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What excites you the most about working for Old Navy?

Answer examples and advice for how to answer this interview question for an Old Navy interview

The interviewer wants to hear that you are looking forward to working for Old Navy. Old Navy is all about offering stylish clothes for the whole family at good prices. Tell the interviewer why you look forward to being a part of this as an employee of Old Navy. Recognize that you would be helping create an environment where friends and family come to shop. Be mindful that you would be creating a place for people to pick out baby shower gifts for their best friend and birthday presents for their children. Be excited to share that you would get to be a part of something great by being an employee at Old Navy!

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What excites you the most about working for Old Navy?
The atmosphere of Old Navy is so happy and because I like helping people, I think this job would be a perfect fit for me.
Meeting helping others as well as meeting new people and the whole experience that comes along with it.
The atmosphere. I feel like it would be a workplace setting, but I would still be able to have fun and be myself.
The environment. The associates are always so upbeat and friendly. Of course helping out the customers.
Its a great working environment. During the numerous times I have shopped here, any associate I have talked to to either for help has been very nice and seem to enjoy their job here.
Working with a variety of different people and helping customers look the best they can.
I like the idea of a fast paced and people-oriented job with the payoff of happy customers.
To meet new people and to be able to work in a friendly environment. And to get new criticism from my co workers.
I will get to help customers find styles of clothing that they love and I will be able to talk to a lot of different people!
Meeting new people. Staying busy. Learning more about retail. Clothes!
Being a part of a family oriented enviroment and helping customers feel their best.
The fun and upbeat atmosphere would make coming to work enjoyable and im excited to get more experience in such a well established company.
The fun and energetic environment will be very enjoyable. The people all seem to be very kind and helpful. I look forward to relating with other people and helping them.
I love to be one of the first to see the new old navy fashions that came out.
Besides meeting and seeing customers leaving with a smile I will be one of the first to buy old navy new fashions at reasonable price.
I am most excited about the environment of the store. Old Navy always seems so fun and upbeat. Also I shop alot and to get customer discount would be so convenient.
If I become a part of your team, I am most excited for the experience. I think that the skills that I will learn here will be crucial for the future. Also, I want to make sure that customers enjoy their shopping experience here.
Getting to work in a fun environment and having the opportunity to grow within the company and being able to take pride in being able to say that I work for a american company that makes style and quality available to every one and you guys give back to the community try to make a positive change within the world.
I shop at Old Navy a lot so to work at a store that describes my clothing sense is very exciting and it make me happy.
The ability to interact and work in a positive environment and help others within the store.
The wide range of people coming in and the atmosphere of working in retail. Organizing, etc make me happy.
The thought of being able to work in a group/team work environment. I grew up performing in band and later a marching band and it was purely based on team work.
The stimulating environment of getting to communicate with customers, stock and organize clothes, and help people while being on your feet throughout the day excites me most- a stimulating and friendly atmosphere.
It would be my first job.
The diversity of the clothing, the different colors and the sales your company provides for the customers.
Positivity the place brings into people.
The fact that I love the clothes and love the fun environment in the store, excites me most about this job opportunity.
Being in a positive, fun environment and getting the opportunity to help people shop.
Being able to be apart of such a friendly store, as well as being able to interact and help customers.
Just interacting with customers and coworkers and being part of a store that is known for fashionable items and its welcoming environment.
It because there style and fashion which is one of leading clothes industry and the other then that its safe and healthy environment of work.
I look forward to working for a company where there customers come first.
I love the idea of working with clothes, as well as a place that me and my family enjoy to shop at.
Getting to talk to people, working in an environment where I can gain retail skills, and mostly making people happy.
I am excited for the experience in the retail buisness, maybe improving my sense of fashion and using it for character development.
The diversity and the fashionand affordability.
This would be my first job and I would love for it to be at a place where I feel comfortable and where I like the environment.
What excites me the most is working in at a place that allows working with a good team and a good manager.
That I can help people, I can make new friends, I get to work with different kinds of people.
Being involved with helping people and working with the people here excites me the most. I know Old Navy will be a great place for me to start and further my experience in retail.
Dealing with the customers & being able to be apart of the Old Navy team.
The wonderful clothes and the prospect of gaining proper experience in the working world.
The one thing I am most excited about working for old Navy is getting the chance to help customers have a great experience so that they can keep coming.
I will be gaining valuable communication skills.
I like to shop here, Everyone seems to be helpful and friendly.
The opportunity to help customers find an outfit for themselves or another that would make them feel good about themselves.
What excites me the most about old navy is being able to work in a energetic environment as well as being able to work with the other workers to fulfill the customers needs.
Well, for one, I've been shopping here since I was little, and it'd be great to work in a place I'm familiar with. Also this would be my first job.
More working experience and make customers feel the very best.
The most exciting thing about working for Old Navy is the fact that I can be more up-to-date on the styles offered and the deals that we might offer in the future so that I can spread the word and increase excitement about Old Navy with our customers.
I love the clothes and the atmosphere always seems upbeat and pleasant. Since I love Old Navy clothes I think it would be easy to help customers. This company has a great reputation and I would like to be part of the team.
I love the atmosphere here when I shop and most of all the overall experience and customer service. Also I love the diversity.
Getting to interact with people. I like how the store is almost a one stop shop. It has everything from clothes to shoes to jewelry.
Being able to organize and keeping things nice and clean.
The fact that I will be able to work for one of the largest brands in retail and to proudly provide quality customer service to all its shoppers. Not every company puts the consumer first like Old Navy.
The atmosphere. Meeting new people including employees and customers. Everyone I've ever talked to in Old Navy has been nice and friendly and I would love to be apart of that atmosphere.
The opportunity to be able to help customers find clothes that make them happy and confident.
Being able to work with amazing people, as well as being able to work in fashion retail.
I will be able to gain valuable retail work experience whilst working for one of my favourite clothing stores.
I love the atmosphere of Old Navy. When I walk in, I am always greeted so nicely and there are always employees to help find things for me. that makes me want to work there to be a part of a great atmosphere and GREAT customer service!
The atmosphere, and the employees seem to genuinely love their jobs by the way the present themselves and speak.
I'm really excited to work with a group of good people in a cool atmosphere. Plus I'd love to have another excuse to buy more Old Navy clothes.
I've always loved working in retail because I enjoy fashion. I'm excited to be apart of this company.
The interaction with the customers, I am such a people person so that's a total plus for me.
Being able to work closely to fashion and introduce customers to clothing of what may meet their interest.
Working somewhere that I've grown up shopping and that I'm familiar with.
The up-beat work environment, and the fact that the clothes are very in-line with my own personal tastes.
What I'm excited about working at old navy is getting to know the employees and the staff. I really want to understand what it is about old navy that makes you as customer feel always so welcomed and feel like your part of the store. That you are important to them.
Working in customer services, the trendy basic affordable clothing.
I think just the idea of working at Old Navy excites me. When I saw that you guys were hiring I immediately went home and filled out your application. Old Navy always makes me feel comfortable and its a welcoming environment. That's why it excited me to work here for old navy.
The people. Most of the people who work here are very friendly, and that brings my mood up most of the time.

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