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Old Navy Interview Questions and Answers
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What excites you the most about working for Old Navy?
User Submitted Interview Answers
The atmosphere of Old Navy is so happy and because I like helping people, I think this job would be a perfect fit for me.
The atmosphere. I feel like it would be a workplace setting, but I would still be able to have fun and be myself.
The fun and energetic environment will be very enjoyable. The people all seem to be very kind and helpful. I look forward to relating with other people and helping them.
The interaction with the customers, I am such a people person so that's a total plus for me.
Getting to work in a fun environment and having the opportunity to grow within the company and being able to take pride in being able to say that I work for a american company that makes style and quality available to every one and you guys give back to the community try to make a positive change within the world.
Being able to work closely to fashion and introduce customers to clothing of what may meet their interest.
The fun and upbeat atmosphere would make coming to work enjoyable and im excited to get more experience in such a well established company.
More working experience and make customers feel the very best.
The most exciting thing about working for Old Navy is the fact that I can be more up-to-date on the styles offered and the deals that we might offer in the future so that I can spread the word and increase excitement about Old Navy with our customers.
It because there style and fashion which is one of leading clothes industry and the other then that its safe and healthy environment of work.