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Have you ever handled a cash register before?
How to answer
Be candid with the interviewer about your experience. The interviewer is trying to gauge how much training you will require in a new position. Honesty will lead to the best training experience, so openly share your cash register experience with the interviewer. Share if you have counted/balanced your drawer at the end of your shift. Share what functionality the cash register had. And, be sure to mention if you are familiar with ordering cash or requesting through a cash register.
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User-Submitted Answers

Have you ever handled a cash register before?
I have never worked on a cash register but I would love to learn!
When I worked retail during University but not since. I am a very quick learner though.
No I have not, I do not feel I am ready for that responsibility yet but I hope that working in Old Navy will enhance those skills and eventually prepare me for the cash register.
I have never handled a cash register before but I am a quick learner and would love to learn and operate this task.
Yes, I used to be a cashier at my old job and held a high position using it.
Yes, both of my previous jobs required me to work the cash register.
No, but I am a fast learner and can get used to handling a cash register.
Personally, no. However, I used to be in some clubs at my high school, and for some of the fundraisers I would have to deal with money. Also, I am open to learning new things, and I am a quick learner. So if I went for training on the register, I feel like I would get used to it fairly quickly.
Not with physical, but with credit or debit cards.
Yes I worked at starbucks where I had to work the cash registers.
No, but I have run the church garage sale money box and handled money for charity organizations.
No, but I have run the church garage sale money box and handled money for charity organizations.
Yes at my previous job I used the cashier a couple of times, though not that much.
Yes I have, when I worked at McDonalds I worked at the cash register.
No I have not but I am a quick learner when it comes to technology.
Yes I have at my previous job.
I have not worked with cash registering but I love to learn that area too because I am very fast learner so I can learn quickly.
Yes, I have but I only have experience handling the manual entry ones.
Yes, I used a square register at my last job.
Like I said, this will be my first time having a first paid job.
No I have not this would be a first experience.
No I have not. But at my school I volunteered at our COREChella and had to handle transactions for our tickets.
When I used to worked at the restaurant, and take the orders to-go, and when I used to work at the mall too.
No I have not, though I would be very open to. I would love to learn how to operate it.
Yes, in my current position I handle a register as well as interact with customers daily.
No, I have never handled a cash register before.
I have not handled a cash register in a retail setting before, however I was responsible for balancing and keeping track of troop funds while in Girl Scouts and always helped our leader handle cash exchanges during Cookie Season.
Yes, during the holiday season at my old job.
Yes many years ago but I'm sure I would have no problems doing it again.
Yes . Working at home depot for 2 and a half years as a cashier was a awesome experience.
No. But I hope that after gaining some experience I'll be able to handle one.
No, I haven't but I'm excited to learn how to.
No but I'm really good at math you know with money.
My expertise handling money has mostly been with credit card machines, although I have not physically used a register before I am such a quick learner, that I'm confident I'll pick it up in no time.
No I haven't, and I'm not confident in my abilities in using one, but with training I certainly will be able to.
Yes, I've worked concessions at football and volleyball games.
No I have not, but I'm good with systems and a fast learner. So once I've got it down, I should be good to go.
Yes. I was actually a cashier and my previous job for a few months.
Yes, whenever I worked for food city I was a cashier!
Yes, I have over 2 years of experience with handling cash due to my previous employment and volunteer work.
No, but I am a quick learner and do believe it could be quite easy.
No. Since this would be my first jobs. Having said so I am willing to learn and try new things.
No, I haven't but I would like to learn.
No, but I would definitely like to learn.