is a company that appreciates its employees, allows a fun work environment, and that sells something that I am passionate about - clothing. I know the product and love to promote the product to my friends and family.
I really enjoy doing retail and I need a job and old navy is one of my favorite shopping stores. So, I would like to have a job in retail at my favorite stores.
I want a job at Old Navy because I like to work with a customer service related occupation, and I like to expand my experience in the sales industrt.
I want a job at old navy because I want to try something different than hollister which was my first job.
I want to work for a company with a good reputation that treats their employees well. When I shop there the employees all seem to be enjoying their job. Even though I'm probably older than most employees, I feel I can still bring a little fun to the job.
I see myself as someone who'd do well in retail. I feel that old navy is a good place to get my experience because of the open and relaxed atmosphere.
The environment at the stores is upbeat and friendly, and the company has a good reputation as a good employer.
I feel that I can really provide a great service to the company and that my personality it such a great fit for Old Navy. Getting to work for the biggest and best retail company in the world is only seen as an accomplishment to me.
Old Navy is family oriented. The employees are nice and I like meeting new people. Retail gives me that opportunity, and Old Navy recieves many different clients from all ages.
I want to be able to mix my passions with work.
I want to gain work experience in the retail sector and Old Navy is the ideal place for me because of it's friendly work environment.
I need a job that would be a great fit for my lifestyle, and the atmosphere is one of the best I've been around and has a great style.
I want a job at Old Navy because the atmosphere is great and it's a job I could see myself doing and enjoying over another store.
I like the atmosphere of the store, the attitudes of the people who work there, and I love the clothes they sell.
I feel that I can bring more productivity and hard work to your store.
I love the people, the clothes, and the environment. I think I would be a great fit here.
I just moved to Fayetteville and I am looking to meet new people.
Because I feel I have so much to offer, and I have a vision and a creative and artistic mind, that I believe you be an amazing assest to Old Navy.
To gain experience in providing customer satisfaction and working efficiently on the job.
I like to work very closely with fashion. Myself and my family love to shop here and i've always loved the clothes. The staff here is super nice and I want to be a part of that.
Because I love the atmosphere and everyone seems friendly.
I like the brand clothes as well as the position, I love working with clothes and fashion I love to inspire through display which draws customers to buy.
I want to expand my knowledge in retail and experience newer things.
I want a job at old navy because it provides me with a great job opportunity and know that the team behind it will be very welcoming. I know that a job with old navy will help me improve my speaking and team building abilities.
I want a job at old navy because you don't always get the opportunity to work at a place that you love.

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