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Old Navy Interview Questions and Answers
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Why do you want a job at Old Navy?
User Submitted Interview Answers
Old Navy is a place that I would enjoy working at and would provide me with many opportunities. To me, the Old Navy experience would be all about providing for the customers and making sure that your number one priority is making them happy. If the customers are happy, then I am happy.
I think any job in retail is a great opportunity because it gives you experience communicating with a variety of people. Old Navy seems like a fun and relaxed work environment.
Who better to sell your merchandise than someone who wears them
I want to work at old navy because i hav had positive shopping experiences here and would like to provide the same for the customers
Because i think i would be a good addition to your team, and fashion is one of my fortes.
I've been shopping at Old Navy for years, so i feel inorder to sell products, one needs to know the products well.
I love the atmosphere when I shop at old navy it's colorful, energetic and offers a great shopping experience. I want to be apart of that. My husband thinks I need help because I shop so much but I know what type of customer service I like and believe I can bring alot to the company.
I want to work at Old Navy because I love the clothing sold here, the friendly atmosphere, and have always been drawn to it.
I just moved to Fayetteville and I am looking to meet new people.
I want a job at old navy because I like the great customer servive yall have. I want to be apart.