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How would you handle an unruly customer?
User Submitted Interview Answers
Listen. Build a rapport through empathy. Put myself in their shoes. Keep my voice low, even if the customer is getting louder and using profanity. Never get angry. Never take it personal. Speak only on the issue at hand. Let the customer know what to expect and be sure to follow through on any promises made. If all fails, call the supervisor.
I would be very calm and help them in the best possible way that I could, making sure the issue is settled and they leave happy.
Talk to the customer very calm and try to figure what the problem is and handle it.
I would be as calm as possible and help them in whatever way I can. Ultimately I want them to leave pleased with their shopping experience and wanting to come back again.
Well, first of all I would listen to what they would have to say and depending on what they say I would respond a polite manner answering to what they have said. Maybe if being to unruly I would go get the manager.
I would try my best to help the customer because thats my job but if I cant handle the customer then I would ask them if they want to speak to a supervisor since I cant help them and if things continue to escalate then I would call the store security to have them escorted out .
Be as polite, and answer their questions as best as possible.
Talk to them calmly and try to understand what they need and fit that need as best as I could.
I would try to provide assistance to the best of my ability before handing it over to another more experiened staff member.
The same as I would every customer, with the utmost respect and decency.