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Why do you believe you would make an excellent crew member at Old Navy?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Old Navy interview

How to Answer

Tell the interviewer what makes you excited about working at Old Navy, and relay how this would make you an excellent crew member. You might discuss how you really enjoy helping people put together outfits, and you will be great at sales because of this. You may talk about how you always have a positive attitude and enjoy helping people, so this will help you be a great customer service associate. Or, you may talk about your hard work ethic which will make you great at tidying up the store and serving customers.

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Why do you believe you would make an excellent crew member at Old Navy?
I would make an excellent crew member because I love the products that we sell, I love speaking with new people and inspiring others to see the possibilities of a piece of clothing, and I am driven to obtain goals.
Because I am very passionate about fashion, I'm friendly, very energetic, and enjoy helping people solve their problems.
I am loyal, trustworthy, a people person, and Willing to try new things.
I love to work with people and provide great customer service for them.
Because I have an eye for things that are visually appealing, I am a freelance makeup artist with 4 years experience in the beauty and cosmetic/cosmetology field, so I have a vast knowledge of color theory which I believe parlays into fashion as well.
I'm helpful and I enjoy interacting with people. I feel that I'll be able to deal with customers well.
My outgoing personality would fit in nicely with the rest of the team and I would bring a youthful and motivated aspect to work with me everyday.
Because Old Navy is my favorite store to shop, therefore, I will be passionate and enthusiatic crew member.
I am a quick learner that will always try to accomplish tasks to the best of my ability. I know I can apply these skills in this work environment.
I think I would make a Excellent crew member because I'm reliable and have a positive mind and outlook on things.
I love helping others, im usually the one in my family that gives fashion tips.
I would make an excellent crew member at Old Navy because I am a leader & I follow directions in which I will complete tasks that are assigned to me.
I'm very friendly and like to make everyone feel welcome. And offer the best products to the customers that may satisfy their needs. I like to make them leave with a smile and be able to come back again and shop with us.
I am very energetic, goal and result oriented person, I love to learn new things and interacting with customers with there needs, and wants in purchasing anything beside that I have very positive attitude.
Because I enjoy customer service and I would feel comfortable this type of environment.
I am a people person, quick learner and love fashion.
I believe that my love for fashion and communication will play a major role in my ability to succeed in this company. Not only that, but I also tend to build relationships with coworkers that carry on even after I move on.
I am very hardworking, reliable and on time. I am always willing to learn new skills and techniques in order to become a better team member.
I believe I would make an excellent crew member at Old Navy because I will complete all my duties with great passion and dedication. I feel I am an outgoing person, and I can use my outgoing personality to engage with customers. I work well with people. I am usually the team leader, making sure everything gets done efficiently.
I believe I'm a good candidate for this job because ived worked retail for quite some time and I have a passion for helping people. I'm always willing to give my all at work and try to come out 100% in everything I do.
I think I am a very responsible dedicated person who loves interacting with new people. I pay attention to what I wear as I feel my clothes describe who I am so Old Navy is the right place for me.
I am friendly, hard-working, and punctual. I love to help people and make them as happy as I possibly can.
I believe because I am reliable person and I make sure I do my job and I definitely work well in a team.
I believe I would make an excellent crew member because I am very approachable and can handle difficult situations calmly. I bring a positive attitude everywhere I go and do no let little things get to me.
I would make a excellent crew member for old navy because I am very dependable and reliable.
I believe that I am good at interacting with other people. When I'm out shopping, I tend to be the person to mingle with other shoppers and help them when they look troubled anyway and I feel like some of these skills and habits I have would translate well to this job.
I think that my outgoing personality as well as my love of retail will allow me to be a valuable team member who connects to the customer.
I would make a excellent crew member at old navy because I am a easy person to get along with and I always get my job done which is important.
I believe I can make an excellent crew member at Old Navy because I know what my priorities are and that is to provide a good shopping experience to the customers. I am a fast learner so if I have an opportunity to work here, I can learn about the products that Old Navy offers so I can provide suggestions to the customers with my knowledge. I also like taking initiative. If I see a problem, I quickly find a solution to avoid creating bigger problems.
I believe I would make an excellent crew member because I am a very up beat friendly person. I like to be around people and help them find the perfect clothes.
I have great leadership skills as well as the fact that I'm approachable and willing to work with anyone. I am so always willing to stay later if my help is needed and I'm willing to learn new skills in a quick and efficient manner.
I love helping people, and I love clothes and fashion so working here I get to do both of the things I love.
I think I am a friendly and creative person who is very approachable. I feel that that would help make customers feel better and I am very quick on my feet and eager to please.
Because I am a very outgoing person and I work really well with people.
I am hardworking, dependable and love clothes, so coming to work will be a pleasure.
I work well in a team and really enjoy working towards a goal with my coworkers. I like working in an envornemnt of commaderie.
I am a team player easy to get along with.
With my experience in retail and customer service, as well in managing, merchandising and multitasking I feel I would be a good fit.
Because of my work ethics and bright personallity. And I have a great experience to support the team to succeed.
I think that I would make an excellent crew member at Old Navy because I am fun-loving, outgoing, and hard-working, which are some of the essential skills you need to work here. Also, as I have said previously before, I would want to go out of the way to get to know the customers, and make sure that they have a fun time shopping here because that is what shopping is all about. I am also great at working with teams, which is essential for this type of working environment.
Because I am passionate about the sales business, I like to serve people face to face and I am always determined to meet the goals and surpass them whenever opportunities are present.
I am eager to learn and a team player not to mention my sense of style.
I work really good with people and in group projects, and would love to help the team on anything.
I'm very trustworthy and reliable, I believe I will be able to add valuable qualities to the team.
I think I would a great crew member at old navy because as I said in the previous question I am a reliable guy which it means I will be glad to help any of my co workers on order to finish our daily task and finish it right on time as fast as possible.
Yes I am a very hard worker and a team player.
I am very detail-oriented and neat and always make sure that I am organized at school and at home. I am a highly motivated person and always make sure that I get my work done at school. I think I would be a good fit for Old Navy because I want to be a part of this company’s goals in maintaining the highest satisfaction for customers and go above and beyond to maintain an environment for customers to enjoy.
I would make an excellent crew member at Old Navy because I am a motivated person to doing a job well.
I am a hard-working energetic and friendly person. I love to learn new things and help customers in every way that I can.
I am a team player and I tend to get along with everyone I meet. I enjoy helping others and seeing them succeed.
Because I know how to make someone feel welcomed and also I get along quite easily with others around me.
Well, I know how to work as part of a team and I enjoy it as well. Personally, meeting new people is interesting and fun and working in a customer based job means that I would engage different people every day. Additionally, I am a quick learner and know how to multitask which I think is a big part of this job.
I am a very reliable person who is always readily available to help. I take any job that I have very seriously and extremely passionate about it. Good excellent customer service skills.
I believe that I can be very knowledable and help with questions any one will have about fashion.
I do believe I would make an excellent crew member at old navy because I am a hard worker, detail oriented, a team player, and I love helping people.
I am a people person and I love interacting with new people. I am a quick learner.
Because for the past years ive been a team leader and For that I was mentioned as hard working, goodlistener, and an organized person.
I think I would make an excellent crew member because I can get along with almost any one and I know how valuable team work can be.
I would make an excellent crew member at Old Navy for several reasons. I have great interpersonal skills which is an essential key to being apart of the Old Navy family since the main thing is always the customers. I am a quick learner as well as my ability to get tasks done quickly and efficiently.
I am a hard worker. I'm very organized. I'm willing to to anything that is asked of me. My age and years of experience make me a great candidate for the position.
I am friendly, positive, and rather cheerful which suits the Old Navy environment very well.
I feel that I would make a excellent crew member because I would bring my skills to the job. For example, I would use my organization skills to help the store have a better presentation.
I am a team player, I enjoy taking on challenges and I will always make sure the customers leaves the store satisfied.
I would make an excellent crew member at Old Navy for several reasons. Firstly, because of my positive and friendly attitude and my desire to help others. Secondly, I am patient and a good listener, which I feel are critical to providing quality customer service. I am dedicated and dependable and work well with others.
Ive worked in a retail store before so I know what to do.
I think I would make an excellent crew member because i'm friendly and reliable.
I am passionate for this business and it would provide great experience for me.
I am reliable and trustworthy and I strive to help people whenever I can. I am also confident in my ability to speak with customers and ensure that they return to Old Navy for futher purchases.
My volunteering experience has helped me to improve my listening and communication skills with others and I think that those are very important qualities that someone should have while working in a team.
Because I'm reliable, and friendly with the people I work with and I try to make it as fun as possible with the people I work with and my job.
My experience as editor of my school newspaper and the rigorous AP courses I take have fostered a resilient work ethic in me.
I work very well in teams and I believe that I would be very good in this position because I work well with people and am enthusiastic.
Like I said before, I feel that my personality fits so well with this company. When I walk into most retail stores I sometimes have no idea what I'm looking for or need, I know what it's like to be on the other side. I feel I can be a great help.
Yes I feel once I get a feel for everyone I will be able to interact more and become more part of the team. No one is greater than the team.
I am outgoing and positive, and I love to help people. I am a great team player, and I believe that I can bring something unique to the crew!
I love fashion, and I love to show off the merchandise. If I can help customers with something I am passionate about, that would be the ideal job for me.
I do adjust with my coworkers by dealing with them friendly and appreciate them when they are doing good. Group discussion will help us to solve many things.
Because I think I am a hard worker, and good organize .
Yes, the styles I find here are all very different so I think I could easily find great pieces for many new outfits.
Although I do not have much work experience, I am literally a beginner at work, I did learn some valuable things. Such as, the ability to work well independently as well as in teams, or interacting with customers in the appropriate manner. Also, having fun at work. Not just - work, work, work and go home. But make friends, interact, and have fun. I also believe that if I get this job, it will be my first job. Meaning, I will be dedicated to it and make sure not only the customers but also my employers are satisfied.
I think that I would make an excellent crew member because I would be able to bring.
I have a great sense of humor and try to make everybody smile. I enjoy having teams and helping one another to finish a job.
I am hard working.
I have a reliable work ethic and work well with a team, I have an appreciation for fashion and a willingness to promote the product to customers.
I love being apart of a team, and interacting with customers.
I have always shopped at Old Navy and I am good at working in a team and believe I would be a good asset.
I would make an excellent crew member at Old Navy because I am hardworking, reliable, a people pleaser, and always open to learn new things.
Because im a hard working person.
I believe that I would make an excellent crew memeber at old navy because I am a hard working person. I will always try my best to make the negative a positive.
I think it would be great because I am friendly, helpful, and upbeat. I lve helping people and making sure they're happy when they leave.
I am a hard worker, energetic, and always trying my best on everything like helping customers with there needs and wants in their shopping experience,
I believe I would be a excellent crew member at Old Navy because I'm a very hard worker, I always get things done through the end. I'm eager to learn new things and I love interacting with people. I also always have a positive attitude with everything I do.
I am a very hard working energetic outgoing person, I love learning new things and interacting with customers with there needs and wants in purchasing anything.

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