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How would you handle an unruly customer?
How to answer
Begin by telling the interviewer that thankfully the majority of customers are pleasant to work with, and the rude customer situations are typically few and far between. Next, tell the interviewer that you understand customer service means always having a smile on your face, cheerful attitude, and pleasant demeanor. Tell the interviewer that you would continue interacting with the customer in a positive manner even when they were being challenging. Share that you never know what type of day that customer has had, and you smiling and being pleasant might be just what they need to help them turn their day around!
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User-Submitted Answers

How would you handle an unruly customer?
I would be very calm and help them in the best possible way that I could, making sure the issue is settled and they leave happy.
I would apologize for whatever it is that upset them ask what I might do to make them happy.
I would speak calmly to them and explain that it is a misunderstanding or sorry for the confusion and try my best to deliver what they are asking for. If that does not work, I would get my supervisor to take over.
I would honestly listen to their issue. Whats going on? How can I help? I would then help them look for an outfit maybe a nice shirt for an event, wedding, funeral etc.
Listen. Build a rapport through empathy. Put myself in their shoes. Keep my voice low, even if the customer is getting louder and using profanity. Never get angry. Never take it personal. Speak only on the issue at hand. Let the customer know what to expect and be sure to follow through on any promises made. If all fails, call the supervisor.
I would help them in the best possible way I could making sure the issue is settled and they leave happy.
Keep calm and make sure I sought out any trouble they are having and leave happy.
Try to ascertain what their problem is, advise that I understand and that I am there to help them resolve any issues.
I would be kind and understanding and attempt to calm the customer down by listening to their frustration. If the situation got bad enough I would call a mananger.
I would remain calm and apologize to the customer for what upset him or her, and if the situation seems out of control, consult a manager.
I would be very calm and help them the best way I could making sure the issue is settled and the leave happy.
I would stay very calm, and try to settle the matte in the best way possible and leave the customer happy.
I would stay calm and try to help in the best way that I could to settle the issue and to help the customer leave happy.
I would try and help them as much as possible, and I would make sure that they leave the store satisfied.
I would stay calm and be as kind as possible to them as I try to assist with what they needed help with.
I would approach them in a calm manner. I would ask them what the problem is and do everything in my power to solve the problem and help them out and make sure they leave the store happy.
I would stay calm and make sure the customers problem was handled and they left satisfied.
I would be as calm as possible and help them in whatever way I can. Ultimately I want them to leave pleased with their shopping experience and wanting to come back again.
I would continue to help them in a calm and positive manner. Just making sure that they left the store satisfied and happy.
I would try to provide assistance to the best of my ability before handing it over to another more experiened staff member.
I would do my best to speak politely in order to calm them down.
I would apologize for whatever the inconvenience is in a calmly manner and help them in the best manner as much as possible, make sure the issue is settled and the customer is happy when they leave.
Even though the customer is rude, just talk to them polietly and make them feel comfortable.
I would not make it worse and try to make the customer understand and help with the best I can.
I would ask them why they are having a negative experience with the store and ask them what I can do to make the experience fantastic.
I would try my best to help the customer because thats my job but if I cant handle the customer then I would ask them if they want to speak to a supervisor since I cant help them and if things continue to escalate then I would call the store security to have them escorted out .
I would talk to them patiently listening to their problem.
I would find another associate who could better assist the customer with their need.
I would do the best I can as an Old Navy employee to make that customer feel more comfortable and leave happy. If the situation becomes out-of-hand however, a manager may need to get involved.
I would definitely ask what is causing the problem and find a way to fix it in a helpful, manner way.
I would ask them why they are upset and help them but if it was escalating I would get the manger.
I would ask them why they are upset and help them but if it was escalating I would get the manger.
I would try to understand the best as a I can what the problem the customer has. If I cant provide the answer to their problems I would bring it up to a supervisor or a manager.
I will keep my composure and help the customer the best way I can.
If I had an issue with an unruly customer I would try to resolve the situation by myself and if I was having any further problems, I would ask for help from a manager.
I would ask them to please calm down or tell my supervisor that this customer is being unruly and have them handle it.
I would get my manager if my knowledge was not sufficent.
Remain calm and if there was nothing I could do, call for the manager.
The first time they do something wrong, I will tell them to not do it anymore. If they do it again, I will consult a manager.
I would talk calmly and respectfully to them so as not to upset them and cause a rise in their anger and tension further. I would also get a supervisor/manager if I am unable to calm the customer myself.
I would speak with them and offer to take care of them Make them leave highly satisfied.
I would try to identify the problem (why they are angry). I would ask him what exactly made him unhappy about my service, and try to help him then. However, if I was unable to solve a problem or calm him down, I would most likely try to simply proceed with his checkout as soon as possible, so he would not disturb other customers. I have to make sure it does not distract me or affect my job negatively.
First of I will give a chance for my Customer to talk and I will listen with respect and try to make healthy conversation in order to help him to solve the problem without any further escalation and make him happy.
Understand their emotion that not everyone has good days.
I would remain calm & positive, and do everything I can to help there experience.
Be friendly and offer o help.
I would do my best to help them with their problem and be patient and polite.
If I had to help an unruly customer, I would be patient as possible and try to assist them anyway I can.
I would handle an unruly customer by first trying to reason and calm the customer in a nice and professional way. I would not argue and get upset. If I was uncertain about how to handle the situation I would grab the manager.
Apologize, be reasonable, stay calm, ask if there is anything I can help with. Have the manager help.
I have a ot of them in the design buisness, typically I handle it the best way I know how which is to fight anger with kindness, and try my best to politely explain the situation to them, and do my best to help them.
I would handle and unruly customer the same way I handle all my customers. With respect and courtesy even if it's not returned.
I would attempt to help them with their problem and refer them to a manager if that didn't work.
I would be very polite with them and try to help them in whatever they want help in, to calm them down.
I would kindly ask the person if they have a problem I cannot fix if they wanted to talk to the manager and if the person keeps acting that way I would ask them kindly to leave the store and as a last resort I would call security to escort them out.
Well, first of all I would listen to what they would have to say and depending on what they say I would respond a polite manner answering to what they have said. Maybe if being to unruly I would go get the manager.
Ask them if they'd like to speak to a supervisor and try to keep from upsetting them.
I would still give my very best friendly customer service response.
I would do my best to calm them down and explain the situation. If there is something in my power that I can do to resolve the situation, I will, otherwise I will offer to contact my supervisor and see if there is anything that they may do to assist the customer beyond my means.
I would maintain patients and try to help them as much as possible and still maintain a friendly customer service environment for them.
Talk to the customer very calm and try to figure what the problem is and handle it.
You have to first remain calm. I try to understand how they are feeling. Be patient and listen before reacting. If you can't make the customer yourself, call a manager.
I would try to calm that customer down and if that doesnt work, I would get the manger.
First I would reassure If there's anything I can do to satisfy the customer if not proceed to My manager.
Try to reason. If they get loud i'll keep my tone level and not take anything personally. I'd try to find a solution that satisfies the customer but still complies with store policy. If nothing else works then I'd ask one of the super visors for help.
Be kind with words, and listen to them and help them as close as to what they need.
I would stay cool until customer can cook down too.
I would try to see what the problem is, and if I could not get the customer to calm down I would immediately contact the supervisor.
I would listen to them, try to put myself in here shoes. And if they began raising their voice or using profanity I would remain calm and speak in low tones. I would try my best to help them. And if all else fails I would get the supervisor.
Keep calm, ask them to leave the store. Be persistent yet calm.
Trying to fix the problem at hand. And then asking for help from another person.
My position is to give the customer full respect despite unruly behaviour. I will attentively listen to their concerns, and make sure that they realise that I am there to offer them assistance with any problems.
Talk to them calmly and try to understand what they need and fit that need as best as I could.
I would try to calmly and helpfully solve their problem. If it was beyond my ability to help, I would ask them to wait while I found someone who could address their issue.
I would talk to the customer with the proper tone find out what the issue is and try my best to solve it. If I can't solve the problem I will then reach out to some who can.
I would listen to what the have to say and then be reasonable with them about the situation and stay calm while helping them. If the situation got too out of control I would advise a manager.
Be as polite, and answer their questions as best as possible.
The same as I would every customer, with the utmost respect and decency.
I will remain calm. Listen carefully and do as much as I can to handle the situation, otherwise, if couldn't .. I will step to the side and let another employee handle it.
I would talk to them as calmly as I can and try to resolve the problem on my own.
I'd start by finding out what they are upset about and work within my capacity to fix the issue so that they can have a positive experience as a customer of Old Navy. If I have exhausted all of my options then I would get a manager to help me in resolving the matter.
I would ask them to politely explain what their situation is and then help them to my best ability and if I am unable to achieve whatever they need, then I will ask if they'd like to speak to the manager for further assistance.
I would first attempt to get them to calm down, talk to them, and really try to understand what it is they want and where it is they're coming from - I think the first step in any customer service position is to really care about the customer. If they continued to be unruly, however, I would get the manager.
I would first try to help them solve whatever problem they have and then if they still could not be helped I would refer them to my store manager.
First I would listen and understand what the problem is. I would try to negotiate/ compromise what would be needed in order for them to be satisfied. As long as their problem does not harm or Issult another customer or employer, a reasonable negotiation would probably be possible. If it still cannot be resolved I would speak to either the assistant manager or manger.
By trying to satisfy their needs in what their looking for or calling the manager if it should be handled by one.
I would let them talk first and hearbthem out and see if I can help with anything and if not get someone I know that could help.
I would handle an unruly customer by apologizing and asking for assistance from the store manger.
Try to understand their situation - walk in their shoes. Or, be professional at all times. Even if they're raising their voice, I would keep mine low and calm so as to not further aggravate the customer and attract unwanted attention. If my tactics fail, I would call a supervisor.